Daily India Hate Thread

Hello everyone, and welcome to another poo hate thread.

You may hate on anything India related.

Let's see if we can attract any bitter Pajeets.


Why do you hate a demographic that commits almost no violent crime after immigrating?
Their country hates muslims as much as we do.

They get bitter easily and the memes make themselves.

A better question would be; why not?

I'll make an Islam hate thread later.

>A better question would be; why not?
Because negative behavior should be discouraged and looked down on, and not chimping out should be encouraged.

saved as "pooball.png"


That's rough.

>negative behavior should be looked down on

I'm pretty sure defecating in the open is negative behavior. And so is drinking cow piss. And so is poor hygiene.

A lot of things that India has been mocked for are certainly terrible behaviour.

t. Pakistani

Nuke India. Save the world.

Pretty sure most of us would take a street shitter over a fucking leaf any day of the week.

user-kun, I really, really, really like this thread.

t. street shitter

What's the point? India is completely broken. Literally any time an Indian flag appears there is at least ONE poo in loo reply. They're dead, they will never be taken seriously. Even if India were somehow the first to colonize Mars we would post "designated shitting planet". They are fucking dead.

I like how the people most butthurt about India's existence are people from drug war ridden hellholes and favelamonkeys. You need to get your own shit together, before you can criticize others.

>designated shitting planet

Be careful what you wish for

Unfortunately, your country isn't much better Mudasir.


Is "neither" a viable option?

It is. But if I were faced with no other choice, I'll take the poo. At least he wouldn't try to welcome mudshits into my country.


I have to agree

>Indian space program


By the powers of Kek, next post is a poo.


>Man Gay Laan

India should just give kashmir back to pakistan, it's filled with muslims anyways all it does is cause problems.

There is no people shitting on the streets in my hellhole.Even when here are commie guerrillas and people starving is still way better than India.

a fucking wagon wheel

Does anyone have that picture of the Canadian soldier who went to Nepal and stayed in India for a few days? I lost it and it's one of my favorites.

My map suggest otherwise, Pablo

>Canadian soldier

Image not found.


>t. pajeet
You have to go back.

Is this bragging?

We'll be nice and assume that it's only 1%, that's still 28,000 Lithuanians who prefer designated shitting street over beautiful clean bathroom.

The one where an Indian is washing his face in cow piss?

How do Indians even survive if they can't poo in loo? I've never seen pictures of farms in India so how do they feed over a billion people and still continue to grow.
Maybe, I don't remember. He goes to Nepal or something on a humanitarian mission and stops in India on the way there. In Nepal they dig up an ancient well and all the villagers shit in it the day after.

>shart in mart
>no open defecation

Filthy Ganges washing, cow worshiping, street shitting, popadom heads.

Theyre just niggers with white people hair.


Now we'll assume that the average Lithuanian takes between 1-2 poos a day, so 1.5 and multiply that for a year. That's 1.5 million street poos annually.

Remember, we're going with the lowest possible number.

Oh haven't seen that one.

>australia and canada are solid green
But they have shit tonne of pajeets in those countries, that chart is bullshit.

Look at Argentina
That's what makes them white

That is still fucking nothing, poor people shit on the street wow
It does not affect the daily life of the working class man like in india, also they may be including shitting in the open but in your private property, lots of very poor farmers don't even have bathrooms so there's that

Yeah, i remember that i,age about that Canadian digging wells only to find turds on them, It was in india and nepal.

If you were to line all the poos up one after another, assuming each poo occupied a 6x6 inch space, that would be 142 miles of poo. This is a best case scenario.

Keep the cunts over there

Alright, i don't know how that adds anything to the conversation

>be India
>respectable and civilized people
>invasions for millennia
>mudslides and eternal Anglo
>finally get independence less than 50 years ago
>eternal Anglo meddled in the transfer back to the people
>rewrote history to say our cultural and spiritual traditions were oppressive and racist
>introduce affirmative action fucking everywhere into our constituon
>socialist policies for decades until more recently
>hey India why so shit

I hate those dogs. Fucking Indian street shitters.

>mfw then are no streets in Poland to shit to

>1-10 %

How did your country turn into a south America tier shithole?