Islam WİLL rule the west

islam WİLL rule the west.

Fucking die roach


And what then?

in due time brother

Inshallah brother

Ottoman Empire when?


Why? Do you like what we have?

>Islam will overpower a continent full of men who stay in their basement all day watching anime and jacking off to trannies

wow, you don't say?

>islam WİLL rule the west.
Not before civilization (the west) advances to huge space colonies.

Is such a thing even possible?

hey turkey , why dont you put on your dress and swirl around in a circle like a pretty little girl hahahaha Turkey 0 , Canada 1

You act like it is one big happy family religion, all that's gonna happen is that Sunnis will blow up Shiites and vice versa, like they have been doing for centuries now. Be it in the Middle East, North Africa or Europe. It doesn't matter, you folk never get along with each other, never have, never will. The last time you tried to unite to get something done it all went to shit and Britain got so tired of your squabbling and nearsightedness they planted Jews on your land instead. Billions of Muslims on earth, lots of them in the Middle East and surrounding areas, yet you couldn't even stop a tiny population of Jews from taking your land. Let that sink in.

Now look at you, great nation set up by Ataturk and you all collectively spit on his memory and his ideals by supporting Erdogan who gives exactly two flying fucks about the average Turkish citizen. Reminder that actual real Muslims will be blowing Turkey the fuck out.

Inshallah disgusting obese Am***cans shall soon fall to the sword of Allah and his soldiers. And this shall be their flag

It actually never will. Even if all Western countries fail, China will simply take over. The Chinese have zero tolerance for Islam.

Not gonna happen cause most Muslims have such small IQ that they can't properly plan or follow through with anything and with all your stupid shit you are gonna push people too hard. When you swing pendulum too hard to one side, it will swing just as hard back and that will be end of you.

Mang don't take these threads seriously.


You mean

>No feminism
>No Homosexuality
> Polygamy
> No Liberalism

Fuck it, I'm ready.

You can't take over, if we exterminate all of you.

It already is ruling the west


sorry, just remembered Turkey is 3rd world shithole, not a western nation

How can you mud huts be so fucking stupid? You think you're making all this progress and you getting the better of us. You're literally a fucking insect compared to every developed white nation. We push one button and the last 20 years of you planning this out and thinking you finally made it will be over. Know your fucking place shitskin crawl back to your wasteland of a country and be happy we even let you have that.