I bet you can't bring up one legitimate instance where the LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM community negatively affected YOU

I bet you can't bring up one legitimate instance where the LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM community negatively affected YOU.

some faggot gave me GRIDS

That picture gave me a seizure now I'm goibg to sue you.

Is someone going to rape the handicapped one?

That is some archaic term

knowing they exist is enough

They have to cutely draw this kind of bullshit because people would be disgusted if they saw an actual picture of this.

>negatively affected YOU.

Tried to enact laws and other faggotry that would siphon my tax dollars for their faggoty faggotry.

IDC If you wanna be a stupid faggot, but not on my dime.

Nah. She will be stumping the hot dyke on the right. Kinda like fisting but larger caliber.

Doubt that's a large amount. I would be more preoccupied about the US military expenditure.

Yes, all of them, they degraded modern society into the shithole it now is.

Why are they all Mexicans?

this thread is a good example



they made me doubt my own sexuality and now i am a confused degenerate full of self-hate

Oh fuck. You will be,

This is one of the most fucked up before/after pics

I was sexually assault by a homosexual in school and was expelled for being "homophobic" for knocking the guy out. So you tell me.


I was once assaulted at a party by some fag when I was making out with a girl after I triggered his heterophobic social anxieties.

This is the future leftists want.

One took a piss standing up in the stall next to my wife in the San Diego airport. She was very uncomfortable.

I-Is this getting bigger?

A massively disproportionate amount of socialised medical services are expended on the higher disease and injury rate amongst (primarily male) homosexuals. Not an insignificant amount at all.

And I can be simulatenously concerned about military expenditure and faggotry expenditure, but this thread isn't about the fucking military, go making a thread about that you daft cunt.

I live in Portland Oregon. Those retarted fucks keep voting left destroying economic opportunity for everyone. They also cannot take care of a house for shit and because of that my home value has dropped ever since they moved in across the street 8 months ago.

fuck that i would rather speak esperanto

They tried to get Clinton elected.
They tried to get everyone fucked.
They're still trying.

You betcha.

If be pissed if they screwed up my neighborhood. Just as bad as any other riffraff moving in. I believe the saying is "there goes the neighborhood "

Wrong. All of them are white.

They killed Ass effect andrumeda

Some faggot touched me in a bad way.

Another voted for hillary which would have made it harder for me to make a living

By trying to drag me into there fights or world view, when I never volunteered or inquired. For example, when I was out for lunch a and a gay was arguing/debating with a older man. The gay dude, asked me how do I feel about there representation in hollywood. I told the man I had nothing to say and short on time. He got upset at me and claimed people like me don't help and just don't get or care. This is not the first time something like this has happened. Other people's problems have nothing to do with me.

I just can't like a person who believes I need to respect the genders that only exist in their own delusional minds.

by distorting the terms and words of my native language to fit their narcissistic delusions instead of dealing with their brain damage and neural birth defects

this also effects the language my children will have to deal with

also adding yet another waste of tax dollars to the heap

again my children will have to deal with

Wait a minute...was this from that VN about all the cripple girls?

Queers don't like straight kinksters. We are not their allies according to them. Please don't include /BDSM/ in that list.

OP is a faggot making faggoty threads.

>I bet you can't bring up one legitimate instance where the LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM community negatively affected YOU.

I just had to read that and try to figure out what LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM stands for.

Now my brain hurts and I can't remember the alphabet.

LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM gave me alzheimers.

Yes. However...
>posting on Sup Forums without playing its game

Turning the Canadian Armed Forces into a social experiment, and shitting on the careers of good men who have seen several deployments.

Fuck you, and sage.

A gay guy I trusted got me blackout drunk and sucked my cock.
That's literally rape.

Mass effect: Andromeda
Dragon age: Inquisition
The whole sjw/lesbian shift in vidya.

I know it's not much, but yeah.

>frizzy hair
>frizzy pubes

Every time in the past that they voted to send those wretched cunts Pelosi and Feinstein to DC. Other than that I've got no problems with LGBwhatever.

My trans friends, despite me trying to be nice and accommodating to them, have called me a privileged racist bigoted sexist homophobic transphobic and anything else they can think up... just because I'm a cishet white male. They honestly think, despite me being an ally for 2 decades, that I should kill myself to make the world a better place. They're mentally ill.

