Why are you guys so damn racist?

Why are you guys so damn racist?

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Nature is racist. It's natural to be racist.

That means just accept truth as is, but don't be a jerk against other races.

makes no sense at all bro.

makes perfect sense.

race is real therefore racism is probably.
just dont be a jerk you black bastard.

you get that?

But why does it only seem to be white people?, I've never seen one race so obsessed with it, perhaps white people are defective?

Don't you have better things to do than shitpost here?

Because only white people get mass immigration into their countries without their consent.

I'm not even a white person, bro. But I think whites have to right to be proud their race have overall higher iq than say Africans.

Just like a big African elephant can be proud it's much bigger and tougher than an Indian elephant.
That's a good example of a superior, race, don't you think?

because white people have their shit together in most cases minus the faggots.
we are more conscious of threats to our often superior way of life.

I'm white and I'm worries about my country turning to shit due to non whites moving hear.

this isn't racist, but i can see how goys can make it so.

what about the colonization period when whites flooded non-white regions

Whites have a high iq what about jews and asians

that was the past an no one alive today can be held accountable for this.
if you use it as an excuse for immigration then you are a hypocrite.
its very simple

what about them?

Are you saying Jews aren't proud of being jews?

Are you saying Asians aren't proud of being asians?

I can't be racist, I'm a nigger

seems retard.
not sure tho..
the next few post will confirm.

no pressure OP

It's over.
I asked my grandmother if she noticed a difference when India became independent she said "Are you joking?, All I noticed was the coins had changed".
The Average person didn't benefit from colonialism just the very wealthy and the government of the state.

I'm not a racist, I'm a realist

Cause its fun.

How can someone not be? Have you observed coloreds in their natural habitat?


Even if that statement is true, which it isnt since it makes no sense, that would still be the naturalistic fallacy. Even if racism exists in nature, why would we as humans accept it?

>race is real therefore racism is probably.

We do what we want.

because racism is a perfectly natural and acceptable evoltuionary defense mechanism. Admit it your racist to OP. If your seriously black Why don't you go back to Africa and live with your own kind. Ohh yah because you know the truth that blacks in Africa and some ghettos are literral chimps.

it does exist. lions dont eat other lions new friend.

we accept it because its necessary and to real to brush under your liberal carpet.
humans have the ability to pick and choose survival techniques unlike animals.. this means some of us do not employ the same tactics as others.

>Even if x is true, why would we as humans accept it?
It generally leads to bad things to deny truth.

This is where you are headed: youtube.com/watch?v=yJwWYsAk1I8

^That is dangerous, your crazy feminist friends are dangerous and crazy in their heads.


>and to real to brush under

>from England
>Doesn't know how to use the English language

Humans are animals and just like all the other animals we must obey natures laws. and just like all the other animals humans are natural tribalistic valueing and caring for our own before some other race of subhuman mongrels.

Humans don't have to follow any "natural laws."

You don't seem to understand the concept of the argument from nature fallacy. Tell me.. what is natural about using the internet or flying around in planes?

im drunk
and slightly dyslexic

try not to ignore my sentiments though
for your sake

Just because we are smart enough to usurp nature with technology doesn't mean we can ignore the natural order of things.

>>Humans don't have to follow any "natural laws."
This is also true.

But you're about to do something else that are much more dangerous. Denying the truth of nature and reality.

Your liberal friends want to abolish Academic Freedom.
They want science and research suppressed if it hurts someone's feelings.

Your still using laws of nature and physics to use all this wonderful technology you take for granted tell me. If the human race doesn't take steps to improve our genetic stock we only gonna breed ourselves worse.

>Denying the truth of nature and reality.

Invariably your only fallback is all that all the word's scientists working in genetics and human evolution are lying because of some conspiracy, usually jews or some PC conspiracy.

survival is a law of nature.
its constant too.

thats where your racism comes into play

>>>Humans don't have to follow any "natural laws."
>This is also true.


because it's funny

>If the human race doesn't take steps to improve our genetic stock we only gonna breed ourselves worse.
Oh, so explain why racists are almost always criminals, low-lifes, and generally have no education. Why are you going to remove yourself from the gene pool?

See, if those were the issues you really cared about, you would be rallying for things like IQ and removing all criminals from the gene pool. Instead you only care about melanin pigmentation.

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nah we've got a few genuine live retards ITT

Nice thumbnail faggot.

You got any proof for all that bullshit your spewing out your ass put up or shut up.

I believe we should remove all the blacks mexicans and other degenerate non whites from our society and I can provide plenty of facts to back up my statement unlike you you fucking faggot.

Go ahead call my racist sexist every buzzword the liberal left using I wear them as a badge of fucking honor I eat tards like you for breakfast every day. Go fuck yourself leave this country and take your fucking cultural marxism elsewhere.

The World already is. Idiocracy is becoming reality.

There are many people who try to work against what's natural. For example some families make the man take care of the home and the woman getting the income.
There are also some men who cuts off their penises because they want to pretend they are women.

It's not exactly optimal, but they do do this.

