Calling all the Norwegians, Danes, Icelenders, the few legit white Sweeds that are left and claiming ownership of all good looking blondes.

Link from Legend of Zelda is a symbol of nordic purity, beauty, vikingness and nationalism.

Muslims AKA terrorists are not welcome. We hate your fucking guts, I am glad you only drive taxis and work at 7-Eleven, you don't deserve to be here even as thralls. Go home to Africa!

The only muslim I've ever met who deserves to be here is my Kosovo friend with blue eyes and blond hair. I helped him convert to Christianity, he got baptized and confirmed in Church with me. He still has his foreskin because it wasn't removed at birth because of the migration situation. I had him change his name and got him a good job. I will steal every blond muslim with blue eyes and turn them into Norwegians. Fuck you! You don't get to have blondes, the blondes are the offspring of viking ancestors who have planted their seed across the globe.

Viking warriors are best warriors, fuck the Samurai, stupidest warriors ever. Don't take a horse to a ship fight. Ship was the contemporary best way of travel, the knights and samurai were to vikings then like muslims in caves are to us now. The ships of the vikings where to them like F-16 is to us now.

I also claim all the Norwegian Americans and Finland. Wisconsin is viking land.

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You want to make another sissy thread, user? I know that's what you're looking for.


>tfw Grandparents on my fathers side came from Norway in way of Denmark
>tfw Grandparents on my mothers side came from Sweden
>tfw I will always be an Amerifat

Muslims do nothing wrong.

Vikings are overhyped.

Wow... I don't even know where to begin.

For a start they look like this.

Literally shitting in our genepool.

If you say the Samurai are hyped, then vikings are very underrated. Vikingswords are much prettier, works in synergy with the viking shield and double edged.

Real Swede reporting in.

I met them and they're alright. The ones that are quiet that is. Most arabs are savage though.

give money for female hormones pls
you nordics are rich

Why would you need that, user?

They're quiet now because they're in a minority, so they have to play nice. Take a look at Malmö where this isn't the case.

Let's hear what Sweeden, thinks. What do you think about muslims?

My opinion. Muslims = Literally Ganondorf

to reduce acne and facial hair

You can do that with laser.

You know what's even more underrated than Vikings?


Gas them all

It's we wuz viKANGZ all over again.

i know but i really need hormones

Every single insecure Scandi and Burger with a little bit of Norwegian or Danish blood goes:
every single time when they try to talk about pride and heritage.
And now, thanks to that HBO TV Show every single nu-male who has watched it can't stop shutting up about it and start growing beards and haircuts like the characters.
Vikings would mostly just pillage, rape and kill people who were unarmed.
I love the look of vikings and their portrayal in fiction, but as historical warriors they're pretty overrated.

Do you have a cute sissy body? Also it would be more effective if you're less than 22 yo if you use them.

we need to rise, brother

>Vikings is an HBO TV show

Fucking Danes.

I love Norway, but this shit seriously needs to stop.
It's fine celebrating your heritage and culture, but doing this:
is pathetic.

''We wuz'' is for history falsifiers, try again band-aid.
Reporting in

>tfw not blonde
My hair keeps getting darker with age too. And since I live in a sunny place I'm pretty tan. And my beard is basically black. I'm worried my 23andme is gonna come back with like 10% nigger.

I'm sure Norway has some cool accomplishments from the last 400 years, so if people are interested in their Norwegian heritage they should read up on that shit.

Not fucking seafaring barbarian tribes from a thousand years ago

>Nordic superiority

Why were you guys always so far behind Anglos, Spaniards, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italians, Slavs, and pretty much the rest of Europe in empire-building?

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Nordic Dutchman reporting.

Who are you fooling norge . Less hate, more love. Everyones an atheist in Sweden too. Times are changing.

They aren't nearly as Jewy as any of those groups so they don't seek to subjugate others

i think i will pass

He is right though. Not all scandis were tough vikings that plundered and raped.
Pretty sure that most people who spouts this "MUH VIKING ANCESTORS!" are more likely to be descendants of farmers.
You aren't doing anything to fight now. What makes you think that you would be badass warrior if you lived in the viking age?

