Israel is actually ok

Reminder that Israel is actually pretty good.
My reasoning:
>hates Muslims
>kills Muslims
>hates immigration into their country
>loves killing shitskins who dare come up to their borders
>hates Ge*mans
>hates globalist Jews that dont support Israel and its identity

Dont hate the player, hate the game.

Fuck off jew

You just hate Jews because they are better at what you would want to do.

You would want to eternal english merchant your way towards being even more inbred bunch of treacherous cunts.
But Jews outjewed you at the merchant scene so you cant no longer continue doing that.
Thats just jealousy speaking.

Both are a plague on humanity

reminder that it is actually the jews doing everything they can to make you hate islam and muslims and is trying to destroy our reputation on daily basis


איך עושים פרוקסי אחי?

They're aren't just okay, they are based.

I don't care what the beta small dicked subhumans say on Sup Forums, Israel is doing everything I would do if I ruled a nation.

Even Sup Forums is starting to use jew tactics lol, look at that poster thread... i.e you are correct; they are simply better at doing what Sup Forums wants to do, except they are butthurt that someone else is doing it.



Sup Forums is just mad Israelis have a free ride to an ethno state thanks to muh holocaust. All we need to do is set up a fake genocide for whites people and get everyone to buy into, then Kekistan will stand

No one would care if whites are genocide, not even whites would care.

Those are good reasons, but the most important reason is that God instructed us, as Christians, to support them. That's not to mention that they're white too and that all whites must unite against the Islamic forces of the world.

I continue your list you retard :

>Hates christians, accessory all non jews
>As a country, delivered instability and war all around
>give opportunity to their NGO's to send millions of refugees in Europe
>Spread lies everytime about Europeans.
>constantly play the role victims
>Like all immigration if they are jews


I could not say if you are a retard or just a bait.

Bumpity bump.

>God instructed us, as Christians, to support them

protestant spotted.

You're fucking dumb it you think catholics are any different.

Nah kid

They don't feel that way about goys, only a Jew is considered their fellow man. They must be smashed into nothing, only to exist as a religion but never as a people. Otherwise they wll keep plotting against us all and using us against each other only to further their aims. In short


>>hates immigration into their country
are you retarded? Google "right to return". They love to have more people (Jews). They reckon they need more people who can reproduce and make them more soldiers.

I will say this though: they have an awesome military. In all the wars against Arabs they were always outnumbered and managed to BTFO them. Plus they have top qts.

I wish they would just do something about the Palestinians. Either give them sovereignty, citizenship, exile them, exterminate them or something. Fucking pushing them little by little with settlements is the Jewest strategy ever. No half measures.

Pretty much this

JIDF spotted

In my option, Nigers are;t humans: my explanation: 1) short heda; 3. they savages4. culture of kill.
Thats was my explaining as to why nigres aren't human begins, extrapolate your option

They are different in a lot of sense John.

Yeah except when it comes to the Jews and their chosen stats.


Muslims are pretty damn good a destroying their reputation already.

They don't need any help.

>falling for the baegelian dialectic

How about supporting neither. Israel vs arabs is a conflict between middle eastern tribes that has nothing to do with us.

fuck off to reddit kike

>Reminder that Israel is actually pretty good.

How can Israel be great when it doesnt have diversity like the jews all praise around the world in all the media outlets they own.

Why do kikes and kike allies say actually so much?

Why its not ok.
>hates muslim immigration
>but Europe and East-Asia should be more diverse.

Fuck off.

Just because you're projecting as if you're a jew doesn't mean others would want that.


with the help of joos ofcourse

>Hates christians, accessory all non jews

I too do hate everyone who is non Czech. Aint nothing wrong with hating (((whites))) after all I am a shitty Slav.
I have nothing to do with you fucking whitebois.

>constantly play the role victims
cause they know whites are too fucking stupid to realise how they are being played over and over.
its your own fault for not saying "Shut the fuck up you Jewish shit."
They will just abuse you until you are bled dry.

It's not great for them goy, it's great for stupid whites and their shitty beauty. Oy Vey WHY CAN't THE CHOSEN FIT IN. *splat*

fuck off kike

>cause they know whites are too fucking stupid to realise how they are being played over and over.

Ho. So actually, you like their perversity and you admire their tricks and double structure representation.

Good for you, continue, you're a good goy.

Yeah, the only problem for Western Civilisation are the Jewish Liberal elites who want to fuck everything up so Israel can pick up the pieces.

Islamic countries are actually okay.
>Hates Jews.
>Kills Jews.
>Hates Jewish emigration into the surrounding land.
>Keeps Jews in their shithole country.
>Hates globalist Jew for being Jew.




He knows who makes the agenda for the moment.
He's just smart. He's playing politics, not a American football.

I wonder who could be behind this post?

Damn he and his dad have been laying the groundwork for that smart as heck 3D chess for a long, long time then. I wonder how they knew all the way back then that they'd need to please Israel in order to successfully run for president in 2016.

Good post my Czech friend, you have always been a good friend of Israel and one of the most based countries in Europe.

Awesome pic ty finngol

>Falling for IDF Instagram propoganda

Pic related is how Zionist women actually look like.


Keep on sucking your masters dick you massive faggot.