Australian Girls

>Australian Girls

How politically correct are they?

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Post real Australian girls

>dyed black hair blonde
>nigger tan
know the warning signs


It is shorts or bikini?

>no ass at all
trash tier


Stop having a nigger fetish

Homo Erectus in a dress.

Australia is basically just CA as a country but poorer.


Thanks, desu. I just had McDonald's squirt out of my nose.

She's like a living racist cartoon character.

Not funny, but looks more like a fact

You mean Sheilas you dumb fucking cunt.



Higher minimum wage and taxes as well, but consequently everything is twice as expensive.


I love Aussie accents on a qt honestly

I'm as white as a frenchman can be and I'd never date outside of white (I don't share the disgusting yellow-fever most of you degenerate faggots have)

That chick has



t. male with much higher test than you

why you eating that shit?

I didn't post her because she was attractive dumbass

this girl is Australian iirc

WAY hotter


Try answering the question.

Britbong version of Texas fags without guns

The amount of dicks she's probably taken is absurd but she's literally perfection.

she just turned 18

they post her on /fit/ ALL the time, I have like 30 pics saved on my laptop, trying to get her insta right now, bear with me

go fuck yourself mohammed

/fit/ delivers

Gotta eat big to get big, user.

Thanks, bro!