A black man give this to me today

A black man with a heavy island accent gave this to me today as I came out of the post office.

What did he mean by this?

Oh, is this the new Buddhist hotline?

damn this is some nigger-tier voodoo magic and sheeit

Probably some islander voodoo witch doctor. They're common.

>Omkar you need to find a job
>no mudda
>pale folk have no concept of reality, they invited us here and pay us to stay
>I will sell them black magic and they will pay

no expenses, no operating fees, just a few business cards... this guy probably makes a fortune on the idiots in your area

Looks pretty shady

stores like this last mere months

that clothing store was probably gone by december and replaced by another until february before voodoo vince took shop

>any kind of black magic can be removed
give it a shot

Can confirm, my local mall has had one unit host at least 10 different businesses over the last 12 months, and all of them were shit like "phone unlocking" or "men's boutique"

Try living in nigger town. Aka Tottenham hale

>starts new line with capitol letter

This guy seems pretty legit mate, does the number still work?

>remove black magic

>christian assembly
>kike star

typical burgers

This is an Indian scam.
Vedic, baba, pandit etc

IDK but the digits

Where do you live OP?

It's black magic. Don't go there.

Quads confirm, take all your court related matters to MR. KANJOU

2 mins from Seven Sisters, husband/wife bewitched into loving you or your money is gone for good.

Is that the first time you see this shit? Ive been getting that crap in my mailbox since as long as I can remember. You go to some nigger somewhere in a shitty apartment in a shitty part of the city, you tell him your problemen, he takes your money and performs a fake nigger ritual on you.

You don't understand ethnic neighborhoods in NYC and specifically Brooklyn. These sorts of businesses stay for years or rather so far have stayed for a long period.

you should walk down flatbush

I used to buy shitty mexican brick weed from a shoe store that looked like one of those shops, $40 an ounce from a big jar of bagged up ounces behind the counter.