Let's fuck up my educational psychology group study guide

>group study guide for educational psychology class is being edited live in class
>edits are projected on screen at front of class
>you know what to do: 1488, heil hitler, everything
>link below:

Post Proof OP


Not sure how much longer it'll be open to the public bois, teacher is talking about making people log in

Please record and post on YouTube if this is legit

"This is very inappropriate and I'm very disappointed right now"
>literally trying not to die laughing

Getting an image from the document, please hold

Today op was not a fagget

kek'd heartily

Whoever is spamming the swastika is a god

Make sure you aren't logged in to your normie Gmail because they could find you

Indeed indeed, good sir

The instructor abandoned ship on it, but the class is still getting a kek
>we won the day today, faggots

Did the instructor witness the autism?

Oh god yes
"I don't think this is a safe environment right now, so I'm going to dismiss the class"
Well played. everyone

what uni you at OP?

I just activated a paste macro and went and got some dinner

I got shaohed

Safe environment... Jesus Christ

>"I don't think this is a safe environment right now, so I'm going to dismiss the class"
fucking lmao
people pay for this shit

It was pretty funny
I do feel a little bad about how much it upset her though; I was just an idiot looking to make people laugh, but she took it to heart and blamed herself
I just hope the university isn't able to somehow trace that I made the thread or anything

You've been reported to the cyber police.

Consequences will never be the same.

fug you got quads too
you're scarin' me mane