Lewd. You'd make a fine boiwife, user.

I'm half Jewish half Swedish, blonde hair blue eyes 183cm. Can I join the /nordiskrige/ when the DOTR comes?

>every single time when they try to talk about pride and heritage.

You're trying. They're succeeding.

>And now, thanks to that HBO TV Show every single nu-male who has watched it can't stop shutting up about it and start growing beards and haircuts like the characters.

A great development. The show is manly as fuck. Go take your whoremoans cucky-clit.

>Vikings would mostly just pillage, rape and kill people who were unarmed.

Wrong, they did that to the monastaries because they refused to trade with non-christians. Assertive and manly as fuck. Perfectly reasonable retaliation.

>I love the look of vikings and their portrayal in fiction, but as historical warriors they're pretty overrated.

No, they're under rated. There are historical sources saying that they approached castles in tetsude formation, used shield walls. They also go into depth about how pretty they were, both in sources from Europe, but also in the middle east. I think the exact wording was "lush like a palm of dates". They had way more equality than muslims after the great progressive pedophile bloodthirsty warchief muhammad made things so much better in he middle east, according the liberal sources.

Sounds like excuses to me.

Being a conqueror is an inherently white trait

>en massa skrot i ansiktet

please take your "thread" or what ever it is to or whatever, this is not politics and if you don't want this board to end up like Sup Forums don't make these threads


thank you bye

Theres lots of nice Scandinavian people. Theyre just not on 4 chan..

Is this the Sup Forums cringe thread all over again?

How about WE WUZ RUSSIAN DOORMATS FOR MOST OF THE TIME. Oh right, that doesn't sound as cool does it.

>They are underrated because I say so!
Everyone and their mother has heard of vikings. They are used in countless movies, books, video games and so on.
And they are always portrayed as super badass warriors who aren't afraid of anything.

>You're trying. They're succeeding.

So hard and such a great success.

>tycker att pic är pic related

Islam in Norway is very politic. Immigrants in scandinavia is very politic. Nobody wants them here, we have a lying media called VG who labels anyone who protests this a racist.

This is highly politically loaded.

kys band aid, you use that meme wrong.
also 100 years of autonomy in the russian empire is not being a ''door mat''.

I disagree, I think being ambitious and willing to take risks is a white trait, and in the past there was a much larger ratio of land to people than today, so ambition/risk-taking = acquiring land.

That's not necessarily the case anymore.

Fix your image m8

Fuck off with these corny ass threads Muhammad

There are hundreds of thousands of ancestors if we go back 50 generations, someone has to be a viking in there, also vikings WERE farmers so I don't get what you're saying here.

Yeah, you better calm down the opposition Achmed. Because there is a lot of pent up anger in all of scandinavia, when the lid on this blows up you're gonna be dangling from a tree.

Here btw cont'd That's the chance of you having a viking in your bloodline.

Nigga then don't post some shitty videogame fan fiction.

this board is not for your shitty cringe. If you want to debate something against Islam, then post a normal thread like everybody else, and not some shitty historically inaccurate romanticism because your willy gets hard by the thought of it.


he is trying to set the false premise that you can't be both. Like, women and children weren't home looking after the farm when the man was fara i viking.

>not embarrassed enough to not post with that flag

>Link from Legend of Zelda is a symbol of nordic purity, beauty, vikingness and nationalism.
Yeah, he is really a qt.

I'd like to sniff his boipucci.

Do you know where to find template? I want to create one with Rus' warrior and teuton

please show me this shitty videogame fanfiction you're talking about.

Just go, nobody needs you here. We're nationbuilding in here, nothing more political than that. Also, Merkel should pay you less sheckels, your shilling is mediocre at best.

>en jävla orm

what a muslim thing to say

like that sandnigger who raped that boy in austria and called it a "sexual emergency".

You guys will be soon face the white wrath. Nobody does genocide quite like us, believe me.

