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>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar20
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar21
>Jihadists attack SAA in Hama using SVBIED's, claim to capture several checkpoints and 2 tanks
>Jihadist advance in Jobar after launching new assault
>SAA recapture Hamid Hawsh, Jafirat Mansur & Diham in E Aleppo as they attempt to encircle Deir Hafer
>IS cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo
>FSA-affiliated group joins Al-Qaeda coalition; making it the largest militant group in Syria
>Ru openes reconciliation center in YPG's Afrin, denies term"military base"
>SDF capture train station in SE Raqqa
>Militants capture Jabal Al-Naqab from IS
>US-coalition airstrike hits Raqqa school building housing civilians
>Al-Qaeda attacks IS in al-Yarmouk camp, S Damascus
>Syrian choppers drop bombs on jihadist near Israel
>IS captures 9 Iraqi security officers
>23+dead,45 injured in IS carbomb in Bagdhad


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Impeach Assad and impeach white people.

>must watch

American senator tell the other side of the story:
>THE TRUTH ABOUT White helmets: |
more on white helmets: |
>Virginia senator on Aleppo:
UN Neutral report on "War Crimes" in Syria:
>HOW the (((moderate revolution))) began:

>What's REALLY Happening in Syria (by SyrianGirlPartisan):
Syria ambassador in USA:
>The Face of American Regime Change:
Assad visits monastery for Christmas:
Soldier met family after 5 years:
>The Lies of Syria:
NGO’s and hybrid warfare:

WikiLeaks: Turkish oil minister links to Isis oil trade
Top aide to Hillary Clinton: :Al-Qaeda is on our side in Syria

>SJWs march from Germany to Aleppo "over the course of three and a half months"
Progress: 20 left out of 3000+ at the start, after crying around at the Slovenia-Croatia fence and bitching about visas, on march 12th they entered in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Aleppobro fresh pix

'67 borders, one secular state for all.


We need specdial forces to deal with theses rebel scums.

Send in Darth Tiger!

Unconfirmed reports that Maan village has fallen

Soran city
Maardas town both confirmed taken
Maan unconfirmed
Khattab preemptive shelling has started

Were reports of Russians already bombing HTS confirmed?
Also, thanks for baking, Romanbro, you are great.

>Battle: operations started on #Khattab area with artillery shelling.

Seems like we finally get some real action going here. This will be good.

Nth for universal support for Assad!

>IS cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo

Also, can I get a summary of what happened in Damascus these last days? I only just got off work. Thanks.


what's going on guys is ASSad getting buttblasted in Dimashq and Hama?

Can any turk verify this?
You don't have to read the whole thing. The tl;dr is that Erdogan and government officials are encouraging people to inform on any political dissident they come by and that turks are now avoiding discussing politics in public out of fear of this.
Is this shit true? If it is then this is as Arab as you could get.


It seems they started to bomb them now

>Military Source to me : Heavy russian Air Strikes hit HTS in around Souran and other sites


>Town near [Insert big city's name] start to fall
>SAA retreat
>Tiger force counter-attack
>SAA retake the ground

every time

>Al Qaeda attacking Islamic State

That's some anime tier shit man

Reposting my "rethorical" question in fresh bread.

>Isn't it wierd? All the places we doxxed are "on fire" now. E. Ghouta, South Idlib. Interesting...

>Russians launched airstrikes on North Hama with incendiary ammunition

has shitty video


well damn... i thought you meant about the Hama thing... as for the /sg/ sirstrikes nothing so far


Favourite bit

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our T&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights.

He does not seem to find it remotely sinister that his ex-wife could face a jail sentence for something said in the privacy of her own home. Freedom of speech, he insists, is no more restricted in Turkey than in any European country. I tell him, in detail, of the notorious claim about David Cameron’s student encounter with a severed pig’s head — and explain that the authors of the book in which the allegation was made faced no legal consequence. After a stunned silence, Dinc says simply: “I have to change the subject. My God.”

ISIS once again cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo

The Islamic State (ISIS) has once again cutoff the Syrian government’s only supply route to the Aleppo Governorate after launching another powerful assault this afternoon.

According to Al-Masdar’s Ibrahim Joudeh, the Islamic State forces advanced north in the Wadi Al-Azeeb area, capturing a number of points overlooking the Salamiyah-Ithriya Highway in northeastern Homs.

