So what did Christianity actually do for western civilization. i think we did just fine with paganism

So what did Christianity actually do for western civilization. i think we did just fine with paganism

Polytheism is superior

Paganism is the real religion of the West.

repelled muslim animals by unifying all of europe under one banner


Gave some moral and ethical structures to the public so they partially stopped behaving like animals.

but so did the roman gods

Having a god devoted to boy love isnt exactly moral

Listening or reading about early Christianity is really interesting. It remind me of nerds arguing over D&D house rules

establishing meritocracy and personification of the logos

As to oppose to the clergy which privately fucks boys?

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Christianity eventually ended MOST animism which is sacrifice in the name of a deity. Christ is the only acceptable sacrifice to God in Christianity and since he's already dead, no other sacrifice is necessary.

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Gave Jews the leg up they needed to gain sympathy for a false holocaust. You've all been played like a fiddle.

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It carried the hellenistic archievements through the chaos of falling empire. Then it basically instituted the first european university system and gave us backbone to built superior society in all fields based to antiquity sources. Even the reformation gave written language to many of the smaller nations. Most of pagans failed to store their own lore, let alone writings of socrates.

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It united us but also divided us, Its very much part of our civilization now so we are sort of stuck with it

>we were fine when people thought the earth was on a turtle, man was featherless bird, everything was a god and only 4 elements existed
Lmao. The only thing they did was philosophy, aka the thoughts everyone can have while high. Whenever any of that shit was actually tried in real life pagans failed miserablely. The only reason they "succeeded" in philosophy is because you can't be right or wrong in philosophy. By definition Marx is a successful "philosopher". Christian philosophy is better anyway.

Christianity basically created the concept of "social justice," the precursor to Marxism and social democracy (i.e. Marxism for people who are too lazy to seize the means of production).

Gave us an unearned sense of moral superiority over other animals (as opposed to intellectual superiority), by promoting the idea that we are fundamentally different from other animals in a non-biological sense. At the same time, promoted the noxious proto-Marxist idea that all people are intrinsically "equal" by the same logic, and that the amount of respect we afford one another should be based on our shared status as "human" rather than on the merits of our behavior as individuals.

By the way, Christianity also demonized deviant sexually, leading to unimaginable suffering and persecution for thousands of people.

Oh, you mean what GOOD did Christianity do for western civilization?
You've got me there.

Btw carving rocks is not an achievement. Any idiot can carve rocks. They just happened to have beautiful rocks. Diamonds and gold exist in Africa. Doesn't make them any better off. Marble was there before pagans even existed.

>I can't lick a mans crotch therefore I am oppressed
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it also gave opportunities for niggers to migrate into europe

Birthed the entire idea of inalienable rights and self-determination. Western Civilization IS Christianity.

>Christian retard doesn't understand that using violence to stop someone from or punish them for engaging in nonviolent behavior is the definition of oppression.


Christendom defined Europe as a separate entity from the rest of Eurasia.

Inventors, philosophers, artists, writers, chemists etc. don't innovate or accomplish certain things because they were Christians, or Atheists, Buddhists, or Islamists or what have you. They just take inspiration from those ideas. In truth their motivations are extremely varied and things like famous art pieces or books were made directly for money, for love, for politics, whatever.

But it is rare that someone makes something for Western civilization because they were a certain religion. It helps, no doubt about it, but it's just a secondary mover.

Yeah none of our pagan ancestors ever had the idea of traveling the globe or conquering territory...OH WAIT!

btw colonialism had everything to do with religion and nothing to do with economics , yep.

The idea of 'education for the masses' in Europe basically a Christian invention (as opposed to only for the elites), and the hoarding of knowledge during dark times shouldn't be forgotten.

Christianity was literally written by Jews in order to ensure their monopoly on money lending.

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Roman Paganism and Christianity have one critical divergence. The one is Universalist, the other is not. The pagans of Rome did not consider that their gods were the "true and only" gods. In fact they respected foreign gods as much as their own. In this, was their strength, and also their downfall. Whenever the Romans, during some conquest of a foreign land, came across a god they'd never seen before, they wanted to start worshipping it themselves. The Romans were total pragmatists. They considered that any foreign god should be respected, if the worship of that god could bring the Roman people some practical advantage.

Now, the Christians god is a jealous god. He is the only god. The Christians believe that their god is the one and only god and that all other gods are false. Can you see the impending conflict? When the Romans first came in contact with Christianity, they thought to allow it and to encourage its worship. It was only later when the christians reached a critical mass, that it became too late. When Christians got power in the imperium, they had little mercy with the pagan gods. Thus, a whole traditional belief system was stamped out and removed. Sad, really.

Pic related. Julian, the last Pagan emperor of Rome, tried to re-instate the pagan beliefs. He wrote a massive critique of christianity and tried to justify the old ways. So what happened? After his death, the christians burnt all his books, looted the temples and banned pagan gods forever.

Muslims started as eastern orthodox Christians who thought all the drunken homosexual pedophilia and the worship of idols and the church were too much.

No Christians = No Muslim

Muslims did the same thing but better

Then again as I said here

No christian = no muslim

As a counter point the lack or religious strife and division may well have prevented the fall of the empire.

Bro, its only an inalienable right if your both the right kind of christian.

Theres a lot of sad history about what happened to the wrong sorts of Christians and the Pagans. Rights, wealth, families and limbs got alienated left, right and center.

Valid if somewhat partial point here, bulk of education efforts were a substantial part of religious indoctrination.

It took quite some time for them to get past talking about nothing but religion bit it happened after a few centuries.

Various forms of education not christian centered also developed in non christian ares such as china, japan, india and likely a few other areas I am unfamiliar with.

It happened and it helped but it is not a christian invention and may well have occurred in Europe without a christian presence.
Heck odds are if not for Christianity the dominant religion would have been some variant of Buddhism.

As if Christianity isn't a compete ripoff of paganism... Christmas, Easter, sun/son worship...C'mon

Paganism didn't include worshiping Jews

didn't repel shit in spain, the reconquista was all done alone after 600 fucking years
they also stablished free speech crime with the inquisition
its easy to atribute everything to the christians because they basically eliminated the competition