White women are not degenerate or self-hating...

White women are not degenerate or self-hating, they just want to be with a man who can take responsibility for himself and his family. And if white men can't pull that of, they will take the non-white dick. White women are the best and they take the best.

So sort yourself out!
Slay the dragon and get the girl.

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okay but who is that



Some BLACKED actress.

>implying black men look after their families.

Who is this demon of the se?


So what about those women who fuck niggers and when they get preggo niggers leaves?

>they just want to be with a man who can take responsibility for himself and his family

I don't want THE girl, I just want to FUCK the girl

Fucktoys are for fucking, but don't make that a social norm or a guidestone for others

It's relality for me tho, and I don't want any other way

Fucktoys are for fucking only, not loving, and even they know it

>Niggers the best at anything other then sports-ball

looks at flag

How big do I have to be to hit that

>White women are not degenerate

That girl is fucking perfection... well she would be if she wasn't tainted goods.



Around 22cm. Lower than that and you can only watch.

When there are no responsible men around, women get nihilistic and make self destructive decisions.

What do you expect from white women? That they marry the white looser and take care of him and his children?
Sort yourself out!

she's a whore

Where's Table 2?

whenever i see interracial couples i just think of all the genes that got flushed down the toilet.

That why i said if she wasn't tainted goods.

What manner of reeducation camp have you just graduated from?

hey hows socialisam working ? got any bread?

OP is correct, and also checked.

Why do you want to see it? The first one is complete and utter bullshit.

when you speak a second language
talk to me again

Only White men become slaves after siring children




>tfw only 15 cm

youre truly a KEK

Stop caring about this shit. These girls will breed mongrels, not white kids. They're choosing to effectively leave the white race for the rest of their lineage. It's their right. The whites who value their lineage and white heritage won't mix, all is well.

I think you're confusing me with a Venezuelan, m8.

I dont need to you all learn ours.

BBC, + popular women race mixing and virtue signaling + a dose of "here's 10 reason why non white men are better in bed!" "here's some qute mixed babies!"

when there are no responsible white men around, what is she supposed to do?

Sort yourself out, then you don't have to watch interracial couples, but you can walk over to the girl and cock block that black dude.

If I'm going to be presented anything, I'd like it to be complete.

>can't pull that of

It's true of course OP. But there's a larger problem at hand and that is the welfare state. With high taxation, men are dis-incentivized from pursuing economic goals. And with big corporations encroaching ever more on every natural resource, living an independant life becomes increasingly harder for the average man. How would you live off of harvesting potatos and selling milk when the nearby distributor for Megacorp is selling genetically modified milk & potatoes for cheap change? It's impossible. And would you start a business when nearly 50% of your earnings are taken by the state? All this considered, there is a massive incentive for women to NOT marry a man, but rather to have his babies and then "marry" the state instead, surviving off of government grants (that were stolen from the men of course). That way she can live off of the mans produce without having to put up with his demands.

She has black features.

They aren't, white men racemix the most.

>These girls will breed mongrels, not white kids. They're choosing to effectively leave the white race for the rest of their lineage. It's their right.
Why would you do this to anyone? Force someone to be born a mongrel, a subhuman. Race mixing is bad because those who can not consent or choose would want us to give them the best. We owe it to our children to create them in the best way possible.

>Giving them rights was a mistake


the wine is talking,sorry

Thinking black men can look after themselves responsibly...


Don't worry user, all race traitors like her will get the worst punishment.
All white people will hate her for wanting to destroy their culture.
All of her children will hate her for making them disgusting, and not just having a normal family with some white guy.

That's not how genetics works.

>wanting to touch nigger left overs
No thank you. She made her choice, she fucked a nigger and posted picutre of her as a proof.

>tfw 7x5.5 dicklet

I only hear complaining and see no action

>White women are not degenerate or self-hating
Women generally are dengerate by natural that is why they use Jesus to cover up their flaws in life or cry rape or abuse to cover up their responsibility and to reject it.

If a woman gets in a relationship with an asshole that gave her the tingles she will blame the asshole, or her parents or something else then herself for being the cause of her own suffering in life.
> they just want to be with a man who can take responsibility for himself and his family
No they want to ride all the asshole dick possible then settle down when they hit the wall with a nice guy who will provide for them.

They want you just because of your money and because you can take care of their bastard kids or their emotional problems.
>they will take the non-white dick. White women are the best and they take the best.
White women are already low they are not the fucking best they are on the same level as just regular sluts but not as bad as negro sluts who get aids.
>Slay the dragon and get the girl.
I ain't a fucking white knight id rather just stay home and smoke then go marry some cunt who i have no legal control over for the illusion of having a family.

>white women are completely unaffected by Jews, got!

cm or inches?

inches of course

But that's the average, user.

well then cock block the black dude
and after she dumped him leave her and take the non-degenerate white girl.

Just stop complaining that women are degenerate. The power is in your hand.
Sort yourself out.

>"Women are inherently good, guys! For real!!!"

Trad-cons can't stop losing.

The natural state of woman and man is what we would call degenerate. No woman is born as faithful wife and mother material. No man is born provider and protector material. Cultures must create that manner of people over the course of generations. If you engineer a certain manner of woman, then this will provide the incentive for men to be a certain manner of man.

Women are animals. They are animals because the culture that used to hone them to be worth the massive investment that a man would place in her to form a family. That culture is gone, and women eagerly destroyed it. Men need an incentive to give a shit about women. Women do not provide that incentive, and in fact, they now dis-incentivize them from giving a shit.

Dr. Peterson himself says you're wrong.

First 3 minutes or so:



You think minority men take responsibility for their family? Lmao nice one.

>listek klonu

THICC but that 5head though

Got any suggested course of action for overthrowing the welfare state?

no, it's not. 8x6 is average.

If by "white loser" you mean a nice guy who is completely willing to work for his family, then, yes, that's what I expect.

If women actually expect a guy to be a six-foot-five Thor model while working a high-paying (STEM) job and devoting enough time to his family whilst keeping a good social reputation then I say, no, go fuck yourselves I'll stick to my gook girlfriend.

This. A billion times this.

What dragon? What girl?

get fucked roastie


Maybe in China. 9x7 is the accepted average in the USA.

Im not complaning, women are what women are. My current gf is decent and we've been together for 2 years, 2 more and i'll consider marrying her.

get involved in politics.
Put your ideas to the test and have a discussion with people who know something about the subject.
Maybe you realize you are wrong, maybe you make allies.
Get out and find out.

"Nice guy" is code for a low T guy who doesn't stand up for himself. You couldn't make it more obvious that you are dating an Asian simply because you don't have the confidence and masculinity to pull a quality white woman. I mean, you call your own girlfriend a gook.

Perhaps you're just genetic trash and have no hope, but I doubt that's the case. You don't need to be 6'5 and look like Thor, you just have to have something going for you physically, be confident and low inhibition, and be protective and dominant.

Based. White men, make white babies!


As a general call to action, your post is commendable. But this is a monumental task that is set before us.