10 min John Oliver episode. $20000 down the drain this year

Can you believe this shit ? THIS FUCK TARD IS IN MY ENGLISH CLASS. Why are these schools brainwashing us ? Can they at least pick something better ?

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My teacher showed me non-political John Oliver episodes. I still can't figure out how the hell people find that fucker funny.

keep pretending schools will ever show Fox & Friends

Someone in my class literally asked "I don't know why we aren't all gender-fluid"

they could show local fox news though

My teacher in small business entrepreneurship had Fox news on in the background all day. Cry more, libcucks.

the "purposefully naive" virtue signalling, yeah

also nice ID

They showed us this in high school history. It's bullshit.

They shouldn't show that either. They shouldn't show obviously biased shows like John Oliver, Jon Stewart, John Green, Fox News, Alex Jones, etc. unless they present both sides
and let the students come to their own conclusion. Just stick to documentaries.

They shouldn't show it. And if they did you bet your ass some Muslim in this school is gonna bitch about it.

They should show it.


Obey Dunham?

Oh lord. What is kek doing to us?

Who said that should be shown either?

Instead of letting everyone think for themselves schools have become indoctrination camps.

Should of picked up a trade and got certified OP

In college I must've seen im gonna say 20 Ted Talks. Like "OMG so insightful children watch this".
Literally paid 20k a year to watch youtube.

Schools should play fox news. Maybe allowing people to think for themselves is better.

So what worthless degree did you get instead of going to trade-school?

>going to trade school

>picking up a trade

had a teacher that dog whistled that we should go to anti"nazi" demos and become antifa
to this day i get angry when i think about this old bitch. wouldn´t want to have my kids in the same enviroment. doesn´t matter if left or right, just let kids form a mind of their own

No, they should play all right-wing videos.

stop promoting your nazism

You are in college? Just walk out.

idk whats going on with the rest of academia, but even here at asu, the mere mention of triggering sends entire classrooms of normies into laughing fits

>Walking out on your future
>Walking out a chance to not be a pleb for life
You're fucking retarded

real problem - education gets neglected. Liberal hipsters fill up the spots. Education ruined.

Who cares? The parties are still good if you're invited.

huh, do they write down your name for leaving? do you need to confirm you were there at the end?

You won't get the degree you were there for.

in colleges most class attendance is voluntarily right? Sure you have to do tests and assignments but you generally don't have to ask for a floor pass

If you don't know the material you won't pass the bar exam.

>what point did John Oliver made in the episode about buzzfeed?

top kek

So, what are you suppose to do after watching the episode?, do you need to write a essay or something?, this is crazy.

Even more so.
The education field is ironically filled with the not as bright minds, of course in the liberal arts but even in STEM because most of the smarter people go off into private industry where they can make much more.
What are we going to do?
Pay all the professors a million dollars a year to teach you stuff you're going to almost immediately forget because you wind up not using it in the real world?
The best education can do is teach you to learn anyway, it can't make a person smarter. You're either smart and interested in something enough to delve deep into it or your just riding the train to get the piece of paper you need to get you in the door of employers where you have to bullshit your way through the rest of your life, which is what the vast majority of people do because most people simply aren't very smart.
Luckily you don't have to be very smart to do great in life, just persistent.

>kills self

Whats wrong with skills? I worked Construction for awhile with an ex Navy Seal. 6'3 275 lbs of mass. Guy was pro at his job and had contracts left and right. Skills are jobs robots cant take. Dont be mad you beta cunts cant handle a job where you cant sit behind a desk. Fucking faggots.

this is the kind of shit that terrifies me from going back to college

John Oliver and Buzzfeed in a school classroom

right wing death squads need to start happening right now.

Some Alex jones would be nice. Could you imagine that ?

And end up like you ? No thanks.

This is an engineering school. The only parties are from the math club.

I'm the opposite, it's what keeping me in uni.

I feel like a sturmabteilungsmann fighting against communists who want to destroy my country

Entrepreneur classes are just ancap jerkoff festivals. They teach you to unlearn practical knowledge.

If you're in a government class, I feel sad for you. The only jobs this doof did right was calling out standardized test and exposing net neutrality. And I'm not sure he even did that right

>Breaking News
>Turns out that college kids drink at the beach!!!

So make sure you learn the material. Your going to be a bad lawyer if you need someone to hold your hand into the future pal

This is an English class.

There is this belief, which is JUST starting to die, which is that the British accent is charming.

Society is fast wising up to this Anglo bullshit.

>They teach you to unlearn practical knowledge.
Do they now? Such as?

hes in college ENGLISH, theres no fucking future there

fuck you Canada cuck. More trade skills and training is exactly what we need. This whole push that everyone needs a ba is just to enrich the gov off student debt. At least half the people in college have no business being there.

Here they're teaching us how to pirate educational material.

You need someone to hold your hand learn it

Real education

How is that going to get you a degree?

No you don't. If you need extra help to grasp the material you need to change your major.

No. You need to play the libs game.

Go to the dean. Bitch about not feeling safe. Complain you are being singled out and targeted for your conservative views. Threaten to sue for your tuition back.

>pay 10,000$ so you can watch John Oliver from youtube

We had to get MATLAB and the professor literally showed us how to pirate it.

Why hasn't someone began an international alumni network that's dedicated to exposing this nonsense? Maybe if someone stood up and fucked with schools donors they'd straighten out

So there is still hope?

where has my country gone