Prove me wrong. (You can't)

Prove me wrong. (You can't)

Are you retarded? Europe is sprawling with rapefugees. And Canada's cuckdeu isn't helping

marking any country as white what a fucking idiot




I just saw Ă…land is still white. Let's keep it that way.

I don't need to see the rest to call this bullshit


Fixed that for you




yeah, europeans aren't white because they have 40' summers
fuck off spurdo

fixed more 4 u

I actually laughed out loud

Meds are white you retard

Spain white, you making baby jesus cut his wrists


You guys are almost USA tier. Yes, a bit better and more based too than those brown mongrels but not white.

Hah get triggered you fucking gypsy.

Not so fast

im not mongol
im 1/64 indian and have slanty eyes only because of that

Northern Italy is

Not really. In any Russian city (except Moscow) with population more than 1 million you can only find black people in the downtown, and majority of them are students
In smaller cities and rural areas they are not existent.

USA is a white country Pekka

Ok if we're not white take away all the advancements by great britain. All you'll be able to say then is whites have the right to exist instead of claiming you created the modern world.

Yes you seem white.Are you from North western Russia?

>Hong kong

canada is mostly anglo and so is nz you retard

and anglos are part germanic and french and nordic we are the master race

we are like captain planet of the white race

when our powers combine! etc lol



Heh Siberia/Mongolia/China looks like the Abo flag


Anglo not white is a meme. Also northwestern russia is white but either than that the map still stands.

The combined forces of only a single state in the US could wipe out the entire country of Finland.

Dwell on that thought before addressing your masters, subhuman.


>Not White

why not argentina

>America was 80% white in the early 1990s
>now its 60% in 2010s

Thanks Mexico

Moscow father line Peter mother line

>northern ireland is shitskin
>98% white


One thing is for sure USA is not white.

Now the FBI, CIA and other intel has your eyes in their bio-metric database.

you forgot hungary


>Says the nation of Mongol rape babies

Miss Helsinki is trying to reach you Pekka

made a few modifications

You have no idea how ironic that is coming from a murican mongrel. Literally everyone is laughing at your shitskin nation. Even Turkey is more white than you.


that pic

>waaa i got pregnant it had to be you
>i don't know if it was my husband though


Literal fucking egglant

>White = my tribe
>Non-white = everyone else
Stop with this identity politics bullshit.



we wuz khanz and paskaa perkele


france is a black country


Italy? Spain? Ireland? Since when were they white? Do you think jews are white too? Fuck off with this inclusive pc bullshit.

Not sure Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany should be White...

In your map Russia should be yellow as well.

Keeping in mind how much we rely on your tech for Space Programs, you may be a lot closer to be that than anybody else desu...

What kind of Indians?
Indians don't usually have very slanted eyes...
>pic related, my eyes

Turn Ontario and BC black.



>Lithuania slav
did u even went to school you stupid gypsy?



white people are like gypsies, they dont have a homeland

>see thread
>check map
>Canada white
>probably a leaf poster
>open thread

I'm surprised Finland usually doesn't shitpost this bad

korea,japan china shitskin apes?? wot


>t 34%

Fixed it

Australia is more white than NZ yet we are apparently shit skins and they aren't

the one true map

You left Irish out and the Russians too - damn Sven, you suck AND swallow

make japan red please