Fashion degeneracy?

Backstory- I like to be well dressed and stand out from the crowd a little bit.

I wear Tom Ford glasses and enjoy his line of colognes. (Tuscan Leather for example is an amazing masculine and smells like a good mix of an old leather jacket and a tire shop)

However, I've just come to know that Tom Ford is a homosexual. Am I a degenerate for continuing to use his products?

No you homosexual becuase you're a leaf.


Dude. We let the fags make the suits. Because who else are going to make them? Fucking women?

I hate faggots as much as the next goy, but they happen to make good suits. I bought a suit from a gook in China. And didn't give it a second thought.

Those digits!

You can't fpbp your own post you huge fucking retard

Faggots are perfect for fashion. They know what makes a man attractive without being an incompetent woman.

You still a leaf

Gtfo newfag scum

Fashion is for women
If you care about it you are not being like a man therefore you are not a man
Quite simple

This is a politics board. All threads should be about politics.

>Fashion is for women
Exactly. It attracts women.

> Tom Ford
> not Oliver Peoples

Get fucked. I don't want to look like Harry Potter.

And the issue of should you give fags money is not political?


>I like to be well dressed and stand out from the crowd a little bit.
>I wear Tom Ford glasses and enjoy his line of colognes.
hello, c.uck faggot

I've never been accused of not being manly enough. Just cause I wear a blazer and smell good doesn't mean I'm not burping and scratching my balls in public. I act like a damned bum, but I look good doing it.

>Fashion is for women

Tell that to the Third Reich.


>wasting all your money on fancy clothes when a White t shirt and nice jeans looks better


>wearing a white t shirt and jeans to work instead of a pressed shirt and tie

I bet you make dick for money.

trips of truth

>be somewhat /fit/
>wear good jeans and t shirt
>look better than someone who spent 2k on a suit

Just get a pair of raybans and stop being gay

I'm a blue collar business owner who makes six figures. Nice try. Enjoy that UV cancer and ass cancer. Ill enjoy winter off whiles you slave away, currently in Maui

Glasses you fuckwad. Not sunglasses.

Really fires your neurons.

Just make sure it's plain, no autistic logos.

Not even Tom Ford uses his own fragrances, so what's it matter. He's worn Creed and Guerlain, so are you gay for wearing them now too? Probably.

>sunglasses give you ass cancer

I admit I laughed at that.

Nice kankles senpai.

Tom Ford breathes air. Am I a faggot for breathing air too?

Almost all mens fashion in the modern age is heavily vested with gay men.

Gay men are a perspective advantage, a "best of both worlds" for matters like these. Usually my best haircuts come from men who i would suspect as being gay.

If you want to avoid products because of association, you have to go off the grid. Inevitably a good you use can be traced to something yoy disagree with, the only exception being maybe a domestic firearms producer that isn't bought out by Freedom Group.

Tom Ford's fragrances are overly loud and mostly unwearable in polite society. They are for shitskins.

It's nice to smell good, but you don't need to gas out the whole room.

There is nothing degenerate about being homosexual.

The fact that you felt the need to ask this question is what makes you a faggot.

gay men are the best at the arts

You're going to have a rough time looking fashionable if you can't stand that a gay dude designed your shit.