I'm starting to be scared

I'm starting to be scared

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anne frank is a meme, user.

"Anne Frank's Grandfather's Third Cousin Twice
Removed: Drumpf is Literally Hitler and Evil' - New York Times
By Arnie Goldstein

Thanks for the heads up.

You shouldn't take it so lightly. If Trump reveals himself to be even worse than hitler you'll regret having voted for him.

>trivializing the holocaust for political points
What a terrible antisemite, she should be ashamed


>mfw every german word is now a jewish name these days


Literally nobody.

what does that even mean?
I want Trump to go full Hitler .

your thread is about as much use as Anne Franks drum kit

Anne Frank's uncle says he wrote her diary with a ballpoint bic when ballpoint bics weren't available until 1955.

Regret is for leftists and cowards. Oh sorry, I repeated myself.

what does ((schloss)) mean/used to mean?

this is payback for the holocaust goy

Hitler was a crazy sociopath who wanted to kill everyone who wasn't blonde. Do you really want another one of him in power of anything?

Castle / Lock

Rly makes the ol noggin start a joggin

If she cared about her sister so much then why didn't she save her from the nazis?

Maybe he will make germany great again then.

So i would like it desu senpai.

People who compare Trump to Hitler piss me off because Trump isn't anywhere near as good as Hitler.

A castle

>Eva Schloss

I know you're just memeing here Risetti but that honestly brings my piss to a boil that people think that's true

with all my heart


Comments like this lower the level of political discourse, arguing based on failed perceptions controlled by feelings rather than taking a step back and logically analyzing the situation.

Comments like these are not meant to free your mind but instead lock it into a programmed way of thinking. We ourselves are guilty of such rhetoric when we discuss certain leftist groups.

That said, I think we should all think critically about how and why the media uses certain language e.g. Putin is a Tranatula in his web.

Anne Frank would be alive today if she didn't like potato chips so much

then u learn the diary is a fraud

Yeah, let's trust the Jews. Why don't we start trusting gypsies too. They are about as hated historically, I'm guessing for no reason what so ever

Thanks for outting yourself as a troll

Damn this shit hilariously dumb.

At the same time that we have shills here spamming posts about Trump being a Jew-loving sellout we get articles from the leftist media crying about how they fear that Trump is Hitler.


please enlighten us, what has he done so far to be like Hitler?

There are no similarities between Trump and Hitler. All it amounts to is "hurr Trump said he wants to put the country first and enforce immigration laws". So have many other politicians, and it was the norm until recently. You can find clips of Bill Clinton and Obama talking about deporting immigrants and enforcing border control. Every politician talks about putting the country first at least vaguely.

Yeah, whatever, meatball.

>who wanted to kill everyone who wasn't blonde
Oh, now i know why Hitler committed suicide.

and he wasn't blond! i get it now.

When in doubt, remember this image. People start comparing everything to nazis whenever they're scared of change. Considering that the MSM aren't exactly reporting the news in the most truthful form, this kind of shit happens often.

I'm literally shaking right now.


Need examples of how Trump is like Hitler please.

literally Hitler

Anne Frank's diary is just a perverted fiction made up by her pedophile uncle.

I want trump to be like a mix of hitler and Andrew Jackson


>Stepsister is a famous Jew
>Use her fame to grow my influence
>One of the few Holocaust survivors left, time to literally take advantage of the mass killing of innocents to further myself before I go to the great dollar store in the sky

So do all the honest and hardworking die during war and leave the rotten ones to tell the truth?

That is the Jew speaking.
Everyone in the regime was brown haired.

i'm starting to figure out all this media panic

is not politics, is just clickbait, it was unpolitical clicbait all along

They're still losing money so they're going full clickbait. It doesn't even matter what they say anymore

What the fuck? Mussolini you have gone off your rocker. The brain cancer has finally won.



They are so at loss how to call Trump they cannot find anything.
Trump isn't Hitler, he cannot be.
He is something radically new, something to be reckoned with and honestly, he has no likeness

I wish Trump would start the cholocaust already

Not a fucking chance, I'll regret voting for him if he submits to leftist causes to try and gain some love from them that he will never get.


I bet she doesn't even know what the Hollandsche Schouwburg is.

castle / lock / "he/she/I have closed/lcoked"

There are many professors and experts who have already done the work to show how Hitler and Trump are actually very similar

>What makes the comparison between Hitler and Trump so poignant is not just the rhetorical marginalization of groups, lifestyles or beliefs, but the fact that both men represent their personal character as the antidote to all social and political problems.
>Neither Hitler nor Trump campaign on specific policies, beyond a few slogans. Instead, both promise a new vision of leadership. They portray the existing political systems as fundamentally corrupt, incompetent, and, most importantly, unable to generate decisive action in the face of pressing problems.
>Hitler's famous autobiography was called My Struggle (Mein Kampf) for a reason. (...) This should give us pause for thought. Like Hitler, Trump is capitalizing on a longing for charismatic leadership, to which even highly developed Western democracies seem very susceptible when democratic structures fail to deliver all the desired outcomes. No Western democracy currently faces problems on the scale of those Germany grappled with before 1933. And yet, there is a very real sense amongst a large part of the population that they have not been on the "winning side" for a long time.

