Journalists Jonas de Geer and Carl Rudbeck discuss immigration to Sweden after the first gangrape in 2000:


Without resorting to memes and Sweden jokes, do you really think it's too late?
Nationalists are talking about perhaps even regroup in Eastern Europe instead of staying here to fight... Will the pendulum ever swing back?

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Im sorry...

you will die
one by one
and like you kept eastern europe out
you will be kept out
remember what happend after ww2 when you sold the eastern blocks to commies

serves you right
eat shit and die. i love watching you squirm
but muh womyn
fuckoff norway and denmark have way hotter women


The Prophet Yuri Bezmenov (peace be upon him) says not until they, each individual Swede, sees first hand what these people are doing. No matter what evidence you show them, they will not be able to see reality for what it is.

So, it's bleak, but if at least some of them grow a god damn spine they might be okay.

I remember when Sweden YES was just a meme... what a slow and pitiful decent into depravity I have witnessed.

Good luck Swede, is all I can say.

Any big political events coming up soon in Sweden that can act like a catalyst to all this?

There is a nationalist demonstration 1st May in Falun, Dalarna.

The "Peter Springare" Facebook group that arose from a cop naming ethnicity of criminals quickly gained 200 000 members and they might be holding demonstrations soon but I'm not sure.

Aside from that, our election is in 2018 and we have three nationalist parties Sweden Democrats, Alternative Für Sweden and Nordic Resistance Movement.
Sweden Democrats is by far the least nationalistic party of those three, and many people have lost hope in the election system.

As long as the mainstream media and the moral high ground is leftist's property, there is no much to do before it's too late.
When it is too late, vigilante groups will be formed, a civil war will happen and ISIL sleeper cells will activate.

And I think the latter is the most likely thing to happen. Expect lots of deaths. I'm sorry Sweden.

By the time it reaches that point swedes will have stockholm syndrome

Ahh, interesting stuff m8. Seems like everything for you guys is just starting to get "fun". How do you feel about everything?

Even being a Paki Muslim, I feel sorry for what happened to Sweden. I don't wish that kind of horror on anyone.

We haven't had a war for 200 years. We badly need a civil war anyway. If half the ethnic Swedish population died and the rest survived fighting we would be better off in the long run.

Oh shut up Slav, move home to Eastern Europe any time.

Why hasn't Sweden formed the equivalent of a BNP? If they have, what chance does it have of getting into power and why?

Regrouping in Eastern Europe wouldn't be a bad idea. A lot of land and many white women who are looking for a man to settle down with. Who cares about money or a job, be like Varg.

This video is quite interesting and you can somewhat see the scraps of the soviet union after WWII sketching up a new totalitarian, subversive ideology to control the west, which we now have come to call the cultural marxist regime. It's saddening that the pawns of this subversive ideology so quickly infiltrated the most prosperous states in the western world, leaving the old communist states be.

I'm excited that things are finally about to change for real, even though it will be followed by political clashes, perhaps a low intensive civil war. It's saddening that things must deteriorate so much further than it already has in order for us to wish for a new future.

But then again, as a grown man, you should embrace this as a time to do something with your life, something heroic, something to be remembered instead of just watching the society burn down as a bystander.

Swedes are so fucking stupid.

>America you have so much crime!
>Sweden is because we have so much hispanic immigrants
>Swede thinks, well watch us bring in millions of poor immigrants
>Sweden can do it better, it is obvious America is just racist
>Gang rapes, violence, murder, theft, riots, ghettos
>No no no no, none of this exists, I drive a Volvo and live surrounded by upper middle class Swedes I see none of this and if you speak of it you are racist and terrible
>In fact it's so good we need more and more and more and if there are problems obviously we need MORE
>Sweden gone in 100 years

>Will the pendulum ever swing back?
Yeah when its too late

Get out.

Fight back nig, start spreading the word and tell them to stop being CUCCCC'd

Go fuck yourself

swedland cuckd


Join the Army, learn some skills gain some friends. Destroy the (((enemy and their hordes))) in the field.

>it's too late

I almost feel sorry for Sweden

when did he produce this btw?


>Without resorting to memes and Sweden jokes

>is it gay in here or is it just me?

>totally sane in cultural Marxist Sweden


I can find more reasons to destroy the World then to save it.

So here's the concept. Recruit pol-tard shit-skins & dindus who value western civilization. Infiltrate rapefugee camps with hidden cameras. Create a "To Catch a Predator" style webseries where rapefugees are solicited for fake pedo-pimp service. Offer to provide sex with 7-12 year old boys or girls. Ask if they'd be interested in a card with a number where they can contact you. Get weapons-grade footage of countless shitskins eager to take your contact info to fulfill their child-fucking cultural values. When people call the number, record that sh*t too. Arrange a meet up, and inform police that the individual is attempting to purchase sex with children. Cucked police may not take action, but weapons-grade statistics & memes will be generated.