I'm saying that every insecure Scandi likes to believe that thousands years of ago they would have been a tough warrior guy who could kill muslims.
>also vikings WERE farmers so I don't get what you're saying here.
Nobody on Sup Forums is referring to the farming aspect when they are mentioning Vikings.
Why ride on the supposed accomplishments of a some supposed ancestor thousands of years ago instead of trying to do something now.

I'm not a muslim you idiot. I just sick of seeing everyone jerking themselves over vikings, like they were so fucking great.

>Nobody does genocide quite like us, believe me.

>Norwegian telling Germans about genocide
You're probably related to a German by way of your grandfather. The Norwegians couldn't maintain their own populace so Hitler sent the best of the SS to Norway and Sweden to breed their women for them. Scandinavians are too soft for war and genocide, just stick to looking pretty.

>muh Vikangz
Didn't some 7 Irishmen btfo 300 of the strongest Norwegian VIkings outside Dublin?

>Reporting in

>even able to post with the weight of your fat sausage fingers

also bit hypocritical to post with your flag, when your country is the opposite of "true aryan masterrace"

>Link from Legend of Zelda is a symbol of nordic purity, beauty, vikingness and nationalism.

maybe you should find a wife and get children if "nationbuilding" is so important to you. but instead you jerk off to Japanese videogame characters and a false romanticism of Nordic culture

Look at my flag, I should hate the vikings since they tried to raid us, they actually failed against the ''suomenusko'' pagans here.
Scandinavians should be proud of them because of britain and russia.

i asked al franken to draw me a world map....five minutes later he handed me this

>I just sick of seeing everyone jerking themselves over vikings, like they were so fucking great.
Why don't Scandinavians get behind their culture of altruism? The Nordic peoples are the only peoples on earth to develop a cult of war alongside a cult of virtue, regardless of their effectiveness in war or lack thereof, its still an achievement which I suspect will be studied far far after there are no more Scandinavians left.

If you were a Norwegian you would take pride in your viking acestors, not doing that won't fly with me.

Don't call yourself Norwegian, it is an honorary title, for people who care about Norway and take pride in their cultural heritage.

You shouldn't go around and say that people who like HBO vikings are numales, when you're just a little cuck yourself.

Fuck your attitude, nothing good has ever come of it. I remember when people said this about the church. Now children can't go to church at school when it is christmas. Muslim children should be forced to go to church in Norway. We can't let these savages have anything, they will fall completely out of line.

I'm not saying to be proud of them.
Just like i said in a previous post, I'm completely fine celebrating your viking heritage and culture. But posting about muh heritage and muh warrior ancestors is pretty pathetic.

he is obviously an immigrant or cuckold, not true german

Why do you care about one small part of Norwegian history instead of the history as a whole and the semi-mythical birthplace of the Nordic race?

>The Nordic peoples are the only peoples on earth to develop a cult of war alongside a cult of virtue

People that celebrates our viking and carolean ancestry don't suck Mohammed's dick.

I hope this will break the bot and vikingz

That there is not a fanfiction.

I have allready told you what I have doen allready for the white race. I have rescued a blond blue eyed child from the death cult of Islam. It is right up there in the OP.

He was from Kosovo, he was in a gang of bad Kebabs, I befriended him, took him away from them and made him leave Islam.

It feels fucking great, because I know you muslims take that shit seriously. I have used the Quran for toilet paper, I've burned the Quran. I shit on Islam.

Because it was thousands of years ago.
There are very little of Viking culture and tradition that is left in Scandinavian culture.
Instead of jerking yourself of achievements of the past, try instead to make something for yourself now.

You're pretty fucking dumb.
I'm calling you cringy and pathetic. Not because of your pride in the Vikings, but because of how autistic you how to be to express it.
>Fuck your attitude, nothing good has ever come of it.
Neither does jerking yourself off over past achievements.

And ypu are obviously not a viking.

How about you cucks genocide yourself?
>pic related

there were probably a lot of cowards who said similar things during the union with Sweden. But we true norwegians kept at it and liberated Norway.

Since someone can't disprove it, they can claim that they are descendants of super badass warriors and that everyone else is cucks, because they are not descendants of these supposed super warriors.
It's the WE WUZ effect.
They can't prove it, but no one can disprove it either.

