Modern Buildings

>this is considered good

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Goyim, can't see it.
Atleast not from that angle

Where's the jew star?


Anyone else starting to feel uncomfortable when they have to look at (((modern architecture)))?

That is actually extremely unpleasant to look at.

>it's an 'everything that wasn't constructed pre-19th century is an abomination' thread

Demolish classic buildings goyim

I know Sup Forums will hate me for saying this, but that building looks awesome

But what I posted is an abomination henry


Dude I fly to Jew York every few months

This fucking building triggers the shit out of me


The "architect" behind those monstrosities is jewish.
Really makes you think...

It is a feat to human engineering. I'd never set foot on thise hanging floors and I'd resign if my boss put my desk there, but I can still appreciate the design.

>Frank Goldberg
>influenced architecture like this

I think it's quirky

That's actually one of the better looking modern buildings.

A few years ago they erected a whole new neighbourhood in Amsterdam that looks properly quaint and has no resemblance to modern architecture at all.
Modern architecture is ugly as sin, almost as if it's designed to be ugly on purpose.

Oh dear god

All postmodernists should be shot, but none more than the Brutalists that openly boasted their creations were unpleasant to work in inside and out.

Some how hyper progressives decided it was super progressive to make working class people hate their work more than before. They probably rationalized their perversion by saying it encouraged the lower classes to rise up or some bullshit

It's not all bad. Sometimes a new building can be put next to an old one without being completely obnoxious.

This thing - and you can see it from everywhere.

All they need to do is add some graffiti and it'd look right at home in a 1970s Scifi dystopia

niggers are garbage


It is actually, go read some postmodern architectural manifestos, they're even farther up their own asses than your usual lefties. Imagine if Marina Abromovic the spirit cooker was in charge of designing buildings and you wouldn't be far off

i hope that isn't supposed to be an example

Behold the """""scottish"""" """"parliament""""


I agree with this. But damn is that shit ugly. I prefer gothic/neo-gothic architecture (I love looking at old churches). However, I'd settle for 18th and 19th century buildings desu.


Who wins in a throw down between postmodern architects and environmentalist building efficiency standards?

>it's ugly reeee

Yeah, it's better for architecture to be stagnant and build shit in the same styles over and over


I've been here in person. Yes this one is tragic. The L motif is supposed to represent open window blinds or something. Just looks like crude handguns everywhere.

Did they look at a game of Jenga and think
>"This really is a brilliant design for a high rise apartment."


Even the Old parts of the town are getting gutted but on a inside level. I have been working on "modernizing" the Altstad buildings for at least four years now and and they all get fucking gutted and turned into turbo wanna be modernist stuff.

Ok, something a little less garish.

At least it kind of reminds me of a sand castle and not a 3 year old with Lego blocks

I find stuff like this cool. One step closer to The Sprawl

that's neo art deco
it's based
like fucking gotham

What the fuck is this Dr. Seuss bullshit?

that's a century old m8

Fucking stupid, it has less natural light than the older building and lacks a pleasing symmetry to boot

The saddest shit about this "deconstructed" shit is that you can find it everywhere.

It's like seeing people do variation on Duchamp's toilet over and over.

Wow you mean you can build something and NOT follow lines? That's amazing. But, y'know it looks like shit? Oh that's unimportant because it's art. But you'll never get any coherent style, it'll never fit into where you place it, it'll always stick out like a sore thumb.. oh, yeah it's unimportant. Because art, you say? Uh huh. It's unique, even though they've done this a hundred times?

Building approved, let's allocate millions.

>tfw no futuristic dystopian buildings towering over your city

This is good, but only because it has some traditional elements to it and it's aesthetically pleasing.

Welcome to Albani- oh wait, it's Paris.

I saw that just a while ago. Made me laugh out loud. Even in a city with so much boring architecture as NYC that fucking thing was so jarring it felt like comedy.

aww, but i like le corbu!

