Why does Sup Forums keep insisting the Aryan race is the master race, when the Ashkenazi Jews are way more intelligent...

Why does Sup Forums keep insisting the Aryan race is the master race, when the Ashkenazi Jews are way more intelligent, creative and industrious? Despite being minority world-wide and having been expelled from everyone country they've been refugees on, they have still managed to rise above everyone else and reign on top, controlling entire countries and governments. And unlike Chinaman or Japs, Jews can be both highly creative/lazy/chaotic or your stereotypical neurotic, balls of steel and industrious as fuck CEO.

Most intellectual geniuses are either Jew, mix of Jew and something else. Don't you guys see we are like niggers claiming we were the kangs when you talk about the Aryan race like it's the best thing to ever happen to this world?

Fuck man, I wish I was jew instead of a fucking 120 IQ Mediterranean mutt mixed with moor genes, I need to take drugs like moafinil to have an 1/8th of the capacity to plan out goals and follow them through an average Jew would have. How do you deal with this reality, man? I am like a fucking Abbo to a Jew masterminds. Imagine how it must be to have the intellectual capacity of Soros, or any of the TOP jews in the world....

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Nobody thinks Aryan are the master race here. We think it's likely to be true but they would have to prove it.

It Jew sorcery







As smart as they are they never actually built anything of their own. It's true they've advanced /our/ civilizations with their scholarship and science, but that's it.

They don't Destroy Israel though. It's not like they are after their own destruction. You can see clearly they only push LGBT in countries that are not their own, but keep theirs pristine. If the entire world was ruled by Jews, they would be killings mudslimes like they do over in Palestine everyday.

>scholarship and science, but that's it.

But that's it? knowledge is our most valuable tool, what do you mean ''but that's it''?

They didn't build anything in the same way the Pharaohs didn't build the Pyramids.

Both jews and asians are more intelligent than whites on average,
but that means shit on it's own.
Simply being smart doesn't make things happen.
Actually working toward something does.

Whites are the masterrace because they are the most versatile.
There is no place in the world where they could not survive, and eventually thrive.

Yeah, but Jews are both smart and industrious. They always rise to the top. Just because you can survive and thrive doesn't mean jackshit. Abbos are fucking retarded and they can survive a fucking hell hole like Australia where even the cutest critter can kill you.

Because Jews are parasitical in nature.

It's much more than that. Capitalism and investments are the forces that lead the world.

Look at skyscrapers. Do you think building it is the hardest part? Hauling parts like kangz?
Or the design and engineering of it, really? It's a step above construction, but at the end of the day it's just industrialized autism.

No, the hardest part is to get the investment for it, to organize it and not to screw it up. Getting the money, hiring the right autist to design it and hiring the right kangz to build it, making sure they all fall in line, and being able to sell the final product is the only thing that matters.

Even inventions like electricity and the internet are secondary. If they weren't invented then, some other autist would have invented it a couple years later. What truly drove them forward was Jewish entrepreneurship and investment.

How's that any different than some African wannabe Kang saying white people are evul imperialist pigs

coming from murican living on soil filled with blood of native americans..wow..you anti.semitic neets are such hypocrites

>doesn't realize the third reich pretty much invented everything mordern without the jews

>implying Hitler wasn't a Jew

Also, again inventing doesn't matter. Autists will come up with things eventually. Industrializing them in a sustainable way (i.e. that doesn't crumble in a decade) is a Jewish skill

I am not sure how that contradicts my point, Jews are so fucking above it they've risen to control and organize everyone for their own particular goals, they have that innate understand of the world to make it do whatever they desire. At the same time, a part of them are also those who are the crazy weaponized autism tier of creativity in very important fields.

The same way we don't need niggers or Abbos, I really don't think Jews need Aryans or half moor mutts like me to run a successful world full of technological advancement.

Wrong. Those are whites and asians.

Did the jews ever achieve something on their own? No.
They needed the goyim for that.

Jews are the same as niggers, only smarter, and a lot weaker.
They are parasites who cannot survive without a host.

if that was true we'd live in their civilization, we aren't.

they are nothing absolutly nothing without a powerfull host.

>Did the jews ever achieve something on their own?

Controlling entire world's economies and puppertering your media and politicians, while also being the owners of the most important industries is not enough achievement for you, man?

world without latvian inventions would be almost the same...world without jewish inventions would be completely different-worse.. nice inferior complex you got there

... And you're parasitic. You can't accomplish anything without using the rest of us as stepping stools
> You're a tribe of cons, hustlers, shylocks.


