"Punch a Nazi" (ft. Rucka Rucka Ali) - Social Justice: The Musical


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Can't watch it right now. Is it a parody of sjw's or is it serious?


Pretty good.


fuckin' epic.

Rucka runs exclusively on racism, so take a guess

8/8 gr8

10/10 i approve

That's actually pretty fucking neato.

really good. Wouldn't have watched if it wasn't parody.

What does the black say is great social commentary.

This was really epic, I've watched it like 4 times already

If anyone's interested there are 4 more songs in the series.

loving that artwork

here is a reference

hail hortler!

Is he /ourguy/?

Well rucka is based and red pilled I guess. can we get a Jew check on him? he is a music producer.

Cringiest thing I've seen in a while.

Pretty good lyrics, I'm impressed

This is.... GOLD. seriously guys, do check.

Is this Sam Hyde?

come and try it

>cum graffiti
yeah must be sam

Those are stick men doing interpretive dance though.

Jews can't into swastika


>rucka cucka ali

not even once

Are you 12 or just retarded? Who else looks identical to that, is involved with every mass-shooting on American soil and was accused of hiding swastikas around?

>poo on walls
>weird glasses
>sam hyde
Where are the 5 liter drinking containers?
And what did they mean by this?

That isn't correct. He is still a happy dude. If anything I think he is more happy.

Being honest will make you happier, trust me.

odjebi srb

otjebis serb))))

>it's another "we're going after the lowest hanging fruit in retarded SJWs and thinking we're edgy free thinking contrarians" episode.


breddy enjoyable desu.

Hopefully it would serve it's function as a baby-redpill

pretty good

implying that calling sjw on their bullshit is bad

Yeah I just checked out his social justice musical playlist... Just awesome!!!



So ya he is a Jew.

>last 15 minutes dedicated to everything that is not the subject

why does every youtube cuntelebrity do this


Pretty good. I loved the part with the real footage of people being beaten and maced.

because they have some kind of ideology related ADD from trying to cater to the ideals of ALL their viewers

Ain't no rest for the triggered was better.


pseudo intellectual degenerate

I sent this to PJW and he just tweeted it out.


>Sad Shia shows up with booze bottle in pocket attacks happy guy with sign
>Fucking Shia arrested for Dividing
My sides hurt. This was well done.

Sure thing commie



"Russia is gay" is still his best song

Will he ever be stopped?

nah, he just hates bullshit sjw nonsense

You need to learn how to be pragmatic and patient. People don't go from normie to Nazi larper overnight.

this fag associates with George. fucking dropped

not a fan of him but this is pretty good tbqh

Actually no, it goes beyond that.

Parody is the best attack and he eviscerates them in the video, the song is quite catchy too.

It's ruka ruka ali. He's done videos about how great it is to be white.

why does the sjw drink pepto at 2:54?

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

That's the best produced video I've seen yet from Rucka. He's stepping up his game, not as funny as some of his others but more truthy.

The fucked up swastikas hate crime hoax gag is a/pol/ give away

fucking great

quit posting this shit

am I the only one who found the liberal nazi extremly hot?

d-does a nazi uniform make you that hot?

It's a bot, just report it when it shows up

nazi uniforms make everyone hot, you baka.

>The cuckboi drinks whey protein because he wants to be swole enough to beat up Nazis—not because he wants to look good.

Even leftist women call their "allies" cucks now.

Not even kidding:



Hugo Boss designed them my dude, nazi uniforms were built to look intimidating and attractive

>angry in the after part


it's not homo to go gay for someone in a nazi uniform right?

Oh wait, this was a collab, not just Ruka. Yall work well together. Outdone yourselves.

nah, of course not, especially if their hair goes with it really well


>nu-Sup Forums: the video
>the left are the real nazis guiz!! xD

>especially if their hair goes with it really well
then this should be a perfect example because damn

>being this much a buzzkill
you must be fun at parties user, hating on everything

In b4 Maddox kicks him off the show.

is that supposed to be that other jewtuber jontron or some shit?

what's the original song this is parodying??

p. good

Liberals would die shitting themselves if someone suggest "Punch a Tranny" day.

papanazi by lady gaga

some old Lady Gaga shit, don't remeber the title.

Fuck off Stormcuck

paparazzi by lady gaga

I dig it. There really are people who see nazis jumping everywhere and sincerely think some cartoon frogs are serious threat.

Thanks senpai
This Chris guy never say what his musicals are parodying and it gets annoying

This cake is probably made of mayo.


it's Jon "If they're black, send em back" Jafari

fucking HOT

Posting to my normiebook this isn't too autistic is it? I'm also bored and want to russle some jimmies