It's too late for Sweden and ethnic nationalists and other general traditionalists should evacuate elsewhere while taking whatever they can with them to preserve your traditions, history and culture. But at the same time it doesn't need to be a total loss, I think if we ever retake Europe completely someday then actually it's on our best interests to preserve liberal, multi-kulti Sweden in as best condition as possible so we have an example to teach future generations with why those ideologies are wrong. Same way some kikes use Auschwitz to push anti-racism, antifa, special protections etc.

But other countries we might be able to do something about. So long as there are Brits, French and Germans etc to fight for the idea of a homeland then their countries arne't going to die, even if the land is occupied by someone else. If the Jews could take Israel back after over two millennia of occupation, I don't see why we can't hang onto the idea of Western European nations while regrouping elsewhere and striving to retake them.

Meanwhile everyone post and share more artistic Pepes, that's a great collection but I lost most of mine when my old laptop fucked up.

>the faggot on the left saying that Sweden is a small country, but somehow can support an "unlimited number" of immigrants

Our prime minister used this argument all the time:


You guys might be at the point of armed expulsion of the invaders being the only option. Or you will be in a worse demographic situation than us but with a more hostile and aggressive minority. In my opinion going back to a monarchy would help

For you and the rest of western europe it is too late. Many of you will find shelter in the east though, eventually 200 years from now we will liberate your countries again.


My cousin lives in malmo with his wife and kid. From what he tells me you're all fucked beyond any hope. It really shouldn't be easier for a swede to buy grendades than for an American. Also buy me some grenades user

Hello OP, since pol is full of shit heads, I'll give you some practical advice.

The simple answer is it depends.

See my country has been ravaged by Islam for far longer and harder than any of you euro cucks and as such given the history I believe I can actually give some meaningful advice. You see everywhere Islam went, it has succeeded, assuming there wasn't a violent reconversion like in the case of Spain that is.

This is because they create 5th columns every time they convert somebody, some guy who looks like you talks like you knows the ins and outs of the locals.

That person is used to infiltrate target the weak and lonely and expand from within. Not only that the conversion allows them to understand the existing culture and find ways in which Islam defeats it.

Say for example currently in the west women are being incredibly whorish, this can be used and said Islamic women are well behaved.

Then there's always the womb, which they weaponize, every Muslim woman is a baby factory, this creates political bases, vote banks. Politicians begin identity politics and the growth of the nation will be dependent on purely the entrepreneurs and politicians will become irrelevant.

After this entire areas resemble foreign lands, take a look at old Hyderabad in India, its fucking Pakistan in the middle of the country. Then begins takeover of media and lies in the school curriculum, in my country Muslims are pushed in comedy shows, their religion literally has nothing to do with the jokes but still they come on screen with those white caps. Similarly the school texts are filled with bullshit about how "great" the mughals were even though they killed millions.

As this progresses your choices will be affected by how they do things, such as entire cities where you'll never raise your kids, items you'll avoid and so on.

The only way to counteract this is something that bonds people together and an obscene pushing of that. (contd)

The best one that works from what I've seen is religion. Hindusism is pushed in an obscene manner. And quite frankly without it the country would collapse. People shit on the caste system and say it's bad and other nonsense. The caste system provides you with a solid identity to prevent another taking over.

You are "brahmin" so not Muslim
You are "kshatriya" hence not Muslim
You are "dalit" hence not Muslim

This ingrained identity is why we were so resistant to conversion. If you observe in your media, your leaders say stuff like Sweden has no culture or whites have no culture or Canada has no native culture. This is done to erase the identity.

No fixed identity means another can easily override it. So the answer is simple, if you wish to survive their conversion attempts and the so called "benefits" Islam offers you the it is vital that you have a solid identity.

This is exactly what Hitler did. He gave the Germans a identity "Aryan" it's what many here have taken up over stuff like Christian or American.

That's kinda all it truly boils down to.

Another thing to notice is women. Muslim men try to get non Muslim women this is done so "reduce a womb from the kuffar" and to add one to their own Islamic army.

Another thing you need to know is about how the world is classified in Islam.

There is "dar-e-kufr" world of non believers
"dar-e-islam" where Muslims are majority. And 2 more you can lookup

When people are raised like this every single Muslim becomes a soldier, every man woman and child.

The man to gain resources for Islam, the woman to reproduce for Islam and the child to gain the trust of others by befriending them for Islam.

You can learn more by watching Dr. Bill Warner and David wood.