How were we able to get away with this act of colonialism?

It's 2017, not the 19th century. We have to give it back.

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UK would if they asked



But it's not yours, Ahmed

>It's not the 19th century
Citation heavily needed.


The Falkland Islands had a democratic vote and 90% of voters wanted to remain a British colony.
>The European colonial period was the era from the 16th century to the mid-20th century when several European powers established colonies in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

>The Falkland Islands had a democratic vote and 90% of voters wanted to remain a British colony.
>genocide the natives and replace with our own people
>muh democracy
kek, same shit just like the Crimea "referendum"

give BACK? they never had it

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Here's a greentext version of what happened

>The Falkland islands were discovered by France.
>They traded hands between France, Spain, and the UK and various abortive attempts were made to colonize the islands
>There were no Americans there when Europeans showed up. Not one. So it's no man's land. Literally.
>The UK made yet another attempt and then left, leaving a plaque to establish that they weren't giving up sovereignty
>Argentina sent a military garrison in 1832
>The UK ejected the garrison but invited the settlers to stay. All but four did.
>Argentina made various attempts to get the islands or to get something for them, but nothing happened
>The claim was largely dropped in 1850 with a treaty with the British.
>It was occasionally brought up but nothing concrete was done.
>1945. At the newly minted UN, Argentina renews its claim.
>The British Empire was in the process of dismantling, and various talks were held about some way to hand the islands over to Argentina. These proved abortive as islanders protested.
>Argentina 1982: The military Junta was facing an angry public due to their handling of economics

Way to avoid the topic, prove that it isn't the 19th Century.

>Decide to unite the nation by invading the islands which have only about 100 royal marines
>The Arg. forces swiftly take the islands and take the soldiers prisoners
>The UK is furious and takes this to the United Nations.
>The UN passes a security council resolution demanding Argentina leave, with the strong subtext being "or else"
>Argentina refuses
>The UK launches a war and eventually forces Argentina to capitulate
>Argentina surrenders and a year later, democratic elections are held and the Junta falls.
>The UK and Arg broke off diplomatic relations and did not re-establish them until 1989
>Argentina continues to claim the islands, especially when its economy is shit (like when they default on their loans)
>There was a hydrocarbon treaty that Argentina unilaterally withdrew from in 2007, which sucks because oil deposits were discovered afterwards.
>Islanders decide to put the matter to the vote in 2013
>1513 vote to remain a British territory
>3 vote for independence.
>International observers say it was conducted fairly, although Argentina's president throws a temper tantrum over Twitter.
>The UK has said it will not conduct any negotiations over the islands without the Islanders permission.
>@falklands_utd, a twitter account, continues to make snarky tweets at angry Argies.

That's about it.

There is no native population to the islands prior to Europeans.
The only people forced to leave were a Argentina military garrison. Island settlers were invited to stay. All but four did.

>There were no Americans there when Europeans showed up. Not one. So it's no man's land. Literally.
Clarity: When I say this, I mean no natives. There has not ever been a non-european population on the Islands.

You're 20 miles away from France. Does that make your country their territory or their country your territory?

Don't answer that. I've a feeling you're a trolling retard.

Falklands has determined itself to be British territory and nothing will change that. The distance between it and Argentina and Britain is irrelevant.

No we don't, it doesn't belong to them, saying someone has stolen something that was never yours isn't theft, we don't have to return it to them

UK is a part of the Axis of Evil and refuses to unoccupy their colonial countries

its not colonialism when we do it

the islands are ours and the people want to stay with us

why do you not respect their vote user? :^)

OP is a feggit

99.8% actually

44,8 American voted for Hillary while Drumpf just have 42,7%.
Invalid argument


learn english feggit

the litteral majority of the islands chose to stay part of the empire

stay cucked pierre the sun still aint set on britain

Yeah no shit they wanted to stay British. Look at Jamaica when it wanted independence. Or South Africa.

Argentina wants to then Falk islands into SA 2.0. Murder & evict all whites, replace them with brown people.

I fully support the Falklands decision to remain part of the UK protectorates but that sign is fairly pathetic in fairness.

>Stop colonialism
>Stop Argentina

Coming from arguably the biggest colonial nation in history that owes practically everything about its current day success to that colonial tradition.