Not sure what you're saying at all. It sounds like you are lying about things. But try and watch this video

sure but that has 0 (zero) to do with your original statement

cuz niggers

Idiocract was a decomentary not a comedy. It's gonna be hell when future generations are literally to stupid to fucking farm correctly. All of out advanced technology was built by people with a fucking brain and the intellect in the next generation sure is getting dimmer. I hope I die before SHTF

The other guys said
>Humans don't have to follow any "natural laws."
And it's true. Some people do their best to ignore them. That's what I tried to tell you.

So you think degenerate whites are perfectly acceptable?

You're only proving my point. You don't care about IQ or crime... only skin color.

Degenerate whites commit less murder than average black males. It seems he is right.

One group of people is easier to work with than others.

its not true

further more. you dont tell me shit, user

I'm doing the telling, ok?

Fine I'd deport all the degenerate homosexuals as well And IQ is related to race White people are 1-2 standard devation ahead of your average nigger.

We should only allow hard working white people and some smart asians in this country the rest we should deport back to africa let them chimp out and be as degenerate as they want far away from us,

I'm white goddammit

I'm not racist, I just hate kikes and niggers. Also the nips and wet backs. And wops. And whitey.

In nature they normally don't provide healthcare their their handicapped and injured.

In our societies to do our best to preserve the lives of retards and disabled.

Also sand niggers.

Denmark is right imagine we are in primitive times now picture three men.they are walking alone on the plans and each see a group of armed foreign looking man walking towards them. The first picks up his spear and charges, the second runs away and the third runs up and hugs them. I would imagine that if we were to repeat this we would find that in most cases the third guy does not live long enough to reproduce. Wariness of the out-group is natural however as user said one should not go out of their way to treat people of other races poorly.

What is Japan there are some of the most xenophobic people ever you seem to me like someone who has rarely if ever left their hometown.

that means nothing user.

your point was that humans "do NOT need or follow any of natures laws"

I agree with your point that faggots and degenerates try to ignore as many norms as possible but most of these are social.

you're implying that the law of survival for example does not apply to humans which is 100 million % false.

i was implying that this (fact) goes a long way to explain racism

Hey racism in all it's forms exists for a reason Human are great at seeing paterns. For instance black people commit more crime I don't need to fucking show you dozens of statistics for that it's in the news every fuckintg day when some chimp starts going ape. It's only natural to not want subhumans apes anywhere near me.

Japan will have a culture in 100 years. Japan also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world despite having one of the biggest cities in the world. Japan should be what every nations strives for a mostly homogenous society.

ITT buttmad nigger boys

No reason. Fuck you.

Seig Heil Heil Trump Praise kek

Gas the kikes race war now,

lack of real world experience

highly impressionable mind coupled with a long time spent on Sup Forums trying to fit in

the guise of anonymity

young and edgy

that about wraps it up

fuck off Owen

bet you scored pretty high on that checklist didnt you

>your point was that humans "do NOT need or follow any of natures laws"
I'm not quite sure what nature laws we are talking about. But some of them can get away with it.

For example if you large masion in a walled off, gated community, you will be alright to enforce immigrant policies that are suicidal to your tribe.
If shit hits the fan, you can just move toanother country and start all over again.

argie plz


Fuck off britbong Before I report you to the british police for hate speech

I think we have lost each other, user.
good to talk though :)

Id suggest that the people inside the gated community are not of the same tribe as us plebs outside.
different levels of survival/priority

1 out of your 4 points hit home, owen.

thats not a success

Because we're the best race, you can't prove otherwise, maybe a close second is japan.

end of fucking story
white is right

OHH VEY The dane is getting close to the truth better shut down the GOYIM Must'n know about our role in pushing degeneracy and countless thirs world migrants into their society.

The white race is also the one that is the most suicidal.

I would wait with the "best", until further notice.

why so defensive burgerboy

what part of politically incorrect didn't you understand ?

I'm a Brit too.
Started as lefty as you can get, and got pulled further and further to the right as my real world experiences grew.
Not far off being 30 now, and lived a life, many would never dream of (not all bad, not all good)...
The more experiences I have with other races, the further to the right I go.
My aunties with a black guy, 2 mixed breed cousins, and love them dearly.
The unfortunate thing is that when it comes to other races, there are more bad experiences than good, just in our own country.
Pol has helped further redpill me over the last year, but especially in Britain, the evidence of the White Genocide is clear.
I can't watch most British TV anymore, because it just makes me so fucking angry.

Owen Jones on suicide watch

What about Attila The Hub, who conquered one of the largest empires in human history, and a quarter of Asia can call an Ancestor?
What about tribal warfare in Africa, Mohammed and Islam, or chimpanzees?
Conquering other peoples and regions is part of human nature, Europeans are just the best at it.

This chart is so complex. It's hard to take in all of it at the same time.

Those Jews really pulled a number on us, didn't they...

What the fuck are you on about, Retardus Maximus?

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just saying you blew that cuck out of the pond and I appreciate you

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Is there a reason not to be?

Non white regions chimped out, and rightfully so

Im only racist cus blacks look most like monkeys and I prefer lighter colors to darker colors. I think they are in denial about that and fear inferiority. Also dont think blacks aren't racist either if not more enabled by that fear.

The real question is "How much of a racist are you?"

I am not so much racist. I don't give a damm about anyone.

because its funny