There is an entire generation of young men completely checking out of society...

There is an entire generation of young men completely checking out of society, falling behind in school and not working jobs.

What can be done to fix this?

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Hire robots to replace them.

Sounds like a friend of mine.

I mean if u like eugenics you could just say it.

There needs to be a server wipe. Like after the fall of Western Rome.

put us in work camps and give us aesthetic uniforms while you're at it

Nobody is saying it: men are the niggers of gender.

Keep lurking on Sup Forums

Accept talented and ambitious Immigrants.

Society is largely anti intellectual. Socializing is mostly just reactions to reactions.

>what can we do about this
Try not settling on shallow trite next time.

internet/smartphones were a mistake

Fuck them. Only look out for yourself. If everyone else is too beta, fat and/or hikki that's their problem.

>entire generation

Kick out the immigrants, kill the taxes, lower the workload.
Otherwise I'm not interested in joining the workforce.

Ban pornography.

>Ban all work visas unless it's for college educated white collar positions
>Gave large tax incentives to men under 35 that marry and have children
>Put a limit on how long someone can be a NEET unless legitimate medical reason
>Bring back large scale manufacturing to provide jobs and improve economy
>Mandatory 1 year conscription before being able to enter college
>Ban welfare for single mothers

>stop encouraging masturbation as 'normal and healthy', this just gets men addicted to porn from a young age
>stop promoting the whole 'depression is okay' movement, this just makes men shift the blame for being a failure and not work on themselves
>from a young age parents need to stop children spending too much time on the Internet and more time socialising/doing hobbies as there is a direct coloration between Internet use and 'depression'

It's only the matter of time young men like me kills for fun and beating a high score, rape the shit out of pretty girls for award pleasure, killing the unwanted ones and genocide kikes, niggers, and sandniggers.

>(((Statistics))) and (((Correlations)))

That happened, you know, except this
>Ban welfare for single mothers
which is honestly retarded.

Burn society to the ground and rebuild it.
That will be pretty much the only way to get them interested again, because it would give them the chance to live life by their own rules.

Right now participating in society would just be living a life dictated by someone else, and most of the energy you invest would be to the direct benefit of those who dictated it rather than your own.

We need fucking space colonialization already.

It all started in 2007 when normies gained access to the internet via the iphone and social media. Since then:

>women have unlimited access to infinite men via social media and dating apps
>because of this dating becomes hyper-competitive. Women stop making an effort because there will always be a thirsty man ready to fug
>something like 75% of men are instantly out of the competition. No partner = no family = no ambition or life goals
>to compound this both the recession and globalism happened
>this made the job market hyper competitive as well, so again most average men are out of the game

Everything became too competitive for the average man. Average is no longer good enough so they inevitably leave the game altogether. No job. No partner. No purpose. Videogames and porn fill the void.

So ummm thanks globalists. Thanks Apple. Thanks Facebook for destroying society.

Birth control and welfare for single mothers have been two of the largest blows to the nuclear family.

>What can be done to fix this?

Cancel no-fault divorce and feminism.
We don't serve society filled with whores.

I'd rather be a neet than be a worker with low salaries.

Why even work if it takes someone a whole year just working full time just to be able to afford a low quality car. Think about about...

Most people end up spinning in circles living in a rent apartment, never earning anything other then shitty electronics(that even poor people in the 3rd countries can afford).

An emphasis on the trades instead of telling everyone to go to college.

Men will get higher paying jobs, they'll look more attractive to women making tons of money themselves, and everything will fall into place.


There has to be a shift in attitudes then. Working in a trade is seen as being a loser here in the UK.


The problem with being a NEET is not the financial aspect - it's the emotional aspect.

Being a NEET for any extended period of time inevitably leads to laziness that you may or not recognize. Also, with every passing year it becomes harder and harder to get back into the work force. Even if you work a low wage job, it forces you to commit to something and interact with other people - things that any employer will look for when hiring. I was a NEET and will never go back to it. Perhaps the worst thing was the sheer boredom of constantly not doing anything. Stagnation leads to degradation.

all those people in that screencap are fucking Sup Forums / /r9k/ tier autists, they didn't get p00n because they abstained, they didn't get p00n because they aren't fucking normies
so like us, they just focused on thier hobbies as we focus on mogolian doll paiting and shitposting
i recon that with prevalence of 'idealistic' and 'intj' personalities here, most of us would do great things in politics but we just can't
because most of us ain't a fucking focus enough

point is, porn might be a distraction, but don't give me shit about sex and abstinence

>Stop all immigration
>Lower business tax rate
>Remove affermative action

the demand for productivity has risen continuously, always with the promise and illusion of rewards. now everyone is expected to work themselves to death for nothing, there is no desirable goal anymore. youll not be able to afford a house, youll not be promoted, youll not find a good wife and if youll get divorced and lose most of your shit, youll not get recognition for your work and youre not welcome in your own country anymore.
on the other hand there is the internet with its infinite entertainment and interesting content. no responsibilities, no risks, illusions of accomplishment that feel better than real ones, no awkwardness, no commitment, only freedom and comfyness.
tl dr life is not worth it

Are houses super expensive in Germany too?

i dont know, probably, certainly not worth working 30 years for it.

>>from a young age parents need to stop children spending too much time on the Internet and more time socialising/doing hobbies as there is a direct coloration between Internet use and 'depression'

Very good point. I remember our father always being mad AF at us for watching tv and playing pc too much - but he never spent time with us, either. Like, really. His hobby got tenfold as much attention as his kids.

The whole system is broken.