Colonialism is good. Occupation (what the Argies want) is bad.

Stupid French stink monkey nigger. The electoral systems in the UK and USA are different.

Australia & SA should've never been allowed independence. Why didn't you fight for them like you did for the States?

Nah, we kind of don't

403.5km? Ha! That's nothing. Watch this.

check the smug faces

thats the point lol you know you fucked up when even britain is calling you a colonizer lol

to be fair though....didnt we not lift savages up and show them a better path?

You don't want to give the Malvinas

Fuck off Carlos Santiago.

We gave back HK to China, which was something we stole from them. It will be your turn soon.

Delet it

colonization isnt about permenant ownership like other empires did

we civilized savages and showed them the path of civilization and also spread the seeds of it in distant lands

we let them go when they got to a certain stage of development,it costs too much otherwise

we take gold and minerals for the task also while we modernize them.

we are happy with our islands all over the world giving us oil and navy platforms and force projection now.

but Crimea is acutally Russian clay and next door to Russia.

Hong Kong was a 99 year lease.
Also Argentina doesn't have anywhere near the power China does.

Well thats the fucked up thing about it all. Think of all the effort, bloodshed and investment that was made teaching people to read, write , behave in a civilised manner. All the money spent on schools, health care, irrigation, water systems and roads.

All of that has been utterly destroyed in a mere 4 or 5 decades.

hong kong want us back..imagine that,lol

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Tell me, what can Argentina possibly offer the Islanders to entice them to join Argentina?

>>genocide the natives and replace with our own people

There are no "native" Falkland Islanders.

Who is a native anyway? If Out of Africa theory is correct, there is no such thing as natives.

in some places yes but it took root in other places

south africa as bad as it is..still has a british court system where as before they was cannibals and tribes

there is islands in the pacific also that are much better,maylasia and many other places.

the empire did some evil shit im aware,treated you guys like shit also which i do feel shame for

but all in all it was a net benefit for the world.

industrial revelution global trade routes tech and the sciences and so much more.,_2013

The people that actually live there spoke on what they wanted. It is the will of the inhabitants, and their will alone which should be the deciding factor.

Don't they have oil? Why "give it back" when it was never Argentinean in other than claim to begin with?

If you really want to leave colonies (Gibraltar included), don't "give them back", grant them independence and let them decide to do whatever the hell they want.

>There are no "native" Falkland Islanders.
Well, it *may* have been visited by native Patagonians back in pre-historic times. But when Europeans showed up it was uninhabited for thousands of years.
The malvinas belong to argentina, anglos wankers

the rock gives us control over the mouth of the med sea lad

we cant afford to lose that its also one of our nuclear sub bases

Lovely gurl.

wanna go another round for em?

>Daily reminder the sun still hasn't set on the British Empire.

I'll ask you this question directly: What can you possibly bring to the table to convince the Islanders? Your politicians have already talked about free college, free healthcare, ect, but they still refuse because they know that if you have dominion, you'll flood the island with argies and then run roughshod over their rights.

>the empire did some evil shit im aware,treated you guys like shit also which i do feel shame for
Sounds like something a fucking mainlander would say. Back you go, savage. No need to masquerade as a citizen of the superior country.

this exact same thread went up like 3 days ago.

They haven't ever been in the hands of your countrymen, when you invaded you were beaten back, they voted to stay part of the UK, yet you obsess over them like a stalker boyfriend, yet you keep on wanting them, let her go user, let her go


this literal britfag is probably second generation Pakistani and just hates the fact that there's a fledging community of actual Britons in some sheep breeding islands near Antarctica

oh cmon man,the irish was never niggers

we could of treated them better

i dream of the day ireland is united under the jack


>We have to give it back.

No, No, No

desu i wish we could move on from the war,you are one of the few decent south american countries and during ww2 we was pretty close

i hope we can get back to those days

How does an Argentinean get a VPN?

Remember the sticky lads.

its a falklands post mate

we know its bait but we got a duty to constantly remind them lol

Fair enough, all I am saying is don't do a Rhodesia on your current colonies and simply attach them to the closest country if you want to get rid of them.

99.93% FYI,_2013

No, I'm talking about the sticky that got deleted a couple of days ago, about replying to the bots

>the current year
Troll detected. No one uses this meme anymore.

