her bf made mistake of putting her on a pedestal
she lost all respect for him
cucking will ensue

So she's dating a gay guy?

Women are whores.


he'll be cucked and divorced within a year

inside this makes her feel like she is just a whore

trading her sex for things

in the end she will leave him for someone who doesn't suck up to her like a little cuckboy trying to buy her love


What are some good websites to read about how to apply the redpill on women without being a manwhore?

What a cuck, he's going to feel really stupid when she inevitably cheats on him

Guy's a needy wanker

doing that shit makes pussy dry as Mars

>it's just a birthday gift that she received OP what are you talking abou-
>on HIS birthday

I hope he bought knockoff crap at a flea market. That's what I do and women can't tell the difference.



She has kids from another person, I just looked at her facebook. No links to the boyfriend that bought that junk, the post you see in OP's image was removed.


I'd buy my gf a pack of condoms for her birthday desu.


Pretty sure she bought that stuff herself to purposes make other females jealous. This is a known phenomenon among social media attention whores.

threads over boys, this guy is toast.

Checked her FB and she's your typical single mom bar whore trash. The cuck who is engaged to her deserves everything he gets.

the shilling is strong today

>"love him"
Only because he can offer her financial protection and she loves the attention. A woman can't love like a man does, so MGTOW for life.

>mfw I didn't understand what the problem was until I read your post

>dolche galuche
someone is not a keeper





why would you use condoms with your GF?

or is it for her other partners?


>Look who got a present from her man he got me a gift on his birthday
What a fucking cuck this guy is just setting himself up to be fucked over by this cunt as he is a nice guy retard.

This is the kind of man who gets cucked.

It's fake.

Louis Vuitton does not put barcodes on their products.

Wtf, it's the opposite of that you dumb faggot. This sap in the pic is the one that's been BTFO here, she's going to treat him like a credit card and drain every last cent of his. Even if most MGTOWs are probably kissless basement dwelling virgins, they're not the ones getting used and robbed like this cuck is just to avoid the same status.

shilling for what you asshole? OP is right

>Department stores that are resellers for items don't don't barcode their wares.

Back to Sausage Hut with thee, retail plebian.

Louis Vuitton only does direct sales. Even in department stores, they have LV employees work in a separate section for just their merchandise.