Went to Africa for work building dams so their farmlands won't get fucked

>went to Africa for work building dams so their farmlands won't get fucked
>meet African nubian qt3.14
>daughter of one of my managers
>no a whore
>don't talk back
>brings me and her dad lunch everyday
I... race mixed Sup Forums, I don't know what to do. She's here now and nothing has changed, but I am afraid if she becomes Americanized what might happen to me. What if our kid becomes Americanized...

What country?

Your entire bloodline and progeny will be niggers. You failed your ancestors worse than if you had simply died without children. Miscegenation is always a mistake.

It's the truest form of colonisation. Breed the fuck out of her, raise your kids and have them breed with other whites, bam you just converted an entire lineage to the superior race.

Nothing to stop you knocking up a couple white girls in the side.

t. Coal burner
Your sons will be niggers. Good job.


She is a buntu kang then. Nubians are Sudanese.

don't allow her to be americanized, it's the worst thing you can do to her.

I dated a yoruba girl from Ibadan

I regret nothing

>What if our kid becomes Americanized
One of the biggest problems is fatherlessness. Don't be a nig and it will be fine.

Stop stealing our property nigger reeeee

You're pretty pathetic for even bringing this up with some white supremacist on the internet

>not a whore
>fucked one of her dads employees out of wedlock after just meeting him

what did he mean by this?

Good job user! Soon the white race will be annihilated or forced into small irrelevant pockets of the earth

My girlfriend is from Angola. You made the right move OP. Enjoy your new life. African women are the best. Traditional values and all that. They love being the wife.

>irrelevant pockets

try "only livable pockets"

1. Make a tribe as many as she can pop out.
2. Forge those fuckers like a blacksmith.
3. Fucking move to China for education then come back as adults.

Should be ok if you can avoid Chinese poisonous food and shit buildings made from trash.

Should've knocked her up and left

She'll be revered for spawning a white man's child

I haven't been to Sup Forums since I came back to the US, when has this place became an unironic white supremacist board?

It's always been that you're just blind.

I do have an upcoming gig in Peking, but I don't want to have them assimilate when we're only staying for 5 years. I figured I'd go back n forth. Also I want to sample some of the asian pussy there.

W...will they call my son a... an n-word?

Either way, have a fuck ton of kids. If she is all that then DO IT FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY!
Make them into the Mulato Rothchilds :D

You have a kid that is nonwhite? Why would you being more subhuman DNA into the country? You're doing the Jews hop for them. Thanks to you, they don't even have to bring in immigrants; you'll just create some. Free of charge. Good job. You should kill your family and then kys. Write a not that you did it because Sup Forums told you to it will be funny

*blocks your path*
Nothing personnel kid

I can larp too, let's have fun

>form a tribe of as many as she can pop out
Of course the race mixing advocate would be an r-selection advocate as well
>forge them
this is like spending a thousand hours training a cat when you could just get a dog and accomplish the same in just a few hours. If you want to have good children, they need to be white, otherwise they will be inherently hindered for their entire life

As if she wouldn't have had a black child instead.

All white women should have white children, all non-white women should have as white children as possible. It's pretty obvious if you just think for a short moment about maximizing whiteness without unreasonable genocide in the mix.

just raise your kid and be happy OP
posters like this:
will never get pussy let alone have kids. the average age on Sup Forums is 16. don't let some basement dwelling trolls tell you what you can and can't do for "muh white race"

your kids will grow up to be niggers

Dude Angola is ours dont u play with our formar slaves

Dicks gotta do what a dicks gotta do. If you're gonna do it, do it right. Remember it's the man's genes that are more dominant. Haven't you seen enough Iman's telling their mudshits to breed out Europe?

Fucking fight fire with fire.

It's not "colonization" if you marry them and become a monogamous meal ticket for a sheboon and mongrel kids,retard. Heritage and resources that could have gone to white kids now go to nigger spawn.

The elite in angola is rich af

truth to this
Angola is expensive

This post deserves a well earned (you).

Resources aren't just money.time,upbringing,commitment all wasted on niggers.

>not liking niggers is now white supremacy

>Thinks not nigger