Haven't seen this one in a while. I actually have it saved somewhere.

Waiting for Theresa May to grow some bollocks (not too likely) and finally demand Hong Kong back from the chinks.

Failing that, I think it's time we got Nigel Farage into 10 Downing Street.

So if natives are genocided, who do we to give the land back now?

Like explain it to me seriously? That's the whole point of genociding stuff, to make more living space. And just because we don't unfortunately do it anymore in the civilized west, doesn't mean we could somehow magically ungenocide the natives.

pipe down argie before you
get yet another well earned slap

Because we had boats, and black people can't swim.


You don't give land back. If you want a piece of territory you conquer it. Argies tried to do so during a military dictatorship to raise their patriotic feeling, and they failed. Those islands are British until they get taken by some other country

Ikr alaska is rightful Ruaaian clay since it is only 85 km away. ;)

They all come back, eventually.

give it back to who you giant cuck? It never belonged to anyone.

There is no direct flight between London and Bueno Aires.
All flight have to make at least one stop to refuel, most often they do it in Spain because in the real world, the distance between London and Bueno Aires is too great for most commercial jets if not all.
The Earth is flat, research it.

>,treated you guys like shit

Not really. Poor people in general were just treated like shit. Just like they are today. Its a fact of life being poor.

The only thing the British did to me that was wrong was not fighting with more resolve to retain this as their territory. We were abandoned to savage marxist rebels. Now that is something to feel shame for.

they was attacking peoples funerals and lobbing grenades and opening fire on kids

was some scary shit

maybe one day we can re unify

Makes me wonder what would be in the arctic. If the sun is at the center of the earth, it would mean ou could walk and walk in the endless ice desert untill eventually the sunlight doesn't reach you anymore. Spooky.
Or maybe you come back at the other side.

There is another way

put all the jews on it and call it new israel

they can pay us 1% in shekels a year for it and we get the oil rights

if you complain you are a nazi lol and it will piss the catholic argies off

>they was attacking peoples funerals and lobbing grenades and opening fire on kids

Who did that?

They only thing that I really recall as being verified that the British did that was out of order was massacring a dozens of people in Croke Park at a GAA match.

Like all other things attacking funerals, murdering kids, the elderly etc are all said to make your blood boil and get angry. In reality its unlikely it happened. The British were incredibly restrained.

Even in the Trouble up North the IRA were rolling around with SAMs, RPGs, Heavy machine guns and even fucking flamethrowers but the British troops were only allowed carry their assault rifles and pistols.

I'd like to reunite someday too. Believe it or not your Westminster politicians are fantastically profession, honest and not corrupt at all compared to ours.

im sure we did shit also

i just recall a video of some irish guy lobbing grenades at someones funeral the ira killed and people taking cover behind tombstones etc

we should start a general thread on ireland joining the uk and trying to make it gain ground

nothing is beyond our reach

Oh yeah, the IRA did do horrible shit. So did the UVF and RUC.

Its all fucked up. All the bloodshed, misery and hatred for nothing. I wouldn't mind so much if Ireland was a successful and prosperous country but its not. Most are just too stubborn to admit that we were better off as part of the UK instead of the European Union cesspit we're being dominated by now.

>we should start a general thread on ireland joining the uk and trying to make it gain ground

Could be a good idea but initially the response would shit. Especially from all the plastic paddy burgers.I guarantee you once the UK starts making a success of Brexit the Irish will get jealous and want a bit of the action too. Just concentrate on keeping the Scottish on board for now, they'll be even more fucked up that we are if they get "independence".

>People don't realize the reason brits want the island is because in the future (((they))) can build a base there, close to Antarctica.

ah yes and Texas belongs to Mexico

Who do you think has claimed the "unclaimed" territory? Kinda weird that no one seems to want to take it.


I realize that you are joking, but do not ask this question again. Failure to comply will result in a phone call you do not want.

Military reasons

It's the terrioty where the aryan giants live, you don't want upset these guys.

Well, usually we sail out ships AROUND the huge land mass. Then again, Britain used to be white, and not full of mudshit mongrels.

i am sure that if they give it back the government will kick out everyone there and let the it root, because our government is that stupid

The eternal anglo at it again. Bitch ass pussy ass sucka ass crackkkers stealing other people's land and history.