Anyone else notice how shady the college textbook industry is?

Anyone else notice how shady the college textbook industry is?

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>the central science


well, it's in the middle


The fucking assholes change one or two chapters and restructure the book and now I have to pay $300 to get a brand new edition, as my college dictates I need to or else I can't do the online homework that I ((((conveniently)))) have to buy the passcode for in addition to the textbook.

The information isn't even legit in some cases. Those books are a scam.


goyim know!

There is an out of print book called "The Language Police." It addresses the growing trend of political correctness in standardized test questions, and explores how textbook companies have become increasingly "progressive" because they want to land the huge book contract deals, and they think P.C. Marxist rhetoric will increase their chances.

Yea I'm with u on that
Every year departments require u to get a new book and pay out the ass

I feel like burning all my business texts since trump fuck with consumer protections against wall street. Get ready for the new great depression

only retards need to buy text books to pass classes

t. masters in chemical engineering


>buying textbooks

Maybe compared to you I'm a retard, but that doesn't mean I won't try to get a good gpa.

publishers are literally killing science

You dont need to buy textbooks unless youre taking a meme degree like anthropology. no STEM degree requires purchases of text books.

>buying textbooks
shiggy diggy etc

Those passcodes are a scam, the only reason they exist is so you can't resell the book at the end of the semester.

>high school AP courses

I'm onto you, OP. I used the same books 4 years ago.

>He buys books

Fell for it freshmen year. Never bought books again once. If I needed one I borrowed from a rube that bought it or could usually find a torrent online.

That online homework shit tho is some serious jewery. Need to buy some fucking 100$ access code to use something that I'll do in like 20 minutes quickly before the deadline. Online homework is cancer.

But if you can't torrent and need to buy Chegg is your best bet.

Only pleb tier bachelors amerilard courses for retards have only homework. Go to a real university with no shit professors and they wont even have textbooks. When I attended ETH not a single one of my courses had a text book. Every single one was the professors notes and copious amount of blackboard. Sorry about your meme degree meme school memester

just get old text books and pirate, stop being a good goy to the text book jew

Your library should have any and all textbooks you might need unless you go to like a literal farm-house for university

70% of my homework is shit like:
"On page 233, what is the answer to the 5th question in column B?"

And if you aren't taking online classes like me, if you don't come to class with your textbook after a certain amount of time, teachers can pull you out of the class on the grounds they think you didn't buy that shit.

I mean, I pirate and get around it as much as I can, but many people aren't willing to scan in hundreds of pages of a textbook just for one fag to use.

>Buzzwords the post

Are you new

>100$ access code to use something that I'll do in like 20 minutes quickly before the deadline. Online homework is cancer
100% agreed, i hated paying 100% to do homework. In courses where the HW was only 20% or less of my final grade i took the hit .

>my next class requires a $200 book
>i can only find a $130 used copy

I'm not sure if it's shady, but it's expensive and it's interfering with my fishkeeping.

Came here from ADTRW in '03 mate. I promise i'm older than you. Now let's talk about how youre attending a meme school for memetards you memefag

You seem to know what you're doing, any advice on succeeding in a stem major?

>tfw I may go to Uni Bern next year but my german sucks and I'm scared of flunking out

exactly this

A lot of the books are getting changed every fucking year, so u can't buy a used one. Another thing is that our Teachers are writing their own books - then they are put as class penusm

>if you don't come to class with your textbook after a certain amount of time, teachers can pull you out of the class on the grounds they think you didn't buy that shit.

How does that make any fucking sense? I thought the point of online classes was to save time and money by not needing to travel to campus and purchase textbooks. I pirate 2/3 of my textbooks every semester (there's always one that's too new to find online or a class that requires online HW so I have to pay for the bundled e-book) and my professors never say anything. Hell, they even say to buy an older edition to save money.

Study a lot. Don't get a girlfriend. Don't make friends with the anchor kids because a lot of your work will be group-based. Network a lot. Join clubs that a high-% of engineers (For us that's Hiking clubs// mountain clubs) avoid nerd clubs like trading cards or anime because those people are anchors. Do a lot of math. Never stop doing math. Statistics is the most important branch of math. Don't bitch about being bad at it, only fags cry. Apply for internships right away. You want a lot of them. Good luck.

if you have any specific questions im here for another 16 minutes so ask away

I was a retard my freshman year and would buy all the """"""""required"""""""" text books. Quickly figured out they were never needed and I could download the ones that were. Still a gigantic waste of money. Like many have mentioned, the access codes are utter Judaism. Most of my teachers as I got closer to the end were cool and understood that nobody wants to pay more than they have to and tried to accomodate

>any advice on succeeding in a stem major?

Straight up, most people are not intelligent enough to do the coursework. You need a natural inclination towards mathematical and logical thinking, and then you need to be willing to devote a good amount of your free time to practicing the material. There isn't any magic. Be smart, work hard.