For consideration….. new council building in Stoke

Ok, I see what you mean. Here's something even more subtle. The seamless blending of styles is a thing to behold.

>Someone thought making an entire building look like stained glass was a good idea
The entire 21st century has been a mistake so far.

Someone saw a mondrian painting and an escher pattern on the same day.

I think my mom had those drinking glasses in the 80's.

>FIFA videogame HQ

Architects union headquarters

This looks like a building for a race of alien-mechas. Like they just attached their alien building to the normal human building like a parasite.

Architects union headquarters
i think it's conspiracy

Similar to that in this country

Its just a giant golden cuboid tumor

fuck that piece of shit oh my god. i can't believe they tore down the Drake Hotel for that garbage.

Oh God what an eyesore, this feels so oppressing

laughed harder than i should

If I rode by this in a bus I would get motion sickness.

>In 1987 a young psychologist conducted an experiment into how repeated exposure to an image changed perceptions of it. A group of volunteer students were shown photographs of unfamiliar people and buildings and asked to rate them in terms of attractiveness. Some of the volunteers were architects; some were not. As the experiment progressed, a fascinating finding became clear: while everyone had similar views on which people were attractive, the architecture and non-architecture students had diametrically opposed views on what was or was not an attractive building. The architecture students’ favourite building was everyone else’s least favourite and vice versa. The disconnect also got worse with experience. The longer architecture students had been studying, the more they disagreed with the general public over what was an attractive building.

pretty much

to be honest, this is at least interesting and not entirely offensive to they eye.

the use of negative space is fun in that it creates the silhouette of a traditional building and its not just those stupid fucking empty squares that Hong Kong buildings have. (Though now that I mention it, Hong Kong does have some very good architecture even in their newer buildings. It's their garbage office buildings I hate.) They've even started doing that stupid square shit in LA.

Anyways, I think it's not *entirely* offensive and it's making a seemingly earnest attempt to draw attention to cookie cutter buildings.

antwerp. jewish district.

You forgot all the other Churches they did in fact tear down which they did and the 260 million Christians they murdered and the numerous icons and paintings that had to be smuggled out

whats your opinion on art nouveau?

Building kino

The point isn't to look good, it's to remove all traces of culture and demoralize the local populace.

It's like they had been playing minecraft all night and just wanted to finish the house but ran out of bricks so they walked to the beach and whipped up some glass and sandstone and went to bed.





Beautiful, really beautiful.


I love it when, like anything, it's done right. It can be overdone very easily though.

best building?

Looks like Venice charter influenced bullshit. Artlicle 9 of that influention protocol on building restoration:
"Any extra work which is indispensable must be distinct from the architectural composition and must bear a contemporary stamp."

Well, if architects will insist on building utter shit for near on a hundred years, I don't think an occasional thread on pol is such a big deal.

Heбocь дo peвoлюции тaм кoкaинoвaя aптeкa былa.

the rule for everything is that if it has "deconstructed" in it's name or description it's shit and something went wrong in the process of creating/designing it.


>art nouveau is best nouveau



Having color is bounds above the other shit ITT. It's the only reason why Asian cities, by and large, range from tolerable to 'neat and futuristic.' Elsewhere it's glass stumps with bland, white-on white-on white interiors and all fluorescent/bright white lighting.



Fucking christ it looks like planet of the apes tier shit, pretty fitting location for it though.

oh, that's not good...

The upside is the new building was probably poorly built and will need to be torn down sooner or later.

There is really good architecture out there created in the 19th century and on. The thing is that there's also a lot of fucking garbage out there.

It's like how there's really good abstract expressionism, but since it wasn't technically difficult to execute you also got a bunch of random cunts who thought they were Gorky and Hoffman but they were just cunting up the canvas.

>You forgot all the other Churches they did in fact tear down which they did

But they did tear down that one too, the picture on the right is when they reconstructed it after the fall of communism

demolish and rebuild