The Syrian Arab Army is attempting to reestablish control over these lost points; however, thus far, they have been unsuccessful.

ISIL’s advance in eastern Hama this afternoon comes just hours after the Syrian Arab Army reopened the main highway to the Aleppo Governorate.

That ammo is BEAUTIFUL too see at night.

Hope the nusrats enjoy that as much as me

Oh. I thought something else. It must be that smile.

The fact that this is a night assault is pretty unprecedented in this war, very rare does this happen.

Anyways, so far rebels claim to have captured 2 towns, destroyed 2 tanks + captured 4, and also destroyed 2 airplanes in Hama airport with grad shelling

Ongoing offensive apparently

>The fact that this is a night assault is pretty unprecedented in this war, very rare does this happen.
90% of ISIS offensives start at night

as for Damascus

>Jihadist launch massive assault in Jobar District,E Damascus using suicide bombers
Tanks deployed to the streets of Damascus

They have taken some points and facilities, /sg/ got swarmed with shills again... yesterday SAA had re-taken all lost points... but today they striked again...

We think it's another break the siege thing where they push in vain only to be overrun

Here are articles:

he jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham launched a massive assault in the eastern part of Damascus today, striking the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) positions inside the Jobar District near the Al-Qaboun front.

HTS began the assault by sending two SVBIEDs towards the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses before detonating a large tunnel bomb that could be heard all over Damascus.

Intense clashes broke-out following the tunnel bombing this morning, with most of the fighting concentrated on the Karash-Jobar axis.

>Battle in east Damascus accumulates highest death toll this year

The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, Faylaq Al-Rahman, and Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham launched a massive operation in eastern Damascus on Sunday that resulted in a significant advance for their forces against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

However, this assault would also prove costly for the jihadist rebels, as dozens of their fighters were killed trying to take control of the Alboumar Garages in the Al-‘Abbasiyeen suburb of east Damascus.

>Syrian Army fights back against jihadist rebels in east Damascus



SAA video

Don't forget that Isis is attacking the rebels in Daraa in the south. Pic related is captured equipment.

>ISIS launching successfull assaults in Aleppo

How the fuck do they keep getting new men, equipment and cash?

Aren't they surrounded by foes? How do they even sell the Oil and get income?

Thanks for the info, my friend. Are you one of those Syrians with flag issues?


>How do they even sell the Oil and get income?

nah, i'm the romanian that bakes

>Opposition activist media: HTS source denies capture of Sawran and Maardes yet in northern Hama


Yesterday #Damascus & today #Hama!
What a great cease fire!
How many time will the Turkish scum i. e. #Erdogan's regime fool the Russians



this shithead is always crying
first of all the "ceasefire" ended weeks ago
secondly, the regime has never respected it.
when the regime breaks the ceasefire "the government is attacking nusra held areas"
when the rebels answer "the rebels broke the ceasefire"

Come to speak of it: Where is ISIS in all of this? The rebels are occupied. The regime is occupied. Wouldn't it be the perfect time to strike?



>ISIS beheading rebels in Daraa

what a great time to be alive haha

did you find that video?

>Assad paying for ISIS Oil

Ayy lmao

How does that even make sense

For every penny he pays them he loses 100 dollars worth of military

You can't mossad the Assad

Anyways, HTS declared a media blackout

Doesnt seem like much news will come out from that front for some time.

Rebels have been pretty high energy these days. First Damascus, now they are well on their way to Hama and have captured several former ISIS villages and one town.

>Where is ISIS in all of this?

ISIS always do unexpected things.
you can't really know what they are preparing, it's always a surprise.
they actually are the best in opsecin syria

well they are having trouble holding 2 biggest cities (mosul, raqqah).. but they have been doing a lot of hit and runs but some times they get repelled.


I wonder why...

They will give out their positions?


Why aren't grenade launchers more common in this war? They look like they would be extremely effective against any fortified position.


t. urk

FUCK that link of wikileaks is not opening even with vpn

I saw a lot of US vehicules with grenade launchers.

Hi guys, do we know how many fighters died in the mossul offensive so far ? Does isis get completely rekt or is there some iraqi/kurds casualties as well ?

Also isis has released some quite impressive vbieds footage, but whats the results of such operations? Does the coalition really suffer from them ? I dont really see how an abraham mbt can be damaged by a car explosion...