I love how everyone here has identified the problem but refuses to name the source.

>hint: it's capitalism

This is objectively wrong. 80% of engineers are god damn mouth breathing retards.

Old books + photocopies + pdfs (buy an ebook reader)

I got memed into buying books during my first semester of my engineering degree.

Never did so again afterwards unless it was actually required because the book came with an access code to some retarded online quiz that was mandatory for the class. Now that's the real scam.

good thing lib-gen is a thing


even redditers can get textbooks for free

step it up goyims

My engineering department does mostly online homework so no need for physical book or doesn't even require any reading material

>Americans pay $100 (hardback) for a book that costs €30 here in Europe blanchard 7th edition
keep getting jewed out of your money Americucks

>buying text books from the university store
>not searching torrents first
>not searching the university libraries first
>not searching craigslist first
>not searching ebay first
>not renting it if needed
>not emailing the professor telling them you're not going to be jewed and have the prior revision and you will ise that instead

You deserve to have your money taken

Bump. This textbook churning practice needs exposure. Every reordering of questions nets tens of thousands of dollars.

I know Feynman was a jew, but in one of his books he talks about being on the California council that like chose the textbooks for k-12 for math and then science I think.
He had to quit after 2 years because it was just pure jewery. It starts in elementary school and continues through college, the companies bribe people, and massively overcharge. The books are often riddled with errors and lead to confusion even for adults well versed in the topics. It's all about getting those contracts from the states/colleges and not at all about teaching. Sometimes members would vote to use a book that they had not even read yet, since it had not even been released on time, simply because they had something to gain from choosing that book.
Of course college textbooks are refreshed more frequently I think and are paid for by students moreso than the schools or states.. but most of the companies also make the grade school books that lead up to that.

retard detected,

I watched an engineer open a bottle of chloroform once and take a big god damn whiff right out of the bottle to test its purity
>Engineers R Smart
I watched an engineer use liquid nitrogen to cool a huge fucking cylinder, it condensed the air, he shoot the cylinder, it exploded and shredded his face
>Engineers R smart
I watched an Engineer put use his mouth to suction a pipe where the other end was connected to a Toluene
>Engineers R smart
I've seen an engineer take 30% hydrogen peroxide 99% sulfuiric acid mix and then dump fucking acetone into it. suffice to say he doesnt work any more.
>Engineers R smart
No engineering degree should require a textbook. All of your work should be application + a fuckload of pencil and paper math to teach you some fundamentals

Not to mention they usually don't even try to hide the bias. Just check out this page from my Anthropology book.

I take it that because you went to an actual decent university you never had to go through the classes that weed out the ~75% of the freshmen who are just incapable of completing university-level chemistry, physics, etc.

Having 0 common sense is an entirely different thing than being naturally inclined to logically approach problems. You HAVE to be naturally book-smart to succeed in an engineering curriculum.
found a copy of that part if anyone is interested

>Study a lot.
Could you give me a quick rundown on your study habits? Do you also go to the gym?

>Join clubs
I've been pretty much a shut-in since I left highschool, do you think study groups are essential to success?

merci fil mä fur dies advice


This is the book that comes from btw

Buy international edition for 20$ and laugh at other cucks at your uni buying the other version

Its called a racket.


learn how to post images

maybe thats the case. we get tens of thousands of foreign applications for each open spot (phD positions).
::Study habits
>At the beginning.
7 days a week 8-10 hours a day
>Once im very well ahead of the curve (2-3 years)
Cut back to 4-5 days a week 6-8 hours a day.

Gym. No, but I cycle a lot, physical exercise is very good for the mind. And as an engineer you should be buff or other engineers will take you for a bitch.

>Study group
No. This is a waste of time. Never join a study club, they're full of anchors. Dont fuck with anchors they will fuck you. Get over being a shut in faggot. Join clubs. Hiking, cycling, shooting, running, anything physical. Join them. Make connections.

A 4 GPA + connections = Instant job
A 6 GPA + no connections = Homeless

Understand this law. It is the king of laws.

Just textbook publishers getting in on the college debt racket. The same dumb kids who borrow $40K to pay full price for tuition/room/board also pay full price for (new) textbooks.

I get 7.5% of the sticker price for every new book sold. Obviously, that isn't a great amount of money.

Academics make a lot of money from other income sources. A friend of mine was offered £15,000 to sign off on an NGOs assessment of a country in Africa (I believe it was Chad). No work needed, just his name on it. He didn't go for it for various reasons but that sort of thing isn't uncommon.

Around 70 percent of my income last year was for things other than academic work.

Fuck all of them to death. Find it online or takr the sacrifice of buying the book then scanning it. $125 for a code to do homework is fucking absurd.

lots of $$$$ to the jews

It's not just college textbooks, they are all suffering a decline in quality and have propaganda built into them.