More recently, I found out there's this tranny that comes in to my wife's store that harasses her co-workers. Something that looks closer to a Cronenburg work of fiction than a person, it propositions them for sex. It's been asked to leave but spouts buzzwords in protest. We're very close to just calling the police and getting a restraining order.

What would you do if you had a "cripple" landwhale transexual propositioning you and your friends for sex, Sup Forums?

I played it, it's just I haven't played it in a while since I've been busy. I'm pretty forgetful, especially since I don't ponder on things for long.

They may have been a "Community" in the the past now it is just another tentacle of the insidious leftist cult out to ruin Europe and North America. When you see these same people in pro-islam marches when they couldn't openly be gay in islamic societies for fear of death proves how their movement/community has been co-opted.

What is this delusion you're alluding to?

Cute traps will never let me suck their girlcocks. Feels really bad.


just by existing really

>Cute traps will never let me suck their girlcocks.
Traps are NOT chicks with dicks. They are Dudes with boobs.

Wanting to suck any kind of cock, while pretending it's attached to a girl doesn't make it less gay.

I was eating a burrito and a disgusting tranny literally caused me to vomit in my mouth. The flavour of the vomit ruined by food.

>I was eating a burrito and a disgusting tranny literally caused me to vomit in my mouth.

I would eat a Hungarian burrito before I'd eat a LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM taco.

By becoming an umbrella movement for so many issues the community has become unable to assist individual groups as every other group with demand to get some form of advancement out of it as well. Then by piggybacking on and then eventually hijacking other movements such as black and minority rights and disabled rights the problem spreads further as these groups will not be able to resolve their issues without the authorities pandering to every single other group within the umbrella movement. in short if everyone wins no one wins

Thank you for providing an intelligent contribution. Still sexual minorities have a long history of associating with and helping unaffiliated groups often benefiting both.

It doesn't affect me, you are correct.

I don't have to support or like it just because it doesn't cause me any harm. I don't have to believe it isn't more than a mental disease being pushed as normal for whatever reason, and I don't have to support gay rights. Just don't be gay, don't think you're a woman when you're not etc etc...

>I bet you can't bring up one legitimate instance where the LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM community negatively affected YOU.
Doesn't affect me.
Neither does:
DC Pedophiles
The tanks in Tienanmen Square
Blacks shooting each other in Chicago
Cars burning on Paris streets
Necklacing in South Africa
Bread shortages in Argentina
Bill Cosby raping women
Child prostitution in the Philippines

But just like the list above. Simply because it down't affect me, doesn't make it a good thing.

was nineteen years old when the musical Cats came to our town. I couldn't wait to see it. After the show I was asked if I wanted to go meet some of the performers backstage. Man, I was thrilled. But when I got back there, they were drunk and out of control. Rumpus Caddem McCavity kept feeling up my leg. I tried to leave, but, Rumpleteaser held me down, and... I was raped by a Mr. Mestophenes.

my ex gf cheated on me with another women

>I was raped by a Mr. Mestophenes
Mr. Mestophenes is a gentleman cat
Mr. Mestophenes would never do that
McCavity might feel you
And Rumpleteaser might paw
Mestophenes being fixed
Is an impotent cat

I applied for a job where I was turned down due to laws which mean that even with lesser qualifications just because of their sexuality the other applicant was given the job

Your image grossed me out.

Who do i fine for being oppressed?

They've passed legislation that directly impedes on the freedoms of others both at the state and federal level
They're trying to make me take classes on how not to rape somebody and sensitivity training since being a white man means I'm almost 100% a racist, even though I'm technically not even white

Well, it was made by Sup Forums...

