Immigration causes crime

>Immigration causes crime

Umm, no sweetie. Immigration saw a slight increase in the 70-90s and is now leveling out to pre Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 levels. Only rural and suburban retards think our cities are unsafe.

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Argument dropped

Fun fact: violent crime is drastically skewed downward because the most violent cities have populations that never come to the police with any information, leading many crimes to go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.

Because your a delusional manchild who watches Fox News and thinks the world is falling apart.

The crime rate in general is going down but the crime rate in large cities which means the rural and suburban retards are behaving and the "smart" city people aren't

Yeah because crimes in rural areas are all perfectly well reported and documented.

I don't watch the news anymore, and you're denying the reality that crime isn't going up. Guess what? In swedistan it's gone up high.

Then why aren't the rural areas nightmarish shitholes? Are you implying race is the primary factor here?

Sweden is the only country in the west whose seen an increase and it has been slight at best. The rape statistics are inflated because they changed the definition in Sweden, broadening the scope of what is considered rape.

Did you read my post? America's cities have more crime than before.

>cities are safe

The only place I have seen someone shot is when I went into the city.

0.3 increase in CERTAIN cities, and the national average is still lower than 47 years ago

Yes, thousands of single men from countries where sexual assault is a pastime with nothing to do cannot possibly have any effect on crime or sexual assaults. It's just common sense. There's no precedent of governments turning a blind eye to this or anything.

Remember, kids, if no arrests are made after nightly riots then no crimes must have taken place!

Yes and there is fluoride in the water that is turning the frogs gay. Stop feeding into the ridicules conspiracy theories

Nothing I said hasn't already been proven. Nice deflection attempt.

It's actually the atrapine

>slight at best
>Grenade attack capital of the world.
>Rape capital of the world.

>Pic related.

>Rape capital of the world.

You have to be a literal retard to actually believe that "Rape capital of the world" BULLSHIT. More than South America? Africa? THEY TAKE IN MORE REPORTS AND THEIR DEFINITION IS WIDER.

Holy shit

>haha crime hasn't increased sweetie
>but yeah, crime has increased
Is this just lefty doublethink or are you genuinely retarded?

Kek, you think nigger crime in shitholes like Detroid and Chicago gets reported while the police doesn't even go into the ghettos? Don't forget to sage lads.

>Cherry picks certain cities
>Ignores national average

The increase in these cities have been slight at best and are not indicative of any trend.

Gee, I wonder if those specific cities have had an influx of a certain race of people over the last few decades.

What race would that be?

You base your argument on crime statistics? You know that is just a small portion of the actual crime comitted and that there are numerous factors that influence the distribution between those numbers? Like it can also mean the police has less people on the streets, doesn't go to hotspots anymore, isn't allowed to arrest a nigger because muh racism etc.

Unfounded conspiracy theories. This picture you like to paint of a desolate and crime ridden american city atmosphere is just some fantasy. We have lower crime rates than that of the 70-90s and numbers have been leveling off.

>obvious fact is conspiracy theory
As long as the majority of crime is not documented (which will never happen) those numbers are pretty meaningless because crime can fluctuate between 'seen' and 'unseen' because of several reasons.

What city do you live in?

>muh fox news

Nobody on /pol watches fucking fox news, you shariablue retards need to update your playbook from 2007

city dweller here, the city is definitely unsafe at night, even in the nice areas where yuppies live people get mugged and robbed. 2 miles of the southside is a no-go zone unless you're mexican or a black guy who is probably about to get stabbed by a bunch of mexicans. north side is all niggers or a stray mexican who is about to get shot by a bunch of niggers.

THIS! Sup Forums keeps using the 81% increase in murder misleadingly. In fact, the murder rate has actually dropped in the last 10 years.
And they deliberately cherry pick 2 dates to get to that number, completely ignoring that the very recent spike in violence has to do with accessibility to arms and organized crime groups, not immigrants or refugees?

Or how about the official OSAC government group finding that the reported murder rate in spite of the amount of immigration has remained "relatively unchanged".

The 2016 final numbers will be out at the end of March. Might want to hold off on making such loaded and misleading statements until then, Sup Forums.

It would be nice to see an argument made without aspersions on Sup Forums... it detracts from what they're saying.

You realize there are more crimes than just murder, right?