>claim nords to be superior
>believes in a desert people religion


The liberation of Norway had nothing to do with Viking culture. They had their eyes on the future, but people like you seem to be stuck in the past.

cringe thread report this shit


For once I actually agree with Swedistan.

Let's doubleteam him Polandbro.

So what is your goal then? Instead of sperging, why aren't you building a group up to make money and power?

Why am I having to teach you this, you little cuck?

I wish you the best, but you won't be making any decent progress here. Best bet is as I said: share a house with fellow Nords, make money, gain power, learn skills and live your fucking life.

What more needs to be said?

Yes, because religion unites people against other religions, as the believers considers the other one incorrect.

The more division between Norwegian and Muslims, the less "Ouh we must respect their culture and tolerate" shit we get.

Unity in our cultural heritage is our friend, because there are Muslim immigrants who claim to be sweedish, norwegian, finn and danish right now.

Focusing on vikings is their weakness. Because people know when they see their faces that they are dessert savages. Not the decendants of nordic vikings.

Unity against the multiculturalism horde. We are a monoculture.

I hope you learned something now.

>desert people
The middle east is the "cradle of civilization" and for good reasons. Partly because it was simply the geographical center of the ancient world, almost all trade went through there. Ásatrú is closely related to Greek mythology and has the same origins, the new testament was written in Greek by Greeks. Both religions originate from Greeks and both were adopted to our specific needs, the pope or jews have no power here.

du var före mig

kek this is top quality pasta, OP. You sound like a fucking ridiculous lolcow.

spoiler: also you're also 100% right

I am 100% sure you're a nigger.

It was because Norway considered itself Norway alone. This was caused by the nation building period under the national romantic period. Everyone who has gone to elementary in Norway knows this.


"Norsk kultur, hva er da det?" King Harald in interview with Nadia Hasnaoui. Means "Norwegian culture, what the hell is that?". He later went on to say "Norsk kultur, det er vell da multikultur det da?" Meaning "Norwegian culture, you mean multiculture, right?"

If you were a Norwegian you'd hold on for dear life, especially to our warrior culture of the vikings. But I have seen enough, you can deny it all you want, but you're not fooling anyone. You're an immigrant.

fucking midget kid stop being proud over your viking heritage. Literally white nigger rapists that lived in sheds

Oh believe me, I am doing my part.

If you actually read the OP you'd know I allready stole a blonde with blue eyes from Islam. They are really bitter about that. He stopped hanging with his former muslim friends. He changed his Kosovo muslim ugly name to a pretty Norwegian name.

The muslims tried to make him come back, by saying that in his heart he would always be a muslim. While I told him that he was blonde because his ancestors were viking and that this was the truth, and that deep inside he must know, because the muslims he used to hang around all had brown eyes and black hair, while he looked like me.

It was epic.

The punishment for apostasy in the Quran is death. So you know they are bitter about this. I think about this before I fall asleep and smile.

I will marry a blonde woman and have blonde children. When she can't give birth to more I will find blond orphan muslims, convert them to christianity and raise them to be vikings who loathe islam. I will have a football team of white, blond, blue eyed children.

If I ever get a job with immigration I will only accept refugees with blue eyes and blond hair.

I am 100% sure you're baiting now.
I refuse to believe anyone can be this cringy and autistic.

He has dreams, you little prick. It's if he can manage to make these into a reality.

I wouldn't consider Greece and Rome part of the middle east.

Because when I say middle easy I think about dirty sand people with hair on their necks, who rape children and do genital mutilations and such.

I don't exactly think about democracy and reason when people say "The middle east"

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak ex gf
>post results

Please don't respond to the guy. He is obviously either a butthurt muslim or a mutlicultural cuck who is fighting against this, because Breivik killed children, so Norway must end so that Breivik didn't win or some other stupid conviction that sends us right down the drain.

First point is a lot of thing originate in that area because it's a an area suited for such things to arise in, doesn't discount the things.

Second point is Christianity didn't even originate in that area, it comes from the same place as Ásatrú, logic, democracy, empire building through consensus, advanced philosophy and introspection. The ancient Greeks.