Hi, I'm here for the job interview

>Hi, I'm here for the job interview.

>It says here you can sword swallow AND spit fire?
>You've got the job!

No problem, the job is easy..you go inside commercial ovens to see if they still work.

>at Starbucks.

How is this related to politics, exactly?
Even worse, this seems like a Sup Forums or facebook post.
Sup Forums is dead.
>I'm from reddit and got here during the election

>not getting visible and grotesque body modifications for the explicit purpose of having your job applications rejected so you can live on NEETbux forever while still keeping the unemployment office happy as you're still technically seeking work even though you've intentionally set yourself up for failure
Wagecucks, when will they learn?

And that guy probably still gets laid

t. self-loathing Sup Forumsack

Holy shit how have i not thought of this before

>Hey big hoss, here for the job interview. Whoah Whoah i don't shake hands hoss, i'm kosher, get it? hahah!!! just kidding!! So when do i start and when do i get payed, it will need to be cash, i don't have a bank account. Oh yeah and i will need Fridays and Saturdays off

They look like bros. Would chill with

I'm sorry but you're too white

Ah good, i've finally managed to employ a pair of scissors

Does he have to drink through a straw? I imagine eating anything is a hassle.

A walking Health and Safety issue.

I just dont get this, food would just drop out of your mouth? Does he carry closed ones with him for when he eats?

y u picken on me 4 bruh?

Cool, you are our new MRI technician. You may want to remove anything metal you have in your pockets before working on those huge magnets.

>Hey daddie! Heres my new boyfriend i met at that festival i was telling you about! Isn't he handsome?!?

>Am I cool yet?

you can absolutely be my knife salesman

what are you interviewing for?

head chef?


Also, this makes you saliva go dry and your mouth will rot horribly

This allows him to suck 3 cocks at once.

he won't have to worry about it for long since he'll lose his teeth pretty soon


God has abandoned us

wow that's how to turn a bad situation around! always the optimist, user. the glass is half-full

This has been posted on Sup Forums since the dawn of times

HAHA, you made my day, thanks. Now out.

>fuckin poser

in canada they would give him the job over me so as no to offend the knife-gendered people

Into le knife bin he goes!

Looks like he never felt any then.

Holy shit. Where did you buy this epic meme?

we live in a one-web-search away world. so its hard to cunduct an interview that is really genuine. but lets try: imagine you are me. what question would you ask yourself thats original and would tell me about you?

>t. hr recruiter

>I'm mentally stable




why is all of his hair pubic hair?
srs replies only

found the fag with perm stretched ears

does your mom know you're gay?

looks like its easy to brush

That doesn't mean it shouldn't be deleted. People have questioned its relevance for just as long.
This quote is awful.


>Well adjusted member of society here. No sign of poor decision making.

Alright. Please take seat.

he has mildy curly hair and brushes it out.

I actually have the 2nd stage interview for a new job tomorrow.

Unlike that faggot. In wearing one of my suits and rehearsing all night



I bet he has fathered 15 children all with different mothers.

How is 3/4 of the shit posted on Sup Forums politics related? It's all meme and race threads

>please, give us a two paragraph explainer on the harry potter series and how it has influenced you or someone you know

I'd actually like to see that.

kek. amatuer.

Are there laws against not giving someone a chance to interview?

I've actually started by own business and I would fucking never let a faggot like that work for me

When do I start?

He couldn't drink through a straw because he couldn't create suction.

>No self esteem issues here

yes but it's not really important. interview candidates, hire the good ones. don't call the others back. all that matters is not being open and mentioning why they won't be getting a job. people fuck up when they make direct criticism, this opens the door to liability if there's a poor choice of words

>all around me are familiar faces...

require a picture for the applications. conduct short video interviews on skike or such. just tell them you're fact checking some of the basics like their address their job history and such. tell them you'll only invite the best ones in person.

>stitches is 21
He looks fucking 30

Please read the lines of Grrack'tar the Destroyer on pages 8-10

Is that Jonathon Taylor Thomas?

Couldn't he use his tongue and the roof of his mouth?

I have this oven here that needs some simple fix inside. Show me what you got.

Hello r/the_donald. I know you're trying hard to fit in but if you can't even answer the JQ then fuck off.

Not sure she would fit

we're looking for someone less edgy

the true redpill, actively cheating dumbfuck liberals out of their tax money

`holy crap really

Accidentally did put upside down. Lol

who else no piercings no tattoos master race?

>hey daddie!, i'm back from Uni!


>Have major phone phobia
>Only get told I have a job interview through a phone
>Never pickup said phone
>Haven't had a job interview in 3 years

> noone cared who i was until i put on the tat

Pretty eyes and not bad facial structure
Wasted to look like a POS on purpose

theres really no advantage to these just imagine if he got in a fight

just shove your fingers in his lip/nose holes and tug a dug dug

Fuck you

This thread makes me feel like a normie

>Arrested for brandishing a weapon in a place of business

>Don't judge me!

You forgot to turn off/on your proxy, leaf.

you'd have to coordinate the motion for maximum efficiency though


so tired of interviewing.
>show up
>get escorted into a room of about 10-15 competitors
>theres 2 interviewing rounds, so nearly 30 total
>get told how great the company is despite the shit pay
>do 15 minutes worth of paperwork
>finally get interviewed
>some dumb cunt who didnt even read your resume
>do you have prior experience?
>get told they have another group (30ish) of people to interview tomorrow
>they just interviewed a group the day before
>will call you back if anything comes up
>only 2 positions available
>2 weeks later see an ad for the company again saying they need workers

how many women and children do you have locked in your basement Ertl?

Still prefer him to a Paki.

If I ripped those out, would he die?

You're hired !!!!!



Hello newfriend.

How can people do that to themselves