Marxism, not even once.

>doesn't google the free pdf files for all his books

Is there anywhere better than gen.lib?

im out. gonna go read some shit. good luck with university. just remember the golden rule

>join physical clubs
>make connection with men
>get easy job for 3x the starting pay

Yep. The "Editions" scam. They'd barely change anything (and the changes are usually nothing important), convince/bribe school officials/teachers to get the new books and force it to be mandatory, and the kids/parents pay for it either directly (buy the book) or indirectly (taxes pay for it).

The jewing has to stop.

If you require 8-10 hours of work per day for seven days, over three years, then you're doing something massively wrong. Or you're Chinese and subscribe to the "more is better" approach to everything.

I did, at most, 3 hours of study five days a week for my MPhil in Mathematics at Cambridge. I'm not saying it's impossible to work for as long as you're outlining, but it's simply not necessary. There's nothing condensed into a taught degree that requires that much commitment, with only a very small number of research degrees requiring more than 40 hours a week.

Perhaps you're slow, but that's not typical.

>make connectionswith men

70% the "men" at my school are 90 lb socially inept asians


You're retarded

Ops a california student

Is that actually a rule? I don't wanna join my schools financial group cuz they're all fags

Top universities, and the aspirant ones, insist on having "cutting edge" research. This means they hire lots of cutting edge individuals, with cutting edge haircuts, who insist on having new theories and methods in whatever their field is.

Around every five years people look over this stuff and decide it to be rubbish, but the cycle doesn't stop as they themselves produce large quantities of work to declare what everyone else already knows - that it was rubbish.

At my college we basically use zero text books. The profs write scripts that (for the most part) cover everything you need to know for that class. In addition to that they give book recommendations that cover everything more in depth, but it's not necessary to buy them. They are also all available in the library.

>Do a lot of math. Never stop doing math.
Kek. Literally me. I'm working on partial differential equations rn. Laplacian was fun as was Bessel Functions.

One-line writing prompt one-posts are never legitimate. Argue a case based on a source. Avoid becoming a Faceberg gossip-pile of meaningless emotional reactions.

kek! This guy knows what he's doing. Study groups are literally a waste of time where you stop and wait for the stupidest person there.

I fucking love you man! What do you do for a living?

if you want a job easily that pays reall well out the gate yep.

my first job at Nestle involved me calling a friend whose uncle worked as a VP. No CV no interview. 120kCHF/starting
i might be slow, but im rich and you're not. Q.E.D

Bumping this thread because it's all true. Of those subjects, Calculus, Chemistry, the subject hasn't changed in almost 3 centuries but the fucking textbook is $300 every year.

Why is it a Jewish scam? Because every fucking publisher is owned by fucking scum kikes. No, Israeli students don't have to do this shit. It's fucking Jews EVERY FUCKING TIME.

>my first job at Nestle involved me calling a (((friend)))
kike detected

met him during my time in my hiking club. this is how the real world works. sorry about your crippling social anxiety which will doom you to eternal poverty though. Anime

>not downloading textbooks

Are you a Jew puppet or something?

>met him at the (((Jew club)))
kike confirmed

Pearson is the worst for it or so I hear

>taking a math class is college
>course book is 80 dollars
>buy book
>it's a a hundred pieces of standard fucking printer paper stapled together
>the author is the teacher of the course

>not being catholic at a swiss enterprise
good way to ensure you never do more than clean toilets. meme country.
did you learn a lesson? then maybe your 80 leaf money was worth it then

rest easy knowing your $300 calculus one textbook paid for this $28,000,000 house that was made to look like an integral

Only 80 dollars. You got off easy bro

>>not emailing the professor telling them you're not going to be jewed

That can't be an option. Unless the professor is redpilled as fuck or you enjoy getting Fs

hahahahahaha! Christ, do you people even torrent. It's fucking Math. The teacher isn't going to write anything more significant or discerning than what's already ina standard math textbook, which you could find on the internet in a few seconds.
You are literally fucked at life if you pay for your textbooks in the current year. You are also what's wrong with today's universities.

I would never hire an atheist or prottie-cuck if i had the chance.

>professor is lazy and assigns online homework
>online code costs $100
>homework is 20% of grade
Fuck who ever does this shit

I made it through my chemistry bachelor without reading a book.

dont forget the professors who force you to buy their own authored books when taking their classes, and instead of being cheaper, are more expensive than the fucking general bookstore costs

>homework is 20% of grade
Meme-tier university that's why. If you went to a higher tier uni, your grade would consist mostly of exam grades because exams are actually tough and a better reflection on your grades than HW.

Unfortunately ((((they)))) always find a way to profit. Without the textbook code, basically you can't do shit for any class nowadays. Even renting is impossible due to this bullshit.

but its not your money user, its student (((loans)))!