Implying blacks aren't based

>implying blacks aren't based

What is the black gene that keeps them away from degeneracy such as homosexuality?

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Most transexuals are negroes

the guy in your video is actually gay. everyone in the Fighting Game Community is talking about how he had sex with a guy named Ricki (a tranny)

They're not keeping away. They're just EXTREMELY closeted. There is no "place" in gangsta' black culture for them.

No real place for them in the LGBT community, either. A lot of gays are horribly racist, though they're the last to confess it.

>That purple haired girl at the back not getting the touch.

>wealthy blacks commit more crime than poor whites

Find me a source on both then maybe I'll believe you.

Was that chink a man?

That's a good thing, though.

Christianity, faggot leaf.

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use the archive, im sure you will find a ridiculous number of sources

Kbrad is gay?

Street fighter is a fucking nigger esport.

>Try your best to be an attention whore trans retard
>People still don't notice you at all


well everyone is saying he fucked the tranny guy ricki, so i guess he is

Blacks have the highest incidence of homosexuality actually

Just link me a source :)

ricki ortiz is an mtf tranny too, I think he's getting the chop

Contrary, I grew up in a mixed neighborhood


Spend an hour in prison, they prefer feminine boys, so i guess it's not that gay

Not a gene, but strong, religiously-backed aversion to homosexuality in the community. There are plenty of gay black people but many of them just keep it under wraps.

See table 6.`

Oh shit, he fucked Ricki? That's fucking hilarious.

K-Brad is super white for a negro

>VICTIMIZATION by race and wealth
>triple 6 by the will of Kek also states you are being deceitful

Fake News, boyo.


I don't see victimization rates in there, genius.

nignog culture is the most degenerate shit on the planet and has torn apart their community

That's funny. Always hated that guy. Both

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