Slavic Waifus

What does Sup Forums think of Eastern European women and why do you believe they are the best.

I don't because I'm not a retard who only looks at the best of the best models from an area and make my decision based on that

Jesus christ I hate slavaboos. Almost as bad as wehraboos

they are as bad as anyone else

You can buy them online with free shipping.


There has to be superior women then.


skinny american blondes

Legit just end up looking at Slavs I know. Pic is just for example.

I'm dating a girl who was born in Poland and it's the best thing ever

>sexy Slav accent
>always buys me an assortment of polish beer
>hates nogs and shitskins

Seriously guys she's like a wife from the 1950s and I couldn't be happier, plus if we get married I can live anywhere in the European Union


You mean narcissist harlots who would sooner neuter themselves than have children.

The slavs I know are all as good/worse than american white wimmin

This boyo gets it

That girl isnt cute at all

A 6/10 at best

girls like that make up maybe 5% of the people I've known

slav women are bbc loving whores, she's gonna cheat on you with a bbc.

You're in America though. European Slavs, and I mean actual Slavs not American mongrel 1/30 th Slavs.

Kek has spoken
Slavic women with free shipping

I live in an area that's mostly comprised of direct Polish descendants, with some from Russia and Slovakia

tbf, dating a 10/10 Anglo woman. Conservative and had me at "Race mixing is wrong"

Yet you lot have "direct" Irish descendants who are as Irish as a turkroach. Still mongrels.

Slavs are whiter than most Europeans, and they stay that way because they don't import shitskins


Im telling you that I know multiple families who are exclusively from polish bloodlines. meaning their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were all polish.

Something I think we can all agree on. White Euro (N/S/E/W) women are the best.

In all honesty just goto a small town bar out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and tell them you're from the big city. More or less you'll get yourself puss or a wife, or both.

Sorry mate, that was my misinterpretation. Do get talking to Slav Qt's from Europe if you get the chance though.

They're not a majority of Americans. Also goal should always be wife.

You are rght, the majority of the population lives in the cities and the metropolitan areas. That is why you visit small towns. It depends on the woman, if she fucks on the first date you have an idea of how she's going to act later on, getting first puss is a plus but take caution.

First date fucking just proves she's an easy thot.

Slavs are not white. Breeding with them is literally racemixing and should not be allowed.




>Slavs are not white


still whiter than you fucking mongol chinks

Really? I didn't think so...

I can definitely relate

Wife material on absolutely all points. Her mom is still hot too, so her genetics are great.

Most will Jew u for money n fuck off.

Especially Russian n Ukrainians ones

t. Polak dating Balt masterrace qt


>Hair Colour

>in males
Fin boy only looking for men yh


You only like them because you're delusional enough to think foreign=exotic=good. I guess the best part of our women is feminism and hijabs haven't caught on yet so that makes them better than all of western women but other than that they're nothing too interesting.

They're perhaps more traditional than Western women, but that doesn't mean they're flawless.
>tfw you'll never again be kicked in the guts by a slav girl for rejecting her in the pub

By your logic, North Germans aren't white. Also by your map, fins aren't white either. Also Slavs are white now by this map. Make up your mind finboy and stop using maps from Europedia.

She looks better with that scarf around her head

Slav's aren't exotic.

Finboy can't figure out who is or isn't white.

>they took the bait