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First for the best Bond movie.

>This process reached a high water mark in terms of mortgages extended to owner occupiers in about 2005 with the arrival of the self certified interest only mortgage. All foolish financial innovation comes with a story that makes it sound reasonable no matter how stupid it actually is. The story that supported interest-only lending was that you would overstretch yourself initially,paying more for a house than you could ever afford on a repayment basis. However, house prices would increase and your earnings would rise and in due course you would be able to switch to a repayment mortgage now available at a more affordable mortgage interest rate as aresult of house price inflation having altered the loan to value on your mortgage in your favour as the house price rose whilst your mortgage debt remained constant.Once enough people succumb to this logic house prices will respond. If you choose to finance your purchase of a house with an interest-only mortgage and you make no provision for repaying the mortgage then you can afford to pay much more for the same house than someone seeking to finance their purchase with a repayment mortgage. Hence house prices rise and prudent aspiring home-buyers find that their prudence excludes them from the market
Jesus fucking Christ.

Only just remembered this story happened

people spray painted CUNT on a horse

Probably because of Brexit!


Look what you've done. Are you nativists proud of yourselves?

At least they didn't key their name into it or bend up the windshield wipers

any vapers in brit/pol/?

For all you other Autists

Linked by me as Tripfag:
>Little Jamshed.

That green text is horrific.

Special mention to Faisal Islam Editor at Sky News: Should be given free reign to do a housing special.

Just squirt the pakistani sperm out your anus onto some chicken and cook with curry powder, you raging faggot

you're welcome

Ionokin Cool Fire 4

Are you Eric Pickles?

Guys - I plan on running for election in my local council in 2018. What advice can you give me?

What do i give a fuck i got a girlfriend anyway


Yeah fair play

Yeah I have a shifty cheap one
And buy all my stuff from poundland
Still, it's about as good as smoking, and costs 2 quid a week

Is this a joke? Bait I guess. Nobody could actually be this retarded, could they? Pakistan is not in the EU so it won't make any difference either way.


>tfw YKTD got arrested for noncery


But that's not The World Is Not Enough

i have an endura t22, managed to snap it at up when it was £20. does the job and seems pretty reliable and endurable, care to recommend any vape goops?

best girls

>Pakistan is not in the EU
This is what dumb uneducated painfully white Brexshitters ACTUALLY believe. Pakistan is part of the world economy in case you missed it stupid nazi. THE EU IS THE WORLD ECONOMY. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

This is hilarious, fantastic show.

This is good stuff, lad. Cheers again for sharing it.

>Though UK mortgage banks are pretty crummy, they are not complete fools. They do not allow mug investors to gamble with the bank’s depositors’ money without at least taking some steps to ensure that it is not all lost. Whilst the buy to let mortgage contracts are called mortgages they walk and talk like business loans and, under certain conditions, behave as faintly exotic instruments for financing gambling, which is of course what they really are, (I prefer to call them ersatz mortgages) Buy-to-let mortgage contracts, again to the best of my knowledge, often, possibly usually or even always, contain clauses that give the lender the ability to call in the loan once a downward movement in house price extinguishes the borrower’s equity. A single example will suffice by way of explanation. Suppose you invest £50,000 in property, borrowing £150,000 from a friendly bank and purchasing a rather underwhelming new build flat for £200,000. You have a mortgage with a loan-to-value 75%.House prices now fall by 25%. The bank looks at the Land Registry data for your area and establishes that you now have a house which is worth £150,000 and you owe them £150,000, so they write you a letter asking for their money back, because you now have a 100% loan to value, and that is not the basis on which they lent you the money.You could sell the house and pay them back (you will have therefore lost £50,000) or you could arrange a new mortgage. A lender will be willing to offer you 75% of what your buy-to-let investment property is now worth, a loan of £112,500, so to stay at the table you will need to find another £37,500 from your savings so that with the new loan,and this new cash from you,the £150,000 owing to your original lender can be repaid.At this point you would have handed over £87,500 to the banks to chase your buy-to-let dream; buy-to-let investors have always been the mark, and not the card sharp.



"I thought Christmas only came once a year"

Brosnan was the last person who played Bond, all the films after Die Another Day are just trying to be too serious.

get enough votes not to lose your entry deposit

like £300 innit?

what are you running as? don't be a meme party if any of the mainstream parties, if independent just canvas on local issues, show up at local town events, chat people up etc

good, you need to get back to dem old fish'n'chips with bacon on the side

How good are you at dealing with paki voter fraud?

