Boston Public Schools Changes Map To Be Less White

Which is why Boston's public schools have adopted new world maps for some of their classrooms. And, the district claims that it's the first public school system nationwide to make the switch.

The new maps replace the traditional, rectangular maps made using the 16th-century Mercator Projection method that was introduced back when Europe ruled — and exploited — much of the world. Mercator world maps emphasize the colonial-era Atlantic Ocean trade routes and distort the relative sizes of continents so that, for example, Greenland appears to be bigger than Africa. (It's not.)

Other distortions inherent in the Mercator Projection display a kind of territorial superiority. Simply put, predominantly-white countries are huge seeming, while nonwhite-majority countries are rather small, in comparison.

>>muh global map projection oppression

>>the landz where we wuz kangs is tu small

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well, it was the whites that mapped the entire world, so it doesn't matter from where they look at it.

lol so civilization will just collapse when white people are a small minority.

science will be perceived as redundant because it will be seen as an oppressive tool constructed by white men to subjugate everyone.

better go prepare for the shitstorm.

It goes further to say:

“Eighty-six percent of our students are students of color and many, many of them have parents, grandparents that are from places on the map that are underscale or distorted,” says Hayden Frederick-Clarke, the director of cultural proficiency for Boston Public Schools. “We wanted to create the opportunity for the students to see themselves in an appropriate fashion and counter the narrative that many of these places are small, insignificant and not necessarily important to the world and its history, its functions and its glory.”

I call bullshit, maybe 86% of their great great great great great great great great great great great grandparents.

If the new map is more accurate then so be it, replace the old one.

Anyone who values inaccuracy is a fool.

I could tolerate the social engineering if it wasn't for the goddamn gaslighting

>whites are evil and need to die
>there is no white genocide

Also bump.

I want to get Sup Forums's thoughts on this shit

Africa is a larger continent then North America but I'm not sure what relevancy it has to any discussion.

If your not doing the Waterman butterfly projection you're doing it wrong

so have the jews finally given up on pretending to teach the nogs to read and do math?


but dhey earf is flat, honkey

This, it's a tab irritating that it seems like an sjw thing since they're virtue signaling it, however I would prefer more accuracy so.... Whatever I guess?

Mercator was always shit but nobody cares about Africa. All those black power activists would struggle to list 5 sub-Saharan countries

I'm all for accuracy, I just don't see why they had to turn it into an identity/racial politics win.

>more accuracy
It's not "more accurate" as accurately representing the surface features of a 3 dimensional object in 2 dimensions is impossible.

>turn it into an identity/racial politics win
Accuracy is just used to justify it user.

it's not more accurate. it preserves relative size but fucks up everything else. look at alaska on a globe and compare it to this kike map.

Africa is big and awesome. 2nd biggest continent after Asia. Anyone who loves it so much should go there and stay.

This. Different projections are useful for different applications. However, the only application in this case is virtue-signalling.

>american education

Maps should be accurate indicators of true size

You mean a globe?

Does it claim to be more accurate or is it just turned into a anti white cock fight about who has the bigger country?

Why? Who is the guy who thinks nice thoughts about mentally retarded rapists, then sees the apparent relative size of the continent their ancestors lived on, then decides to hate them?

Mercator is shit and has been obsolete for decades.

What projection are the switching to?

I have not encountered a situation where knowing the true size of a country/ continent mattered
While relative positions comes up very often

I wish I could argue with you over this.

Our education system has been completely taken over by (((them)))

Our students might not know how to add 2 + 2 but they can tell you all about condoms on cucumbers and white oppression and now we wuz kangz

>Accurate continent size relative to one another is more important than accurate distance or shape
>There is only one correct projection of the Earth
Liberals, and niggers, are fucking morons. Take an intro to geography class you virtue signalling subhumans

based leftists coming at us with hard fact

>Which is why Boston's public schools have adopted new world maps for some of their classrooms. And, the district claims that it's the first public school system nationwide to make the switch.

Yes, now you too can see the technology of Google Earth done in an incredibly inefficient and primitive way, instead of downloading a free app.

WTF I love american education now!!

Let everyone know how big Africa really is.
The more people who question why blacks accomplish so little with so much at their disposal the better.

