Based Bangladesh

The best country out of the three. Mark my words. Bangladesh will conquer both Pakistan and India. Reminder that village people defeated a modern miltary nation equipped by a white colonialist super power within the last 50 years. The power and strength of the human spirit conquers all obstacles.

The Bangladesh flag was officially adopted on January 25, 1972, after gaining its independence from Pakistan. The red disk symbolizes that struggle for freedom, and the green field is representative of the fertile land.

You gave us the worst land, the worst status, and the unfairest of trades. But still we rise and we will continue to do so because it is in the nature of our people. To grow like grass. Mark my words. Karma,shiva and Allah will come come for the planets justice and the price of the betraying ones own brothers will be paid.

You did not honor a bargain. You wanted slavery. A caste system. But if the current year has taught me anything, its paradigm shift. And crows are going to roost.

We could have have gone after britain, and taken back our glory they stole. Instead you were content to lick boots and make superman bollywood movies like a bunch of limp dick asshole betrayers. Even to this day, indians and pakistanis are vain over bangladeshis as is they are Saudi Wahabis. I promise you I will tear that vanity from your flesh. Your leaders will pay for the mistreatment of my people and you will come to know the fear karma's retribution.


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>could have gone after Britain
Oh, I'm so scared. A load of manlets with stone age tier technology are going to come after us

Argentina tried and failed. We were on the other side of the globe but we still made them bend the knee. Argentina is 1st world compared Bangladesh.

i know man. this brazilian dude created this song to bangladesh also :

you'll be underwater in 50 years

t. Pradeep bin Poohamed
>captcha: toilets accueil

Shh its a new dawn. Come knife me jack. Ill blow your fucking brains out.

Nothing but albino worshippers and ashamed of it. Cuz albinos cant stand on equal footing. They cant toil the fields. They are useless. Way to go india. Way to create vain and arrogant intolerable whites through your dumb fucking caste system. Why? Because you cant live with out it. Youre nothing but a disease. Albinism.

Oh we did come over there bitch. Fucking albino and ashamed of it. A leper.

The British took resources from Africa and greater India because the people there at that time were not using them.

Bangladesh has actually eradicated open defecation. They went from 42% in in 2003 to just 1% in 2016. They fare better than India & Pakistan in many of the social aspects.

It is far worse. They didn't know how to use them.
Oh, he has the power to empty my bins lmao

At least my people will still be around with their dominant genetics.


You'd think for a country their size they'd have a lot better infrastructure.

Maybe for parts of Africa that's true, but for India that's a load of bullshit.

Colonization destroyed the subcontinent.

Eurotrash retelling of the story. Evil in the flesh. Albinos. The seed of Cain.

No, it didn't. Indians destroyed India.

I'm Indian, there's plenty of cherry-picking that can be done to our country too.

Wrong reply.

So you Bangladeshis replaced your Brahmin masters with Arab masters. Good for you

you say that like its a good thing to look like poop. hopefully the water will rinse it off

>India world superpower by 2020
>Bangladesh world domination by 2021

isn't bangladesh a commie country


The only thing i have respect for the bangla-paki-pooinloo trio is that they haven't nuked each other while being so cramped there

>Population of 164 Million
>139th in the world on the Human Development Index
>2.19% of the worlds population doing LITERALLY NOTHING

Explain yourselves.

There is nothing good about britain stfu. Go see a dentist lonely faggot. Innbred albino to the absolute maximum. The trashiest of genetics.

Most of all. Albino and DEEPLY ashamed of it. Albinism. A disease.

That's Pakistan. Bangladeshis seem to be heading the same way if the current trend continues though. Surprised to see that bangladeshis are the 3rd largest ethnic group, must have a fuck ton of diaspora.

we love you bangladesh, go for it. If you can, unleash nuclear war please.

First, the British destroyed Indian textile industries through high-tarrifs and the import of cheap british manufactured goods. This impoverished MILLIONS who had to be forced out to the country-side and compete with the natives there for the scarce amount of land still available. Second, they they dismantled our traditional granary reserves, which offset bad harvest seasons. Third, the peasants were made to grow cash-crops for export and so they became very sensitive to world-prices and fluctuations.

Because of these policies, tens of millions of people (1/3 of the population of bangladesh, bihar, orissa, assam) died of famine when the net export of grain was increasing year after year. The famine and labor camps were so bad, that a jew in auschwitz had a better chance of survival than a bengali in his own land.

I'm not even going to go into how British rule completely killed literacy growth in India.

Must be quite embarrassing then than an island of inbreds took your country over.

What can be done hmm? You tried to make us slaves. You were fine with a completely unfair deal. Because of the color of our skin. Pakistan killed our students and you did nothing, as the super power. You used us. Your brothers and sisters. Your blood. The worst of all. You did it all in the modern era.

Not my fault you couldn't feed yourselves. Pathetic really now that I think about it.

It's not easy being green

You say it like whiteness is whiteness, and not the disease albinism. A deficieny. Shit genetics. Whats the matter? Scared? No shit. Your collective shame reeks all over the globe. The truth is too much for your cowardly weak people to handle.

You didnt do anything accept harness the power of Satan like your Ashkenazi Jew ancestors. Lie, steal, cheat, deceive. The mutants way. You are powerless before me leper. The truth is like kryptonite to you.

The Gandhi family and congress has been a blot on our nation. We hate them even more than you.

Yeah, we could have, the de-industrialization and destruction of our institutions due to British policy made that impossible.

too bad your skin couldnt keep your parents marraige together. Too bad it didnt count where it mattered Watson. Say what you want about bengalis. None of us have whores for mothers like westernerns. There is no cure for whore mother. Jk there is, its Islam.