>be me
>watching channel 4 show about benefits cap
>presenter is black
>later on in the show he starts talking about "my partner" and then says "he", meaning he's both gay and black
>he interviews a woman "struggling" with the new benefit cap where they can only have £23,000 a year in London and £20,000 everywhere else
>it shows you her house
>she has a massive telly in EVERY room, with the biggest ones in the kitchen, childrens room, and living room
>I honestly couldn't tell which was bigger, they were all 40+
>all the kids have tablets and a shittonne of conventional toys they all ignore
>it interviews the white single mother
>the more observant amongst you will know where this is going
>her FIVE children are all mixed race
>"They're dads are out of the picture, y'know, so I'm supporting these little cherubs all on me lonesome innit"
>"I downt pay rent or naffin coz I gotta get me kids sam of da noiycer fings init"
>program is making her out to be the victim in this.
>gay black presenter is back
>"Live is made arda for dhese peopuw because pwivat landlowds are refusin ta accomodate peopuw on benefits"
>camera chases a """scum""" landlord who """refuses to help""" asking "how do you sleep at night, brav?"
Jesus Christ, I knew this sort of thing went on in America but I had no idea it happened here. I thought the five black babies was a Harry Enfield meme, and the program made out that I should feel sorry for this whore. Why do I still watch, lads? It just makes me depressed.

Incase you think I'm making it up, here's the show in question.

Oh aye, please do, digest, think and debate. Most importantly share. Share and Redpill.
Have fun speaking to these BTL guys you must know and ask them what they think about Section 24 BTL tax changes and what they think the market will do. Watch their faces resemble a perplexed moron.

Go to the estate agents - which have chains closing all over the place plus sliding Foxton's share price - and ask to see a houseand ask about their transcation/sales volumes. Fewer sales = less commission. They are worried.

Right now, Sellers have had houses on the market for ages as they believe their houses are worth x amount. With no buyers they will still not reduce.

But reductions have now begun, and as the April changes (Announced in 2015 by Osborne - Probably the one thing he got right after fucking it up when he came to power)

Hoefully like a house of cards or Jenga, once these BTL retards are forced to sell, prices will drop. Wait for the falling knife to hit the ground.

The Tories won't engineer a crash; But they won't do anything to stop one happening either. I hope.
>New lower prices = new mortgage home owners = Tory votes.

Aye, but Goldeneye is my favourite. Age when I saw it, Natalya and Xenia and the fucking N64 Multiplayer.
Sean Bean.

tbf i bet you £50 that half their expensive shit is bought on credit and they'll eventually wind up on "Can't pay? We'll take it away." or some other poverty porno on Channel 5.
(legal note since i saw mcternan get btfo: i reserve the right not to pay the bet until the year 2097 and it is not index linked.)

The British empire was built on chips.

One of my favourite scenes from Top Gear was when they were designing a car to have the interior of a house, and they were pissing off the French designer with "vile" British food

Goldeneye was also top.

>my competitive wage isn't competitive enough

topkek nice b8 m8 420 would blaze it

irl lol

>Government borrowing fell last month to its lowest amount for February in 10 years, according to official figures.

>Borrowing, excluding state-owned banks, was £1.8bn, down from £4.6bn a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics said.

>In the financial year-to-date, borrowing has fallen by £19.9bn from last year to £47.8bn.


>>the more observant amongst you will know where this is going
The state enable single mothers so much now it could be any race, but still more likely to be black.

I fucking hate Craig. Depressive alcoholic crybaby.

Oh aye, posted it a few times and will continue to do so, but anyone of any political stripe should enjoy it.

The author posts on the housepricecrash forum and is an accountant by trade.

>BASED Bevan

I am aghast at how many Propertee docs and MSM articles save for a few based FT articles (Which all of you still should read you autists) and Mary Smerset-Webb on R4.
Probably because all the fucking Media/Finace journalist are in on the House Price Inflation scam. The hypocritical greedy neo liberal cunts.

having said that, R4 have had 2 recent property/Fiance docs (Thinking Allowed) which are pretty good. Listen.

Brexit when?

Brexit hasn't happened yet.


Love bongland. The goofy shit that you say is 10x funnier in print. God save the Queen.

>Tories THIS based
>libshits and welfare ''''class'''' BTFO



this inconsiderate fucking polish cunt that loves above me is always banging and thumping around

causes me to shout near enough at the top of my voice "DIRTY POLISH CUNT, FUCK OFF BACK TO POLAND" regularly. i hate most foreign nationalities

fucking hate being on apprentice wage, just wanna finish it now and upgrade my accommodation

Heard you all missed me.

Based Merchant back by popular demand for one night only.



no one cares faggot.

A thought I had when looking at the situation (I think a bit noted some BTL mortgages are technically on government balance sheet thanks to Northern Rock.), could the government possibly transfer some of the houses into public ownership de-jure, or is there too much red tape in the way of something like that?
(They probably won't, since as you say more homeowners means more Tory votes, and it's more in line with their ideology, but it seems like a quick-and-dirty way of replenishing the social housing stock.)

Got a slight spring in my step at the idea they'll let it happen, truthfully. (I've been locked into the more simplistic pessimism of the WoS article I linked, which I suppose to some extent is still warranted - but hey, a mini euthanasia-of-the-rentier is both fun and Karmic.)

Perhaps Dave the Chameleon was a Karma-Karma-Karma Chameleon after all.


I didn't realize 'A View To A Kill' (the best Bond film) was also known as 'In Her Majesty's Secret Service'.



get out

What an awful thread- did all the anons finally submit to their depression and commit?