>implying Hitler was jew
Yeah, screwing the world in a non-reversible way is also a jewish skill. Please kindly fuck off your retardation to another board.

I'm an Aryan and I have a very high IQ. Literally all my Aryan friends are really smart as well. Aryans on average are more smart I don't know if this is due to culture or education but still throughout history Aryans have been smarter.

t. 107 IQ Aryan

Everyone believes it, they did prove it

Israel is very pro-gay

Europeans do that too. Look at colonialism.

You think I am a jew? Did you even read my post? You think a jew would be shitposting here, losing time instead of using their fucking brains for success?

Latvian is not at ethnicity, my jew serving slavshit friend.

because we have honor

they have lies


>Israel is very pro-gay

Might be, but I don't see them cucking themselves like the Aryan Swedes, or Germans do. They blow up Muslims too, but in a different way, the gorey way.

Yes. I think we all believe that.


>They cant be the master race if you gas them all

Yeah, I've got an honest question here. What the fuck is someone like me, who's a half mutt conservative supposed to fucking do, when I have no identity and neither side is going to ever consider me one of their own?

I am considering either suicide, or drugging myself up into a robot-like productive machine and study whatever the fuck I feel like while the ride lasts.

I agree with the
>R A R E
over here.

>107 IQ
How does it feel being a brainlet?

Using nepotism on a system they didn't build isn't a proof of their superiority, they are nothing without us. we don't need them, they need us.

Not rare over here

>Ashkenazi Jews

I have very superior intelligence. If there was a country made up of people entirely of my IQ it would be the smartest recorded country ever.

So that's why Jews have brought us the most important discoveries that have changed or revolutionized entire fields of study such as physics? It takes a really high IQ to master a game you didn't make, even more so learning better than the creators and use it as your play thing.

Not too common either.
I did it just to make my post more flashy.

I'm assuming you're a grown man and can determine what's best for yourself.
Good luck, Paco

they probably stole it from aryans and killed the true inventors

>Good luck, Paco

Thanks, Jonh

Keep in mind that IQ means nothing without actions.
That is why the jews never get anything done on their own.

Jews are honorable towards goys in the same way you are honorable towards niggers

Would you care if France screwed with Africa? I'm not asking whether they did, but whether you'd care. That's how Jews feel about goyland.

And Aryans are not smart enough to successfully take it back?

the stupid aryans are hoodwinked by the jews
the clever ones aren't

And what are the clever Aryans doing? Shitposting on Sup Forums all they long and jacking it off to 2D weaboo shit?

This all the fucking master race can muster, man?

We invened jeans, but a jew stole the idea and ran off to proclaim it as his own.

>And what are the clever Aryans doing? Shitposting on Sup Forums all they long and jacking it off to 2D weaboo shit?
i'll have you know it's a fine activity twitter.com/krsnavatara/status/844233938537238530

>lives in the USA (United Semitic Aristocrats)
>defends (((them)))
oh goy

Anime is degenerate, Anglo.


It's like a bad joke that never ends. This fucking life is too ironic for me. ''We'' (Yeah, I know I am not Aryan) are like fucking Kangz blaming them white pepul for everything in the world.

This is all retarded, we are fucking monkeys flinging our shit around while those at the TOP of the IQ scale puppeteer everything to their wish, expose us like animals in a zoo and make a killing off it.

scholars and monks didn't fuck
only kikes were permitted to fuck with money back then
a good 90% of them have malevolent agendas
majority kikes are hideous
they (will) worship the anti-christ and they currently worship some sort of devil (which they sacrifice children to)
if not, atheistic kikes are the most immoral

I will deny their "creativity" but will admit that they are one of the greediest races on Earth
and will pursue material money above all else

Clever Aryans are marrying Jews.


Man, you sound like a fucking Voodoo nigger talking about muh spiritualism. Can you read yourself and see what? What's all this bullshit about fucking with money? You think Aryans are buddist monks without a history of imperialism, conquest and back stabbing out of greed? Jews are just better at it.

Highlander Tribe. Good and giving. Killers and Conquerors when tested.

Yes I would care. Stop insulting me as a Jew.

Yes History was never about conquering. Hang yourself faggot.

>Jews are just better at it
How many colonies have they built? None.
And now, how many countries have they destroyed? Many.

Subhuman parasites.