Does mossad attempt something on Assad?


SAA was utilizing them while cleaning those pokets around Damascus, I remember noticing that in the videos. But yeah, it is strange we don't see more of them. Maybe someone here knows why.

A few threads back I've answered the same question providing sources, ~7000 Pesh/PMU/FP/IAF to ~2000 IS

And thank you wonderful anons for your kind wishes, makes this place even more /comfy

>Checks flag
>calls others Turk

My nigger

Yeah, strawberries are alright now, but of course they cannot be compared to the ones you grow personally!
Hard to choose a gift for someone having everything he wants in his life, but I've got a nice rare book, and that's perfect, another addition to my fine library.

Also these shenanigans in Jobar & Hama are quite disturbing, I've seen Tiger relocated to the area, is Suheil coming too?

>Jihadists attack SAA in Hama using SVBIED's, claim to capture several checkpoints and 2 tanks
>Jihadist advance in Jobar after launching new assault
>IS cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo
>FSA-affiliated group joins Al-Qaeda coalition; making it the largest militant group in Syria
Why can't Assad end this god darn shitshow? REEEEEEEEEEE


>Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov plans to visit Syria soon, according to top Chechen official Adam Delimkhanov

God, I fucking hate this guy. He looks like a sneaky rat, who knows that you know that he is a sneaky rat, and smirks because you can do fuckall about it. He'll stab Putin in the back the moment he gets his chance.

the war is far from over. Will have insurgencies and tensions with kurds for years to come.

>90% of ISIS offensives start at night
It really depends, my guess is on the individual leader skills, for example they've prefered "human wave" type of attacks in Iraqi fortified positions in the deserts, while in similiar enviroment in eastern Homs it was almost always small groups, large-caliber MG pick-up raids etc. during the night.

Supposedly 8 SAA soldierse defected to IS in DeZ:

HTS allegedly captured Maardas:

SAA on Idlib/Hama frontlines are on high-alert:

>8 SAA soldierse defected to IS in DeZ
you know there were another 5 I think that did this and we expected them to be beheaded. I wonder what is their fate.... knowing IS they will send you with a bomb sticked to you back haha

nat smiles

Road from Deir Hafer is under direct fire control after another village captured by Tigers.
Maybe they really are going for the encirclement?

Can someone sent this paper to the russian HQ or the Republican guard in Damascus?

>RuAF attack helicopters targeting Rebels on Souran front

Is this the first time we see this?
sorry im too tired to remember

Ok, thanks. Didnt saw it.
Also checked

Hey Finnanon, if u still around...

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Don't think Putin is the kind of guy you want to stab in the back.

Death will only make him STRONGER

Anything significant happened in Syria in recent months?


haha really? a lot of happenings bro.

Are these maybe the videos this one dude spoke about when he said that new videos of ISIS were uploaded:


holy shit that is a sketchy website

it isn`t the first time.
They actually promote defectors in some vids or photo sets.
If you aren`t catched in battle or in a raid but surrender yourself the odds are good to survive. If they want to join isis they will have no problems

should i click that?

There's a war, other than that?
Things related to the war.
I imagine once they're captured they have 2 possibilities:
>Rushing on their former friends' positions in the first line with a suicide belt

By letting Kadyrov practice his "Diet Sharia" justicein Chechnya, Putin is all but guaranteed another eventual separatist conflict. This guy is cancer.

>Minor setback
>Government still holds most territory in ind. zone
>Road has been restored

are you new on the internet?

The harder rebels hit ,the harder they will be hit back.

This will just speed up their demise.

There will be no more calculations on SAA/Rus side.

Idlib and all pockets will become top priority.

Idlib and other rebel held territories will burn like never before .

Just wait .

It's not that unknown user. Basically just a gore site.

i dont browse rotten side of the internet actually..

never knew the reason why some people find watching gore appealing in some way. So no i never browse gore sites

Opposition activist media: HTS source denies capture of Sawran and Maardes yet in northern Hama

Just as usual ,at very start of offensive rebel media spreads false dramatic advance to spread panic on SAA side.

Psyhological warfare . Usual rebel tactics since recently.

>on Sup Forums

You're going to get people range-banned if you jump through proxies like this posting pornography..
Great song, reminds me old times kek, love it!