Do black commit more crime? Or are blacks just more susceptible to arrests?

Do black commit more crime? Or are blacks just more susceptible to arrests?

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to be arrested, you must have committed a crime.


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Police are 3x as likely to be black criminals as white victims are to be arrested.

But not all arrests are justified. We know unlawful arrests happen.

They often commit crime in groups, thus more arrests.

In the USA for example, if a murder takes place during a home invasion robbery by 4 people, all 4 people are accountable even though only one of them actually pulled the trigger. This is a good thing, as the murder would not have been committed had the murderer not had the support of his three thuggy pals to commit the robbery to begin with.

Arrests Vs convictions tho

Read the OP desu

An officer will be more suspicious of a black guy than a white guy if they were doing the same thing.

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More crime by far.

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pretty sure a cop would react the same way if he spotted a someone trying to break into a car despite their skin colour

Load of shit. Many times you'll get arrested for "Disorderly Conduct" for simply calling out a cop's shit. Take that big blue dick out of your ass you big government faggot.

>An officer will be more suspicious of a black guy than a white guy
Because black people are much more aggressive.

>An association between the 2R allele of the VNTR region of the gene and an increase in the likelihood of committing serious crime or violence has been found
>5.5% of Black men, 0.1% of Caucasian men, and 0.00067% of Asian men carried the 2R allele

Blacks are arrested at far higher percentages than any other ethnic group in America. However, the complaints lodged prior to those arrests are at least 98% and sometimes even higher.

In other words, call comes in black man with a gun, and a black man is arrested. That would be 100%.

So it's not like people are reporting asians committing crimes, and blacks are arrested for those crimes.

This just proves that genetics are racist.

can you link the study that found that?

ask yourself this, idiot

If person A never ever did anything bad

and person B 80% of the time did something bad

and person C does 30% of the time something bad

who the FUCK are you going to check first?

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Honestly though, the sooner we accept genetics, the sooner we can treat violence out of EVERYONE with gene therapy. Imagine that.

alright, I guess that's fair

If you look at the national crime victimization survey where they call up people and ask them "who attacked you? a whitey or a bixnood" and the crime victimization numbers match perfectly with the official arrest rates.

So yes, they commit more crime.

>be white in a country that is still managing to be 60% white and commit a crime
>suspect pool is likely in the thousands
>be black, and only 15% of the population and commit a crime
>guess what nigger, it's easier to find you

They are also shit in court, and are generally dumber and less well educated, so they are more likely to get caught. Think about how hard black neighbourhoods run this no snitching mentality, and they still get caught constantly.

do men commit more crimes or are they more susceptible to arrests?

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They don't commit more crimes, they're just arrested more SOLELY FOR THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.

>did your girlfriend happen to leave you for a black guy?

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Wrong. An officer simply needs probable cause that you've committed a crime.

they commit more crimes, this patern exists wherever there are blacks, and is confirmed by victimization surveys(who did it, what race etc where they?)


check out the national crime victimization survey

if you really want to know

Honestly both, they commit more crimes and make dumb mistakes, resulting in them being caught more often for said crimes