For fuck's sake just when will the those dirty fucking kikes stop milking the Hitler/Holocaust meme?

It's been 70 years since the war fucking ended, I have no doubts a full fucking century after you're still gonna see shit like "THE IMPERIAL TRUMP DYNASTY IS JUST LIKE NAZI GERMANY! OY VEY!" from some fucking holocaust survivor's grandson's grandson and EVERY FUCKING YEAR we'll still have those fucking "NEVER FORGET THE HOLOCAUST OF 170+ YEARS AGO! NEVER FORGET THE EVILS OF NATIONALISM!"

For fuck's sake you don't hear russkies and the middle east crying about how they were KHAN'D by the Golden Horde during the middle ages, but this shit is gonna continue for decades to come

>he's LITERALLY hitler!

It hasn't worked in two years, surely it'll work this week!

>mfw panicked leftists

Any comparison between Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, and the German Nazis is legitimate and there is growing evidence that Trump supporters are actively taking the right steps to repeat Nazi-type atrocities on American citizens who are not white Christian males.

Of course like Hitler’s regime, the only segment of the population that is not being targeted for what is becoming extreme hate is white Christians. There is a lot of attention focused right now on the fear and anxiety among Muslims, journalists, Hispanics, and some of the female segment of society, but as many news outlets reported leading up to the election; Trump’s campaign became dangerously anti-Semitic. Now that the racist is looking at an extreme sense of power to back up his authoritarianism, his acolytes are emboldened to openly target Jews; they obviously know that much about Hitler’s approaches.

It is also noteworthy that like Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump has a most senior adviser, and “alt-right” Nazi Stephen Bannon that terrified Europeans compare to one of Adolf Hitler’s most senior advisors and propaganda chief Josef Goebbels. The comparison is valid and will be covered in another column devoted to the unprecedented installation of an avowed white supremacist in the White House as a trusted senior adviser to an avowed racist recently elected president.


>make bumper sticker
>place on car


Im good with this.


It's funny because they actually teach kids that here. I was in a 5th grade class recently and the teacher was telling kids that if you didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair you would be killed.
I don't know how these libcucks look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night when they're telling such fabricated bullshit to children

>the only segment of the population that is not being targeted for what is becoming extreme hate is white Christians.

uhh maybe because recently white Christians. have been the target?
all this is is a retaliation to balance the books.
minorities got to big for their boots? enter Trump, Enter Brexit, Enter Le Pen.

everything will be fine if people shut the fuck up and quietly go back to their respective shit holes

Thanks user. Wanted this pic for the "spic cop beats nigger" thread earlier. Somebody was calling for firebombing the house just like #5 says. Love calling out these shills and cointelpro agitators. Suck it faggots, we see you.

Evidently being a professor or expert doesn't mean you aren't vague to the point of uselessness. Shit, most of that applies to Obama's campaign better than Trump's.

>and there is growing evidence that Trump supporters are actively taking the right steps to repeat Nazi-type atrocities on American citizens who are not white Christian males.
Nice proof, faggot.

Daily reminder to report and sage spam threads

Yes, goy, Anne Frank's Diary was a truthfull depiction of the facts. Remember the Shoah and how your people murdered 6 gorillion Jews.

>there is growing evidence that Trump supporters are actively taking the right steps to repeat Nazi-type atrocities on American citizens who are not white Christian males.

Is there now

>anne frank's stepsister
We're going be 2300 and they'll still be milking this shit.


Trump was always worse than Hitler:
1) Hitler cared about women
2) Hitler cared about a sense of community
3) Hitler cared about women
4) Hitler cared about animals

Trump doesn't care about any of the above.


((Shlossss)), ((Anne Frank))

You can't make this shit up

i know right. imaginary people in real life. anne frank was never a real person so she cant have a step sister. the father had pictures of his boy who liked to cross dress and wrote a book involving fake shit that didnt happen after his SON's death

Get your hand out of the sand, idiot.


Hitler was the good guy though.

Daily reminder that Mussolini was a fucking egomaniac faggot, and did everything wrong. But Hitler, instead, did absolutely nothing wrong.

Anne Frank's diary was a hoax

Wanna hear a joke?
Italy in ww2

its getting pretty old desu

Anne franks diary was written by a ghost writer and marketed by her father. There were no Death camps in Germany, or anywhere in the Nazi reich, fuck off.

I'm related to George Washington's sister and I say "liberalism is a money and voter laundering scheme."

>saving that image

This. They are known as the Synagogue of Satan for a reason.

Next thing you know, fucking dogs are holocaust survivors

I'm Anne Frank's ghost and I say he is not like Hitler, checkmate kiddo

Holy fuck that's brutal

Can confirm, I was told this in a Grade 11 history class a few years ago. So much bullshit when you look back at what they taught you when it comes to history/politics

>TFW I was actually taught this in 4th grade

I was redpilled from birth or something. I told her she's wrong because "Germany" was a new concept at the time. She kept getting pregnant and taking these long ass leaves after half-assing the lesson plans.

P sure she knew I hated her for being a waste of a human.