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Can't watch video, isn't there a youtube link?

Geert will rule the world

bump, youtube link


Holland YES

I fucking left France and was happy that Netherlands is more based.

Should I bother learning the taal or will it become an arabic land soon ?

WWIII can't start soon enough.

You start it, Danes.

Send some F16 to those places.

Nah, Ottoman is going to conquer here first

Think the Dutch themselves will be a bit pissy, Frenchman and Germans too.

If the west doesn't want to be converted to Islam why do they allow all these Muslims into their countries, feed them, give them schooling and an income for doing nothing but praying, smoking, sitting around and converting people all day? You would think they'd get angry and change the policies if they really didn't want it. I think they secretly want this to happen. A lot of them anyway.

I think the Danish are uncucking faster than the rest of Europe and UK.
Especially when you cut their welfare money.

I like this people
>women dress like whores therefore you treat them like whores
>they have a whole nation as one mentality helping each other
>they clearly know their way of life and supported it at 100%
>young but intelligent again they know their faith and rules
Islam will end the degenerate behavior of western culture, it will end whores, feminism, and faggotry I support it 100%

is the translation right or not?

is this some kind of parody/comedy/satire/bad joke type show? thats the impression i get just by watching their mannerisms.

Honestly speaking western women who dress like whores SHOULD be treated like whores. Those bitches with no shirt on, and a sign that says THIS IS TILL NOT PERMISSION TO RAPE ME are garbage, retarded. If western women want muslims, maybe we should let them be enriched.

Have shit ton of babies.

IMAGINE MOY SHOCK at the so called peaceful muslims treat whores like whores

> Translation
Sorry I don't speak Dutch
I don't know. Ask

They treat whores like whores. Whores aren't women. They're just whores.


Yes the translation is real but it is allready a year old or older than that.

Its not possible to convert somebody thru threats.

The kid also says that the dutch should convert so when ISIS comes they will become guilty by association for living in a kuffar nation.He's clearly trolling.