Rightful American Clay

Rightful American Clay

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Why would it be

Aren't those areas majority French?

There is no such thing as rightful American clay.

Stay away from my land

Well it's inside America, right. What are we discussing here?

Well if that faggot Montgomery hadn't failed and did what Benedict Arnold had told him to do, it more than likely would have been.

their accents are probably more fucked than yours desu

I live there and trust me you don't want frenchfags.

>giving up ice cream, cool dirt, and lighthouses
>also giving up french people

sure, you can have it

New brunswick and nova scotia aren't. We at least deserve to have those so that Maine's borders look less arbitrary.

Only half of New Brunswick and a very, very small portion of Nova Scotia are French.
Please take us

Yes, it's North American Clay. Although Halifax is a pretty comfy place.

It's not rightful American clay, it's geomorphically American clay.

You rebel scumbags will never take the British American clay. We are loyal to the Crown here. You fithy mongrels betrayed your rightful King and you will pay the price, mark my words.

New Brunswick belongs to Maine.

idk can you just annex our whole country yet?

I can see why America would want to steal Nova Scotia, Canada's national treasure.

no thanks, we don't want your Ontario/Quebec trash.

>he actually circled Maine and parts of New Hampshire

American education.


We don't need a leftward drift in the voting pool.

Maybe Western Canada could be annexed, but the East has to sort its shit out.

Good lad. Let Daddy know if these subhumans start acting up.

we should take it, id like to live in nova scotia, seems comfy and white

Newfoundland here, no thanks

Hey, all the loyalists had to go somewhere after the war of independence.

The people living there wanted to keep their access to British markets and remain in the British Empire though.

please expand?

burger you are only going to turn this beautiful >95% white francophone land into a disgusting brown communist state full of degeneracy

nice try burger, you dont even eat fish unless its your moms pussy

This, the only part of Canada the USA really would of been better off having is British Colombia.

In fact after the American Civil war we nearly sold you BA as reparations for all the damage the Confederate Navy (which we supplied) did to the Norths shipping.

But, in retrospect if we had given you BA Russia might not have been so anxious to sell you Alaska.

I will liberate Nova Scotia for the good of my ancestors

Let the streets run aglitter with syrup

too bad quebec is getting culturally enriched fast.
it's a beautiful city


lel not bad leaf

New-Brunswickfag here

I'll keep my guns and defend my land, my wife and my kids but I'd gladly fly the American flag and help you get rid of any Trudeau loyalists.



come and get it bender

Could you take BC too or at least help us declare independence?

If you took BC you'd have another seaport another spot for naval bases plus Alaska would be connected to the US by land. Hell I'd even be OK if we just became part of Alaska to save having to add another star to the flag

Wrong. New England is Canadian clay.


Sunnyville will be ours

Every warm-water port in N. America is rightful american clay


Kaiserreich tought me when Sanderites rebel and Combined Syndicates of America arise you will be an easy target.

It's colUmbia not colOmbia. You should know this shit dad

We were actually probably going to join the US or become a republic but somehow we let Ottawa swindle us into joining Canada because they gave us a train which they imported a bunch of fucking Chinese to build and thus began our troubles which continue to this day

If we'd joined the US though we'd probably have become full of commiefornia absolute retarded lefties like Washington and Oregon did so I don't know really what would have been better at least Canada let us have an anti Chinese policy for a little while

In a few years it will be Muslim clay since Canada won't unfuck itself.
The idiots have 1/8th the population of the US or some shit, do they really think they can take all the refugees that want to come here? The millions of them? Canada will be Muslim in no time at all. Doesn't take long to fill such an unpopulated country. They want to play with the big boys, but they're tiny and insignificant. Don't really want a Muslim country to the north, but can't do shit about it.

America looks like an easy target, it's just a ploy, every level you ratchet up we ratchet up two until...Hiroshima...


Newfoundland is ours.

I just think it would satisfy my boarder autism because then there would be a land bridge to Alaska. I mean if you were part of the US then you'd probably be stuck firm in the west coast black hole of faggotry and AIDS, but too far north for any mexicans.

That might just be in the large towns and cities though, I think rural parts would probably go Republican. That is if you were part of the USA for at least 100 years.

Be a better 51st state than Puerto Rico, at any rate.

Enriched area used to be cleanly cleaved, like all the blacks got off the bus in limoilou, but now they are bleeding out. Also tfw sherbrook is more multicultural than quebec even if it's significantly smaller.

>New Hampshire

Mainer here. Don't want new Brunswick. Well, we'll take St. Stephen to St. John. The Bay of No-Fundy belongs to us.

trying to bump your average up eh, Mr. 56%?

Rightful British Clay*

Rightful British clay.