>muricans already retarded and a laughingstocks when it comes to geography
>let's make them even worse!

Boris - please be a pal and nuke us. Do it. Please.

Crushed diamonds beneath their feet and never picked one up…. Thousands of miles of coastline and not one ocean going boat….

Well the newer map probably preserves area size better than the old one, but will absolutely inflict some other distortion.
It's mathematically impossible to make a perfect map of a sphere. As a result, those old maps were tailored for navigation, which distorts areas.

This is a waste of money(which inner city public schools are too good at.) It's going to be white Bostonian taxpayers who foot the bill for this monstrosity and black test scores will stay the same.

>16th-century Mercator Projection method that was introduced back when Europe ruled — and exploited — much of the world

>Other distortions inherent in the Mercator Projection display a kind of territorial superiority. Simply put, predominantly-white countries are huge seeming, while nonwhite-majority countries are rather small, in comparison.

They can't even update a map without trying to stuff in some pro-white genocide advocacy. I have literally had it with these fuckers.

>16th-century sexual slavery method that was introduced back when Arabs ruled — and exploited — much of modern day Africa

"Muh islamophobia"

Niggers really are pure shit. They are poison to everyplace they go. Those who think that is racist don't live or interact around them.

Niggers really are cancer

Do they seriously think north america is really that big but the white man made Africa small? Send your prayers to Mass, any and all Sup Forumsacks there are fucked

I'm all for trying to improve upon the accuracy of 2D maps, since it's damn near impossible to do one right, but it's pointless to waste the money of Boston taxpayers on making blacks feel better about the country they came from being bigger than it once looked. Besides, just buy a globe.

>smaller europe
>smaller US
>larger africa
Yes, this is a fantastic idea. It should be standard in the third world too.

Maybe we should cut Europe out of the map entirely.

Ah so it seems it was made different to accurately represent distances to help sailors with navigation.

No wonder these monkeys just saw white privilege, they wouldn't recognise a useful tool if you put it in their hands lol.

This isn't fucking news, I went to school in Massachusetts in the 90s and 00s and they taught us about different map projections and their strong and weak points. Most classrooms didn't even have Mercator maps, they had the elliptical ones of the ones that were like a cut up orange peel.

White people are also hiding that the world is flat? :P

shouldn't this make europeans feel more of a minority and seeing how big africa is will make you think how dumb black people are?
this is good imo

Why don't they start using the ACTUAL map?


Care to explain? I'm a retard but I want to learn

i hope they scaled up asia to show how bigger they are to the negros

Yeah a mercator projection makes things further from the equator seem much bigger.

It makes antarctica seem much bigger than all other countries.

Must be those damn antarctica-supremacists at it again.

This is a great plan actually, cut Europe out of the map so refugees could not find it.

This is good.

They need to return to their massive resource rich continent of Africa.

The most absurd of all racial bullshit is that Mercator prjection is racist.

It requires two insane assumptions

1. That people think if a place is bigger it's more important

2. That the map was designed to over inflate the size of Europe

Neither of which are true of you want an accurate representation of earth you need to use a globe

>Is North America really bigger than Africa?
why is this even a question?

Who gives a fuck? No one but she retards that think some magical bullshit oppression is going on. They do it to themselves

nigger education

And if niggers made the map they'd never want to change it

If it's a flat map it will be distorted anyways. Why not just use the map that is like the surface of the globe but cut to be flat- I forget what it's called.

I don't really care how they portray the world in a full flat map, with not blank space to make up for distortion, but claiming it's ending White/European superiority is dumb. We could just as easily turn that thought around and say something a little less dumb like "oh my god, look how big africa is! all that land and blacks still never did anything worthwhile" or "look at all the brown people land! whites have very little land as it is, and now the brown people want that too?"

Even less of an excuse for niggers to be successful.

The Gall-Peters projection

>more accurate map is introduced
>Sup Forums can't stop complaining that facts are conspiring against them

The map is a better projection of the actual size of landmasses.

Your objections to using it are indefensible.

>1. That people think if a place is bigger it's more important
Unless you believe literally ever study ever, in the history of humanity, that demonstrates that people do, in fact, think exactly that. And there's an even greater bias towards that belief in the USA than in most of the rest of the world.