Well, go ahead and click the 'return' button at the top or bottom left, and take a look at how your fellow Goys feel about blacks and Africa.

anti-semitism is a strictly left-wing idealogy. The shills saying that aryans are the master race are ctr trying to discredit the alt-right. True conservatives know the inherent superiority of the jewish race. even Trump has proclaimed himself the least anti-semitic person ever.

Why lose men and money on conquests when you're smart enough to make others do that wastage and still reign on top? Don't you fucking get it?

>how many colonies have they built?
Name five countries without Jewish-controlled media and central bank.

Goys are so retarded that they can't even realize that, but it's better that way. If they don't even realize Jews are in charge, they won't be able to fight them.

>Jews are just better at being immoral


Really dude? We just had a thread where a black chick was gang raped by other nigs live on facebook and NO ONE GAVE A SHIT. People where either happy about it, or straight didn't care.

Where the fuck is this morality you talk about? Sup Forums loves seeing niggers die.

They did not make anyone do anyhing.
They simply got lucky that in the last century
we all forgotwhat they really are, and piggybacked on it.
It's ok. The world is starting to see again, slowly.
They will be kicked out again, only this time out of their own
"promised land".

Rean the one line below the one you quoted.


dude you actually believe a man that has family which is Jewish will ever do something bad to Israel

>Sup Forums

that's Sup Forums

when will you liberal cucks learn? she lost, get over it, you'll never #standwithher against the jews you fucking cuck.

Hold up, So you're saying there's no Aryans in here?

Jews only have one Civilization to their name. Otherwise they leech from whites.

We are all part Jewish wether we like it or not desu...

Who are you talking about?
"Oh, he hates Israel, that means he loves Hildabeast and the raghead snackbars!"

>anti-semitism is a strictly left-wing idealogy.

I've found this to be true a lot of times. The two groups that hate on them are socialists and work allergics.

jews are inherently superior. it's a fact you leftist retard.

>Europeans do that too. Look at colonialism.

When Europeans conquered cast swaths of nothing and left behind schools, hospitals, farms, railways, and roads?

What do you mean, fellow Spaniard?

That is a bot.
You are supposed to ignore it.

the god empror

I am saying Sup Forums is an anonymous imageboard

what does being Aryan have to do with it?

only cucks wouldnt admit that jews are god's chosen people.

Sup Forums is majority Jew you stupid fucking goyim
>We ARE the Jews now

>When Europeans conquered cast swaths of nothing and left behind schools, hospitals, farms, railways, and roads?

So you believe your IQ gives you the right to do that, why would Jews justify their actions the same way too? Maybe they are destroying you, but too bad! We have Higher IQ!.

Can you not see the hypocrisy?

Oh, I didn't know about it. I'll remove my comment.

You were doing great till you said you wish you were a jew.

You're saying Aryans have a higher sense of morality than Jews, but Sup Forums shows none when it comes to niggers. I wonder why would you expect Jews to show any sympathy for Aryans when they see Aryans as niggers too?

Are you claiming True Aryan posters don't hate niggers?

Trump is a politician. I don't give a shit about him.
Also. he is not worthy to be called Emprah anyway.

>Name five countries without Jewish-controlled media and central bank
Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Yemen.
Formerly Libya, Iraq..
It's like theres a trend, as if deliberate or something...

But building is not equivalent to destroying.
I am afraid you are curse with the dumb, user

none of them can match Nikola Tesla, fuck off. you ain't gonna tell me Tesla was a jew now?

I've never seen a jew construction worker or carpenter. Swindling people out of money is not being industrious.

You're using your high IQ you justify conquering by force another culture/race. Whether what you do to it is good or bad for that race is inconsequential to this fact. I am afraid you're just an overly emotional whore with no arguments.

>da joos controlling everything and oppressing whites!
>w-whites are the master race!

When you think about it, basically whites are the niggers to Jews.

>have german/greek/italian ancestors
>I am the ultimate anti kike
>get cucked by ancient greeks
>get cucked by rome
>get cucked by nazi germany
>m-muh masterrace
Feels mother fucking good man

Jesus was a carpenter you fucking faggot.

>I've never seen a jew construction worker or carpenter.

You won't see them picking cotton either, or polishing your shoes. Guess why.

> Swindling people out of money is not being industrious

Being a CEO, organizing and selecting the best staff for success, while having to work 14 hours a day learning new stuff so you don't get left behind by competition at the same time you keep in touch with a wide social circle is definitely industrious as fuck.