Mexican supremacy thread

Clearly we have overcome our former conquerors, when anyone thinks of the "spanish" language, they think of Mexico, we have the largest spanish speaking population, biggest economy, biggest country by land mass.

We are the USA of the British Empire, how can other latinos even compare?

I believe the USA are the USA of the Britsh Empire

I tried to make an analogy, it seems I wrote it poorly

In response to your actual statement, I believe that is an american thing.
If someone talks about spanish, we assume "from Spain", same with english or french.





Only exception I would carve out is portuguese, since literally no one cares about Portugal and if one were to count the european countries, they would remember to count Macedonia before Portugal

literally a nation of taco niggers

Serious question, why the hell did you get rid of Maximilian!? He seemed like a based guy, more based than Juarez and Diaz

Nice bait, Turkey

>implying I'm wrong
Go on Poortugal, what have you done in the last century that had any impact in foreign politics


We stayed neutral during WW2, which made Spain also staying neutral instead of joining the Axis, which could have been a bother to England

You speak the idiot version of Spanish.

>we have the largest spanish speaking population, biggest economy, biggest country by land mass.

You also have the lowest head to body ratio

Someone I used to work with who lives in TJ is telling me that the US is eventually going to have to come in to deal with the cartels. What's happening Mexico-user?

Based or not he was a foreign invader destroying the legitimate Mexican government, so he had to go.
personally I don't think Maximilian was a bad person at all, but I like them both but admire Juarez a bit more, too bad 2 people thatcloved Mexico had to fight to the death

Both conservatives and liberals began to hate him for being too liberal and foreigner, respectively

most of your economy is in drugs, amigo.

You speak the savage version of english

Mexico has the sombrero and poncho. The best is Latin America!


>We are the USA of the British Empire
Kek, way to end your thread early, try again tomorrow, pedro

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Well you are certainly the masters of headless bodies.

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¡Si güey eramos aztecas!


>During the war, Portugal was the second largest recipient of Nazi gold, after Switzerland;

>this came through the sale of tungsten, with the German armaments industry nearly entirely dependent on the supplies from Portugal.

Helping you in the war effort, greatest partner.