Rightful British Clay

>Claiming Montreal as American clay
Bunch uh faggots there who get assblasted when you speak English

>wanting Canadian land

Sounds good to me. Nova Scotia here, the 14th colony.

A lot of people in Appalachia moved to Nova Scotia when the Revolutionary War started because they didn't want to fight.


Maine is most aesthetic state. Look like the head of a great beast.

TX and FL are the FT. LA is the asshole.

French Canada should have belonged to us. Fucking limeys ruining our invasion.

New Brunswick is literally a bilingual province.

Appalachia? A lot of the Loyalists here seem descended from New Englanders.


Maritimer here, no thanks. We want to stay >90% white.

Make New England great again

Delet this

>Although they suffered a bloody defeat in that contest, Scots constituted the backbone of North Carolina Loyalism throughout the war, and with the establishment of independence many of them sought refuge in the British colonies of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


It's a third of the way down. I believe NC had the highest concentration of Scots-Irish, but I could be wrong about that.

This is the fattest part of Canada so we would fit right in with you guys.

The Russians fucking sold Alaska because they knew they couldn't control it and would rather an Enemy of the British have it than ultimately losing it to the British. The Russians would have given the Americans it anyways you fucking yellow-toothed Paki. In fact they would be more likely to have given it to them, as if you Fuckers were actively making a deal with a Pacific Coast territory, there would be a higher risk of you having control over the other Pacific Coast Areas.

Yes, there were some Ulster-Scots that settled Colchester and Cumberland counties, but the Loyalists in the Valley, Halifax, South Shore, etc. were mainly from New England.

The Loyalists on my dad's side came from Massachusetts primarily, for example.

>Canadians didn't burn down the Whitehouse, it was British Troops and British-Born Militiamen
>We need to annex Canada in revenge for Canadians burning down the Whitehouse

Fucking choose one, its not a fucking Combo meal where you get a Burger and fucking Chicken Fingers.

Highly doubt a bunch of Chinese will help our demographic problem


I think you forgot about this clay as well.

54 40 or fight

Come and get it Amerifats you'll get 1812'd all over again.

Newfoundland is rightful Newfoundland clay, not American clay, not Canadian clay, not British clay. I've never met a Newfie that's been proud to be Canadian and there's written proof leafs and bongs rigged our referendums and shat on our democracy to make us Canadian.


nice try pedro

>a bunch of Chinese

I never said that Appalachia produced the majority of Loyalists or that they were the most common type of settler that moved to Canada. I just said a lot from Appalachia moved there, as I'm very familiar with NC history. I meant to respond to another poster but fucked it up by responding to OP.

The entire new word is righful American clay

I wonder if people actually believe this

Fuck that I don't want Mexico or any of Latin America.

You can have them. They are inbred anyways

>forgetting Vermont and New York

German education.

>rightful British clay

>implying we won't just purge the mestizos of the southern lands after Trump is crowned god-emperor

It is our rightful clay they will be exterminated

newfies are muricans

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak ex gf
>post results

alright lets trade then



All of Canada is rightfully American.

That said, I would fight against the American invasion because I'm not a cuck.

I don't think giving up our fisheries and our rednecks is worth gaining a bunch of Natives.

Would a new country made up of BC Alaska and Yukon satisfy border autism?

What about a new British empire?

BC currently is kind of like Florida when it comes to federal politics we swing back and forth and usually vote for the winner. What's going on though is that the prime minister is chosen before our polling stations even close so instead of voting for who we like we vote for whose going to win because we use the same system as you Brits where you vote for your local MP and we know that at least with a government MP some of our concerns would be listed to whereas with opposition MPs we will be ignored so it's hard to say maybe if we joined the US we would be a swing state

Thing is our politics are kinda wierd and don't really fit nicely into liberal v conservative sever never really been a super "conservative" place but most of the time we've been right wing and for the longest time we were pushing for a whites only province as ironic as this all sounds today we were responsible for a ban on Chinese immigration even going so far as being the only place in Canada or really noth America outside the former CSA to ever consider implementing a apartheid system (except against Asians not blacks we don't have many of those) we would have had one too without the federal government blocking it

You could still drive around BC in the early 80s and find town welcome signs that said "no chinks no niggers no Jews"

No, Newfoundlanders are Newfoundlanders. We're not Canadian or American. We're Irishmen and Anglos with Irish upbringings.

We don't want to be burgers, we don't want to be leafs. We want to be independent.

>trading Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island and the lower shore ofnst. Lawrence for useless Fijords and impassible mountains



well our halibut stock would increase plus who cares about a bunch of pogie fucks who collect ei 6months of the year

That's BCs rightful land though

Washington and Oregon are too except we'd need to make them get rid of all the Commiefornians first