Were/are the IRA freedom fighters or terrorists?

Were/are the IRA freedom fighters or terrorists?

For the British Army to open fire on protesters on Bloody Sunday really makes you think whether the IRAs actions were justified...

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Freedom fighters, English or British don't belong here nor do their descendants.

The IRA did nothing wrong, they were doing the equivalent of what European police and soldiers are doing today in Europe when they shoot Islamic terrorists. They were killing dangerous and hostile foreign invaders, Brits in Ireland = Muslims in Europe.


Commie terrorists
fuck the IRA and fuck potato niggers

My mom's Irish, my dad's Scottish and I live in Northern Ireland. It's pretty bad

Idk was the OKC bombing a terrorist act or just desserts to the government for ruby ridge and waco?

(all questions raised are just part of my performance comedy art haha nsa)

why can't they be both?


What do the Irish think of Chile?

The guy in this photo it's supossed to be Victor Jara.

SHut the fuck up if you don't even live through the shit I been through.

Irish Catholics beat me up during lunch and Unionists gangrape me after school in the showers

You think that is funny HUH

nice improvisation, they taught the world a lot about low tech solutions


What do you identify with?

>thanks for submitting your tip

The IRA literally did nothing wrong. Brave, honourable freedom fighters against the evil, imperialist British dictators. Northern Ireland is a fake country, a remnant of the oppressive colonial empire and will inevitably be returned to its rightful owners, the Irish.

For the majority of their exsistence they were freedom fighters. Anyone who argues otherwise is fucking morons. The RUC and loyalist paramilitaries were the terrorists

How can I even identify with any? I am looked down by both the Unionists and the Nationalists!

Both Catholics and Protestants bully me when I was in boarding school

Fuck off, it's a violent multiculti shithole.

bunch of faggots. ask vietnam how to fight off colonizers and imperialists

> tfw never colonized

No such thing as either. Only winners and losers.


Oh fuck off. Why are 10% of the UK pop Irish descent then! Stupid micks like you actually preferred it when Ireland was the poorest shit bag country in Europe, because muh freedom.

Really, any Celt with intelligence and ambitiondid well out of the English and their empire, it wasn't a one way street.

Yes haha, where you at babe?

We will never fuck off

>tfw the english don't understand freedom
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>he says in english

Freedom fighters, Brits out.

You say from Britain

And watch stupid paddies turn their island into Bosnia over a minute difference in religious superstition? No we won't. We should, but we won't.

is that what happens to athiests and muslims in norn iron

They were and still are terrorists.

I don't mean the average English man or woman, just in administrative terms.

It didn't take any brains to get on a boat from Liverpool to Boston, unfortunately for Irish American descendants.

Not sure about Atheists and Muslims but I do know Atheistic Unionists and Nationalists. They hardly get shit on.

It is not funny btw. I still get nightmares from that

Basically this. No one called the French or Polish resistance forces terrorists so why should the IRA be labeled as such?

So if some Asians take control of parts of UK and some hooligans start beating them they're terrorists too.

No but it took a lot of money none of them had thanks to Brittain. After being slaves for years we had to sell ourselves back into slavery just to not starve because you fucks wouldn't give us the food we grew for you after the famine struck

>what is north Ireland

Why can't the IRA shitters just go back to South Ireland?

brits are scum

so much low quality B8 an so many hooked

The IRA/UDA were Terrorists .

It's because they werent successful. You'll always be seen as an evil terrorist until you win, then you're an honorable freedom fighter

I wish they had opened fire on the Antifa/Libtard protestors we have had to suffer in the USA for the last year.

The same as a Finn rolling over and letting a ruskie or a Swede invade him

Surrendered to the Brits at Easter reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The IRA were commies. They deserved to die.

Death to Israel. ISRAEL DID 911

See documentary 911 MISSING LINKS

In Voodoo bar love come and we can have a good fight/fuck

They were justified in the sense that they had little to no local representative government. Doesn't change the fact that they fit the definition of terrorism, as the founding fathers of burgerland were.

Burgers were terrorist enablers til some Brave Muslim freedom fighters bois jumped on some planes Top Kek

IRA were commie scum, Ireland is a fake cuck country anyway. Just like India it didn't exist until the British united it by force.

You know what's funny? If you're a yank you probably aren't even white.

When you constantly suppress the will of a people and treat them like shit they tend to become radical. Not a argument

The marxist organisation which targeted civilians with bombs because a part of their landmass seceded from it's original country, hard to say...

They were terrorists and savages.

They were freedom fighters up to a point

IRA post 1995-ish basically just became a common gang who would hide behind the decent political motivations the group once had.

