Destiny Appreciation Thread

Say something nice about the greatest debater of the century.

I appreciate that he stays as far away from raw facts and sticks with talking points with that beautiful whiny feminine voice of his. I definitely wouldn't break his rib with a right hook and knock his faulty jaw off with a left uppercut. Good guy.

He has the perfect feminine body for MtF .

Kinda odd considering his beliefs come from facts.

o wait
k y s

just heard of him last night. i don't usually watch youtube but i'm in the mood for some "debates".

where do i start with this fag?

Please start with his little mouth and be gentle, Jamal. :^)

Watch Naked Ape x Destiny. Destiny rage quits.

If he went to jail his shoulders could fit thru the food tray slot.

Still posting shit like this steven? Go neglect your child some more dawg.

There is no way he really has a child. Please tell me this isn't true

Just watch his debate with jontron if you really need to what this shit is about. Other debates were shit because he's bad at debating (not as bad as jontron though) and invited people incapable of debating in good faith.

He has videos on his channel of him playing minecraft with his son.

>to what this shit is about.

to know

Sargon fucked his manlet ass.

Fucking checked.

>greatest debater of the century

He's the biggest cuck in the fucking universe.

It's ok, you can stop shilling for this faggot now since he got BTFO by The Enlightened Centrist from Assyria.

>dude blacked memes lmao!

this is how you know the alt right lost. if they cant win-debate you they will try make fun out of you. because thats the only thing you drumpftards can do since reason and truth is NOT on your side.


Lol butthurt alt-rightist detected.

>something nice
He's a faggot




You need Jesus

>Destiny: any good publicity is good publicity, spam both hate & praise threads

>> any good publicity is good publicity

>any good publicity is good publicity
>american emaciation

lol, I didn't know this variety of cuck could be found in based poland