looking at that image gave me eye cancer

>Faggot coworker saw me with ashes on my head on Ash Wednesday
>He came up and asked me if I was Catholic, I said "Yes"
>Hour later I am in HR - he has filed a complaint that I 'am homophobic'. Barely keep my job
>He comes by my cube, asks if I want to go to a gay "wedding" of two friends of his.
>Tell him I don't know the couple, feel it would be rude
>Back in HR, another 'homophobic' complaint
>Pissed off, ask HR why he isn't in trouble for bothering me
>"If we fire a homosexual he'll sue and might win. If we fire a Catholic you can't win if you sue"
>Start looking for another job
>Interview, guy says 'how about all the stuff on facebook and twitter that you were fired for attacking a gay man?'
>Faggot had spread lies about me all over both, told the guy he was actually harrassing me. He said he would normally give me the job, but HR would never get over back social media
>Had to hire a fucking lawyer and threaten to sue his ass for slander and libel and make him take it down, cost me $2k
>Figure 'fuck it', pay the lawyer another $2K, threaten my employers with a lawsuit; they fire the faggot, pay me 6 months wages
>I get another job
>Faggot is welcoming me, I pick up a briefcase
>He says 'what is that jewelry?'
>It is the miraculous medal my mother gave me. I tell him it is a family gift.
>Hour later overhear that the faggot is telling people I won't 'work out'
>Immediately go to HR, tell them the faggot was hitting on me, tried to grab my penis
>Show them my lawyer's card
>Faggot claims I am a homophobe, demands I be fired.
>Get 90 days pay, but thefaggot is also let go
>realize all I have to do is admit I am a Catholic to a faggot and they will try to destroy me.
>Ask around at church, find a company run by another Catholic, work there.
Four years ago? I didn't think twice about homosexuals, I figured it was none of my business.
Ban gay 'marriage', ban gay adoption, and put them all into psychiatric care.

You faggots ruined Sup Forums.

Shitty thread. Sage

Name one reason how the nazi party hurt YOU

It turned a couple of my friends into insufferable assholes.

Maybe social commentary jokes aren't for you

>Name one reason how the nazi party hurt YOU
They failed.

What part of Toronto are you from?

The Gay part?
The Asian part?
The Muslim part?
The gay, asian, muslim part?

Go fuck yourself LARPer

All the shit they're pulling at the moment affects me negatively
They should just shut the fuck up about how I should behave towards them and let me get on with my life while they get on with theirs
Too fucking loud, too fucking opinionated, too fucking chippy.
They should just understand most people couldn't give a fuck what they do in the private lives,
but when you choose to make it public and expect me to endorse and indulge your deviancy, then I am forced to respond
Shut the fuck up about your sex life as if it's all there is to you and get on with your life like the rest of us

I'm disgusted by the goddamn drawing

Green Text story please!

I got a blowjob from this fat mature crossdresser and was so turned on that I agreed to fuck him bareback, later I got a rash.

Damn user that's fucking rough. Nice job pulling through it though

Some faggot offered me a massage. Scarred me for life. From that point on I always wondered what I did to send the wrong vibes to fags. Tru story.


>negatively affected YOU.

You mean other than the millions of dollars of tax money dedicated to ramming this shit down everyone's throats all the fucking time?

>That pic.


They're taking up space, consuming our resources, and giving nothing in compensation.........

They've made me late with there fag parades, ever since that day I've wanted to savagely beat every faggot to death for slighting me.

I don't get it, won't it anecdotal?

I bet you can't bring up one legitimate instance where the Nazi community negatively affected YOU.

I'm with you

>I live in Portland Oregon.
Say hi to John Zerzan for me.

This is the sort of thing that causes gay bashing.

Muf freedom of speech, man.

t. a guy who knows and loves all kinds of jokes and is deeply offended by the very concept of PC

i get nauseated at the sight of male homosex.
the gay pride parade makes me want to throw up every year. all those muscle-bound, sweaty, leather clad men gyrating decadently in time to the raunchy club music blasting from their flowery little parade floats, their engorged penises clearly visible through their overly-tight and undersized leather shorts... every single year it's like this, and every single year i get violently ill at having to head into the city to watch this degeneracy, this acid eating away at the foundation of our society.
in fact just the thought of the pride parade makes me nauseated. thanks for ruining my day, faggot. i'll be in my bunk.

>Queertron, assemble!

Fuck, first trips in months
but I'm not gonna bring it up

>That fucking pic
I hope the aids infested mentally retarded abomination will get the most long and painful death there is, after creating this monstrosity for the world to witness.

Kek. Underrated.

LOL if you're really letting one shitty individual dictate how you feel about everyone in a group then your brain is the size of my thumbnail. Probably why you're a catholic, too. Bet your family spent $10,000 on a private "school" that already gets tax breaks and equitable income tax revenue. Kek.

it spread mental illness across the country i love