>19 year old american with Latino heritage
>Used to be a libtard till I took the red pill
>Started noticing improvements in my life
>More confidence and better understanding of the world
>Went further down the rabbit hole
>Now believes holocaust is false
>Sees the truth about the jews and the world
>Now understands not all races are equal
>Understands the importance of nationalism
>Feel like my whole world is turning upside down
>Feels like he can't fit into society
>The red pill is too powerful

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>Now believes holocaust is false
It happened. Just not the way it is portrayed. Also, no one tells the reasons WHY it happened. It did happen though. The truth just got spun.

if you truly took the redpill you would go back to whereever your latino heritage is from and make that country great again

america is for the white people

europe is for the white people

how can you call yourself redpilled when you are invading the white mans land? this isnt going to end well

>samefagging this hard.
>implying it happened.

What your experiencing are strong withdrawals from the bluepill

why did it happen?

It seems like a lot of people got their life ruined after they took the red pill but my life has only improved.
Cucks will be cucks

It did. There's photographic and historical evidence. Dead bodies, piles of shoes, metals to be melted down. Piles of starved dead Jews pushed by bulldozers from a time before this type of falsity was even possible. Taking the redpill is fine. Going too far shows your lack of IQ. There will always be extremes. What you're doing is known as going full retard.

>Understands the importance of nationalism
Can you redpill me on this op, why is it so important? The way I see it, it has only led to war

>man civilization dies
>its another hollycost.

exactly. implying anyone actually cares about old testament fags or religitards. is retarded.

He's conquering, just like we did, his cousins' land. 'Cept all he's got to do is wait a couple decades, not even put in any effort.

My redpill on it led me to stop caring if it happened or not and hoping it would happen again.

shut the fuck you leaf. My family was born in this country, a lot of them have served in the military, and most of them have done nothing but contribute to this country. Also little do you know that I have family members from my native country who are in position of power pushing capitalism through a new political party that has birthed from within the country

I accidentally posted a comment in here to another red pill thread i was reading, however i did bump on purpose in another comment oh well.

>being this new

I hope it happens again and again so the cancerous hat tards learn their lesson.
your family was born in cancer and you will die from heart disease you fat subgalactic nigger.

>My family was born in this country,
thats means fuckall spic

>, a lot of them have served in the military, and most of them have done nothing but contribute to this country.
contributed to its declining white population by sucking back on gibs you fucking spic

>Also little do you know that I have family members from my native country who are in position of power pushing capitalism through a new political party that has birthed from within the country

so go back and help them spic

get out

you arnt welcome here, you are taking over these lands and it wont end well.

you are creating racial tensions and when you get beat back into the night you will scream and cry out about our horrible actions towards your kind and peaceful people

spics are the jews of north america

>Leafanons on their computer currently.

yes well then either the white race becomes extremely violent or dies out

jews and their liberal progressive puppets put us in this corner

we fight our way out of it or die in it.

what are our other options? please id love to know

>spics are the jews of north america
>implying jews aren't the jews of north america

No buddy you didn't take no red-pill

You just spent a bit of time on Sup Forums and absorbed their "view" of the world, a completely distorted and frankly, retarded interpretation of world events which has little bearing on reality.

Since the presidential race started, I've noticed a huge uptick of younger users who have come to this site, took everything extremely seriously and have started literally taking everything said on Sup Forums as fact.

You boys strike me as extremely low-IQ morons who didn't do particularly well in school or in life, who see a lot of problems in the world and want to find a simplistic solution. Sup Forums, like the many previous political movements of the past, has provided a very simple worldview.

You, like the latino retard you are, absorbed this without question and think you genuinely understand world events. Let me put this to you clearly Juan, at least half of what Sup Forums puts out is completely garbage and has zero basis in reality. I have seen so many discussions, especially on economics and monetary policy, foreign affairs, history and many other subjects which almost beggar belief in their stupidity.

You uncritically and indiscriminately absorbed this sewage, and think you're smarter for it and you genuinely and sincerely believe you now understand the world. I'm honestly lost for words, but I shouldn't be because your type has been common over the past year or two... thick teenagers thinking they suddenly understand the world because they got lectured by a bunch of subhuman basement dwellers on Sup Forums.

You didn't take the "red pill" Juan. You don't have a single clue about the world and how it works. You just think you know, because the boys on Sup Forums told you so. You are no better than people who get their news exclusively from CNN. You're as much a sheep as the people who call "sheeple".

jidf is hard masturbateing to these posts.
jewish internet defence force.

>Latino guy comes on Sup Forums after taking redpill

>receives absolutely no encouragement

Come on Sup Forums we're better than this?

>the holocaust™ happened
Fucking nu/pol/ I swear

Just like with sorcery, hallucinogenic drugs or anything that can radically alter your head-space.... always do these thing in CAREFUL MODERATION.

You WILL burn yourself out if you keep this up, take a 2-3 month hiatus from this shit if it really start to get to you. Always remember, moderation is the key here.