>welfare ''''class'''' BTFO

But there would not be anywhere near as large a welfare class if it were not for the mass immigration to push up immigration.

Also by creating a massive amount of zero hours jobs and jobs like a "sandwich artist" ( they are creating a huge, fucking massive amount of people who are in work but still rely on benefits to survive.


Please go away.

serious answer: indian food isnt hard to make, even if they use recipes you arent familiar with. white chefs can fill the gap due to the rise in demand for chefs who can cook indian food

silly answer: indian food isnt hard to make,even if they use recipes you arent familiar with. white chefs can fill the gap due to the rise in demends for chefs who wipe their ass with their hands and rinse with a bottle that they keep in the kitchen

How much porking did you get done m8?

time for you to put down the fork then, fatso.

>were not for the mass immigration to push up immigration.
Just fuck my proof reading up senpai

*if it were not for the mass immigration used to push up unemployment

I'm gonna go tend to my Juden.
You're autustic by the way, did you know?

>yes I remembered

>you will no longer get to sniff paki girls cunts after brexit as all pakis will be deported or killed by racist conservatives
why live?

>4 posts
>none of them about politics

Thanks - but I plan on winning. Would be town councillor at first to see how it goes and hopefully progress to county councillor.

With regards to deposit I am not sure, know it is £500 when standing to be an MP which you get back if you get over 5%.

I live in a pretty white working class area, so there will be none of this going on.

Where are you going to be doing this?



>6 years ago
>What a great day - the thugs have been kicked out of Downing Street. The NuLiebor experiment is over. Hopefully the country can be saved before it's too late.

>Implying the economy is the most important thing

>tfw I would rather live in a homogeneous, but poor society, than a wealthy multicultural one

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak girl at school
>post results

I live in the Cambridgeshire county council.

Wont give the exact town - plausible deniability and all that.

I know shit all about finance. Deport some immigrants (less demand on housing, house prices go down) & pay people more. Would that work?


It's a good blog.
The hope is from that linked info but also the fact that housing has now become a political issue and May is more of a one-nation tory than Cameron ever was.
Demographics are stacked against the tories going forward plus Banks would welcome new Morgage holders

After all, The Banks will be constrained by BASEL III capital requirement legislation. Since 2008 the Banks have to have more capital on their balance sheets.
Also: Internally, most banks in the UK have factored in a 50 percent drop in House prices.


What are some based Labour MPs?

"Yob" is "boy" backwards.

In a way all of this new spam makes me kind of nostalgic about the times when there was no captchas.

But baby I've been here before
I've seen this room and I've walked this floor

I am very worried that the fantastic Buffet of EE pussy in London, will be unavailable post Brexit.
>Moreso for Autists like me.

>Neo_liberalism was done for better pussy in the UK not better money.

John Mann.

All the rest are dead.

Is that the Jeff Buckley version, budski?

Work with an ex-manager of a tory office in Essex.
Tales of immense corruption, Tory MP hid his gayness and had BF on the council.
Dirty deals with developers.

Oswald Mosley dissagrees.

Of course

fish or curry?

Henry VIII

This absolute madman ignited the modern world.

He wanted a divorce, because his wives kept having daughters and he needed a son to be his heir, but the church would not allow it.

So he kicked the vatican out of England. He didn't actually mind Christianity and was a practicing Christian, so he started the Church of England and kept on prayin'. This was just one of his many elaborate schemes to get rid of his many wives in pursuit of a son. He built fortifications along the coast of England in case of vatican retaliation, zero fucks given.
He enlarged the navy greatly and built more bases for it. He also began manufacturing large cannons for the ships, to replace the peashooters being used at the time. So much so that he was severely draining the national funds. The brass cannons were very expensive and Henry was creating ships that were basically racks of guns with bits of wood between them so they wouldn't sink.

So what did he do? He made huge furnaces that were powerful and hot enough to make cannons out of iron, which has a higher melting temperature than brass and wasn't workable before. The iron cannons were a quarter of the cost. The British ships had three times the cannons of the Spanish equivalents, for a cheaper price, and so we ruled the waves.

The radical changes made planted an iron seed in the British mindset, beginning a tradition of industry that would bring machinery to the whole world. The boost in our naval power had an effect that would last for centuries. The logistics involved in running the navy, the measuring of sailors rations, the funding of ship construction, the hiring of thousands of men for great endeavors, all of these things sharpened Britain as a government and evolving nation, these are the things that allowed Britain to sail around the world and create the greatest Empire it will ever know.

>you will never care so little about you public image that you support Myra Hindley,_7th_Earl_of_Longford

The Jeff Buckley cover is actually a cover of the John Cale version. That's worth listening to as well.


That old cunt Dennis Skinner can occasionally be a top lad but almost all of his views are abominable

I have worked with staff in the council office and have been notified of low level corruption. Wheel clamping fines pocketed ect. Please give me some insights.

Apparently house of cards is not so far off the truth!

>tfw a tranny but used a wishing well to turn into a real girl


Top kek

Digits confirm Slav gash drought