>2. That the map was designed to over inflate the size of Europe
I'd like to refer you to history.

Yes: it intentionally inflated the size of Europe. Because it was for sailing, from Europe. So having it be a bigger size made it easier to plot routes. It was 100% intentional. It was not a racist conspiracy. But it was absolutely intentional, for purely functional reasons.

They aren't indefensible

The Mercator preserves measures of distance between locations this new map preserves shape and area of landmass

Both have distortions and they are trading a map that was used out of tradition for a new map for racist reasons

Literally they say that it makes white countries look to big and therefore should be changed .

The objection is entirely defensible

If they want an accurate map they would make people use globes

Prove any of what you just said

The Mercator was made because it was for preserving the distance between locations he inflated polar and deflated equated is just a symptom of putting a circle on a rectangle

>niggerland is 20% larger than north america
>an excuse for them
The shitheels fight over for scraps of land all the time when they could easily just migrate away to a previously uninhabited area. Fuck ,this is just another case of africans being given more and doing less with it.

Africa being larger really only serves to drive the point home that niggers have some of the best land on earth and never have been able to do anything productive with it.

>use globes
This basically. We live in an age where you can just pull up Google Earth on your I-whatever. There's no reason why they can't just explain briefly why maps work the way they do or use globes instead, which have been around forever.

Winkle Triple Projection is the superior map.

Well, the geometry of the surface of a sphere works different from conventional geometry is all.

the most popular projection is one where land mass is scaled to keep distances across bodies of water the same as on the globe. it was to make sea navigation by map feasible. the fact that it was made by white sin only relevant in so far as whites were the only ones to develop sea travel up until that point...and then niggers never did

>gibe de proofs
I think this is an appropriate link for you,
>sailing from brazil to senegal
>well shit its a straight line according to the map
>lemme use my muffuggin compass and angle tools to chart a course
>holy shit we're in senegal
People back then didn't have computers to plot courses for them, they used this projection instead. On paper. Without satellite imagery.




Thank you for that scholarly article you fucking leafe

we should really focus mroe on africa, and maybe all blacks from white countries will eturn to their homelands

Who cares if Africa is bigger? Are negroids that petty that they consider this a victory?

>a more accurate map = progressives trying to hypnotize our children
lol ok Sup Forums

They aren't doing it for accuracy they are doing it for racial reasons as states

It's still distorted, just distorted in a way they like. If they wanted accuracy they would go with globes

It's only accurate in area but the shapes of countries are fucked

Bullshit, mercator projection has nothing to do with european supremacy, it is about having correct angles on sea charts for navigation. The angle stays the same no matter the longitude. Therefore size is distorted as earth is a sphere.

shit tier

i'm struggling to think of why anyone would prefer this

Its happening to nigs so its kinda like eh?

Imagine trying to unfold an orange peel such that it lays flat.

Cahill-Keyes projection FTW

the size of arica is 30,370,000 km2 the size of north america is 24,709,000 km2

>american results about population
>asian results about clothes sizes
>african results 7/7 muh big black continent

>Make Africa bigger on map
>Children now ask teacher why such a big continent like Africa isn't as relevant as the smaller US or much smaller Europe

BPS is shitty but it isn't because of the maps they use. Like all public schools its because of Teacher's unions, standardized testing and the institutional pressure it creates, and ESL students being forced into regular classes when they should just be taught fucking English until they can join the classroom.

>t. Almost fell for the teaching meme in MA

>more accurate
what is the linear fractional transform they used to project the sphere onto the plane


Accuracy isn't racist, fuck off.

Jupiter is bigger than the earth. What does that mean? That it's more important?

Stupid niggers.

Don't do this, that will teach them that the Asian rapist reports of UK newspapers are real news

That I understand, but does it not work for globes?

Mercator is used because it gets relative distances accurately. This is pure SJW faggotry.

Now they can accurately visualize how much land their ancestors lost to superior European whites.

The new map is more accurate, but less relevant. There's little benefit for students to have a better view of Africa.

a flat plane has triangles whose interior angles add up to exactly 180 degrees

a sphere has triangles that add up to more than 180 degrees

this is why you cannot lay the surface of a sphere "accurately" on a plane

Anybody have the picture where all the continents are in Africa along with Africa?