Yeah Ghandi was basically a rapist. India created the caste system and got rekt by their own evil invention. Truth be told, India and Pakistan will just be stepping stones. The main target will be Saudia Arabia. For the betrayal of Muslim people world wide. Israel obviously has to go. Probably would do all of Europe of a favor to quell Britains vanity as well.



The west will adopt islam, you will see. Your women are whores without it. Her power level is higher than yours beta nobody. You cant stop her.

Golden Bangladesh

>Faggots are burned alive
>Nearly all women are virgins when married
>None of the 2000 genders bullshit
>Women are traditionally submissive and taught to serve her husband from day fucking one.

Enjoy the
ZOG having Tyrone culturally enrich your butthole








Stfu albino. Powerless under the sun.

Albino genetics you are ashamed of. Albinism, a disease.

What? Am i missing a joke here?

Human origin moron. coward. You cant handle the truth weak mutant.


So you're telling me that white people are nothing more than members of the Negroid race who suffer from Albinism, a congenital disorder? That's great, because it means that albino negroes:

- are now the most marginalized group in the world. This means albino negroes deserve affirmative action and a lot of it.
- have no privileges. Albino negroes are after all just negroes with a congenital disorder. There's nothing privileged about that.
- can't be racist. At least not against other negroes.
- weren't racist when they owned other negroes. Slavery was just a matter of albino negroes owning black negroes. A tribal thing.
- are African diaspora and therefore have a historic right to migrate back to Africa.
- weren't racist or colonialist when they went to Africa. They merely migrated back to their rightful ancestral lands.
- weren'r racist in South-Africa during Apartheid. Apartheid was just another tribal thing.
- were probably driven out of Africa by black negroes or fled to escape extermination. Even in our time albino's are treated horribly in Africa.
- should demand reparations from black negroes for their forced exodus to Europa.

WTF I love being an albino now.

you realize, i'm not one of them right?

I'm...asian, east asian.

Youre just shitty failed pathetic genetics on the way out the door. The future future humans will be darker hued to get power from the sun like their ancestors. Like a plant does. You have no such power leper.

what is with your obsessions with dark skinned races, a fetish?

>east asian.
Yes you are, and youre ashamed of it. Cuz albinism is a disease. You are albinos of black ppl. The khoisan. Google them.

> Like a plant does.
Their intelligence already match.

He's either a guy trolling a bit, or a real fucktard from the Nation of Islam. Probably the first, hopefully the last.

the photo you sent me
The darker one
>bigger lips
>wider eyes
>bigger nostrils
>sharper eyebrows

are you sure albinism is the only thing different here?

Bean youll always be brown. You are the worst of the worst pendejos. Fucking beggar people. Beg for acceptance and place in the world. Lick boots everyday brown man. Pathetic lonely motherfucker. I have a sexy gf you beta scrublord weak bitch.

I like you. But do try to find some new pics. I've already seen most of the ones you posted.

Its REAL race realism. You come from albinism. A disease. Youre not superior. Youre deficient. 2017. We all ass men now. Who has best ass. Who has biggest dicks. Original perfection. You dont come close. You just pretend to.

Nothing belongs to albinos. You owe everything to your ancestors who still live inside you. In the form of birthmarks. They saved your diseased flesh from the hate of the Sun, and you vainly abhor them. Ill make you losers drown in your own vanity, greed, and hate. You will beg the almighty for forgiveness of your innumerable sins against your brothers, your genetic masters.

alright we'll see

Nation of Islam by the way is not Islam. It's a cult founded in the US that preaches black genetic superiority.

Yes. Asians are ashamed to come from the khoisan tribe. Whites are ashamed to come from albinos of dravidian indians. That is real human history. Not the fake bs your masters feed you through the discovery channel and other fake west world media. tribe&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiZ5-H0yOjSAhWE3YMKHUR0Cf8Q_AUICCgB&biw=1040&bih=455

Last min

>In the form of birthmarks.
Those dark things on the skin that can become malignant tumors?
> Ill make you losers drown in your own vanity, greed, and hate.
We could indeed do with some variation, since dying of heart attacks while laughing at images of starving Africans is beginning to become a bit tedious.

No need to preech it, it just is. Im not even black. This is just the way of the world. We fucked it up. We have to go back.

One fat ugly lonely motherfucker. Whens the last time you got laid? Sad. Just KYS cuz you are a fucking waste of air. 100% pathetic and wasted life.

I don't mind if my descendants become black. I don't mind about the color. I do mind however if it means their IQ drops 30 points.

average IQ 120 = colonize space.
average IQ 70 = back to the stoneage.

Honestly I'd take the hindu poos over pookistan and poogladesh, plus I enjoyed your south asia bants from the other thread from last week. Entertain me with more poo bants about dalits, southies and northerncucks.

You should think more whether you have enough time to repend when there are obvious dark times ahead. You dont. You know where youre hateful sinful ass is going dont you? God dont like ugly. Your soul is rotten to the core.

I never got lad. I'm a knave. Total virgin. And I'm 49 years old. I'm also fat and bald.

Things could be worse though... I could be a black retard living in a hut of straw eating cow shit while being covered in flies and seeing his 8th kid die of starvation.

You could have a western whore mother who filed for divorce and shattered any semblance you had of a life. Who broke you forever. You could, and you did.

Hell and Satan (Ahruman) were invented by a guy named Zoroaster. A Persian high priest. It had something to do with keeping sinful youth in check and preventing sex with horses. Great literature.

I told you, post NEW pics.

Then finish rotting and become dust. Do you know your purpose peasant? Its for the greater good of mankind. You do not fufill such a purpose. You are more than useless. You are a drain and pestilence on my planet. And its time for you to go.