>Implying my views come from Sup Forums
>Implying I didn't draw my conclusions from my own time I spend reading, learning, and informing myself about various subjects
>Implying that Sup Forums leads me to do research not the other way around
>Implying that doing bad in school (which I didn't) means you're low IQ.

Try again. If anything you resemble a lot of faggots in here that when they don't agree with something someone else has to say, they automatically pinpoint it on "you've been brainwashed by Sup Forums blah blah".


>read in moderation.
read less.
barbaric niggertext for 'dont read u might learn something i scared of open flames'.

>Latino heritage
Pick one.

What did he mean by this?

>realize you're not some great thinker and your purpose isn't finding any ultimate truth
>in the end whether it's centennial foreskin munching reptilian khazars on top or just some dumbfuck doesn't really affect you much
>unless you dedicate your life to it, obsessing over politics just decides whether you're up front or at the back of the mass with pitchforks when it comes to that
>sort yourself out
>realize people, while fucking stupid, are reasonable
>stop debating people, don't lash out on their stances
>let them explain their reasoning and their core values will present themselves
Of course that only goes for people. Don't bother with commies if you can help it.

regardless, my advice is solid and will keep you safe... there is a good reason why the people who overdose on redpills ALWAYS end up killing themselves

this, all others ITT are civic nigger dick sucker

killing yourself is taking babies way out. cant handle the tunnel dont take the trip.



or you could just not be retarded and and prepare yourself with a hard-hat and flashlight before you go into that dangerous tunnel.... oh hold on a sec i just saw your flag

>not being retarded

okay never mind your story checks out now

>4channer in mothers basement goes into tunnel.
>dies w/o chicken nigger soup.
thats you.

you went slightly too deep buddy, many of the elite are jews because jews bred for IQ instead of looks for hundreds of years...but jews as a people control nothing. It's a 0.000001% of jews that control anything. You have fallen into a false narrative unfortunately, and a very popular one for people rapidly pilling. Research israel and discover that Israel is on the side of Trump, freedom, and nationalism, and so is any self respecting jew. The evils of the world like george soros were in fact nazi collaborators and are traitors to the jewish religion and people

sometimes you don't wanna be too moderate pills flying at ya from all directions I say when you go red pill go hard, but it would help if you first had a strong grounding, if you are used to radically altering your head space with psychs and other drugs you will be able to remain calm while the world twists around you

jews bred to keep their gold digging nigger fathers happy and their nigger oy vaying mothers happy.

how 2 red bill don't be a close minded nig nog.

I do not think most Jews control everything. I share the same opinion on the matter as the one you just conveyed. Although in general Jews are schemers and opportunist I've seen this first hand growing half a mile away from a jewish community.

I literally posted how I notice improvement in my life and achieved more confidence. It's normal to feel overwhelmed when you're receiving an influx of information that contradicts everything you've ever believed. That doesn't make anyone or myself a cuck.


oy vay this is hate fact terrortory plz delete this. my entire family died in the holo cost. and what a cost it was. the germans kept gassing and ovening us over and over and over and over.

Subgalatic I'll have to remember that one.

Sup Forums is always right, faggot

pls delete this my entire species was subject to rape torture misuse murder. turned into edibles. plz over 9000 trillion killed in the chicken hally cost.

>Fitting into society
That's for normalfags put that away right now, have some self respect.

Please fuck off 4 chan. We are not racist here faggit. Remember that 20% of latinos voted Trump. We are bros. Please fuck off to your redneck trailer park.

This. If it didn't happen, then it should have and if it did, they should have done a better job.

>Britain, France and Spain setup colonies on the america's
>Fuck, conquer and sell their way back and forth moving borders for hundreds of years–United_States_relations

You gotta go back

So canada has a better shill program I take it?

You can't overdose on knowledge you fucking retard.

>Feels like he can't fit into society

You are now above society, the realm of the wretched normie

for society , especially modern society can produce only a few wise men

Your role is to be a luminary , a light in the darkness. The man who can see in a sea of blind normies . Recognize the value of truth in this world of lies, the primacy of consciousness in this synagogue of crass materialism, good in the depths of evil and ultimate victory in the eternal order

I don't even have to hurl insults at you to win, I just have to point put out that sad flag attached to your post and the joke writes itself.


Totally agree user. If anything, being knowledeable about stuff should lead to greater compassion for others imo.

Godspeed OP.

Definition of knowledge

obsolete : cognizance

a (1) : the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association (2) : acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or techniqueb (1) : the fact or condition of being aware of something (2) : the range of one's information or understanding answered to the best of my knowledgec : the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning : cognitiond : the fact or condition of having information or of being learned a person of unusual knowledge
Definition of overdose

: too great a dose (as of a therapeutic agent); also : a lethal or toxic amount (as of a drug)

: an excessive quantity or amount an overdose of fun

>I won't even bother challenging your argument, so I'll just call you retarded instead, lol i win


who the fuck is this guy called moderation,
everyone tells me to do everything with him,
yet he's nowhere to be found.

t. a beta faggot


Make haste, slowly.