You didn't refute them being commie scum? Doesn't change the fact if you need an outside force to unite your country you're a cuck.

I don't need to refute them being "buzzword" if the brits weren't being cunts they wouldn't have been commies.

>IRA were commie scum

Nothing commie about Pearse, Collins and the rest of the 1916 IRA. Only the cucks in NI that were working for Britain.

>Ireland is a fake cuck country anyway

No that's Northern Ireland

>exist until the British united it by force

Ireland was united a thousand years ago under high kings.

Funny how the Irish on this board pretend to be Right-wing conservatives up until the moment they get an excuse to make IRA threads.

I'd agree the original IRA were right post WW1. The Easter rising was a shitshow but the British response to it was just as fucked. However the Provos are a bunch of cunts & the current dissidents are laughable.

The OKC bombing was an operation conducted by the feds that got out of their control. ATF fingerprints all over that shit show like everything else in the 90s. The evidence is overwhelming that it absolutely did not go down the way they say.

Projections lmao

based tree

>The British army opened fire

Eveyone knows the Irish mowed down their own. No one says so publicly bc muh peace agreement and muh votes in Liverpoo

Never underestimate the eternal hibernian

Nearly full mick, rest of it is german. Nice try tho

Killing civilians usually comes under terrorist

But you are British user, you are in the British isles just as you are European as you are native to Europe. It's a geographical fact i don't see why you potatowogs get so upset over it.

>American education

>my last name is Irish, therefore i am 100% genetically irish guys please believe me

blowing up two lil boys in warrington was when the IRA became cunts

Was Tim a special agent working to destroy christian militias in the US ?

I hate this argument, some of you burgers are fucking idiots.

that shitty flag would get moar Respect having a turkish one kiddo


They're still around, famalam.

Yes, but ones that were particularly brutal to people perceived as being connected to Britain, regardless of whether or not they were unionists. My great-granduncle was killed for this reason. Our family are pure Irish and Catholic, but by no means pro-nationalist.

Here's where the line blurs, bad shit was done on both sides, though the IRA were defending the Catholic population against legitimate grievances for the most part.

Literally a criminal gang that survives on extortion, fuel laundering, drugs, and other activities not befitting an organisation claiming to represent the 'true republic'. Also about 90% compromised moles at this point I'd reckon.

In short, we wouldn't have got independence without them, and they had a role in protecting Catholics during the Troubles, but I do not support them and I wish they would all fuck off.

Pic related, modern IRA members/supporters

(not pictured: Americans who believe they're a glorious legion of freedom fighters, giving them money)

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drug dealing Poofter gangsters innit

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Isn't the UK basically run and owned by pedophiles?

Gee I wonder who are the bad guys

What ? There are more muslims living in the UK than the entire population of Ireland.

1 in 15 british are pedophiles.



Iriosh bog trotter land is inbred with pakis kiddo


an I raise you with this charmer , the leader of PIRA A CHILD RAPIST PAEDO ! that inset pic lTop Tier Kek there

Another terrorist died today.

only good brit is a dead brit


another cunt burns in Helfire for killing kiddies

Killing innocent people has nothing to do freedom, it's clearly terrorism

BTFO Leaf Faggot yous nations already Lost you fairy faggot

How many innocent people died during the famine? They were all innocent. Brit terrorist scum.

UK posters trying to act patriotic is sad, what have you got to be proud of ?

You're a subject of a german family that holds all the wealth and treats you no better than slaves.

Not a fan of the Brits, yet a fan of the Irish, but Bloody Sunday wouldn't have happened if the IRA hadn't been threatening British people in Northern Ireland for so long, you can't put all the blame in British feet on this one.

The situation of Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland was despicable since they were second class citizens at best, but I'd argue that the IRA's actions made things a lot worse than they should've been so...

You're nations capital is now run on religious superstition you muslim creep.

The Nazis did

Someone give me a quick rundown about IRA (not 1920's)
and the relationship with other groups: PLO and other countries (Lebanon / Hezbollah ?) , please

>Largest empire in history
>Invented lots of shite
>Industrial revolution
>Shaped modern world
What has Ireland got to be proud of?
>Only accomplishment before 20th Century was starving
>Literally 0 inventions
>A few famous historical figures (usually planter genetics)
The only reason people know what an "Ireland" is is because your ancestors' cousins fled and moved to America, where all the plastic paddy burgers are. Other than that, you're insignificant. Shame we're being taken over by Pakis, though.

That's difficult. They both fought foreign oppressors, but most resistance forces didn't resort to bombing civilian targets and especially not drugs trade.

Terrorist scum. I wish the army had lined them up and killed them all

>What has Ireland got to be proud of?