The State of Sup Forums

Old thread is archived We need to fix this shit ASAP.

>At least 10 minutes cooldown for thread creation
>At least 1 minute cooldown for post creation
>No mobile posting at all, whatsoever
>No more "general" threads on any topic
>No more obvious bait threads on e-celebs
>Ban obvious troll shills ( ... ... ...)
>Close threads that get overly spammy, trolly and off-topic

>>No mobile posting at all, whatsoever

We can only hope this gets some attention.

These all seem like great ideas.


I don't like the idea of mobile bans, because sometimes people are on site as events unfold. Seems like a big sacrifice to make to get rid of the spam.

Yes please. I'm tired of all the fucking shill threads, baiting, etc. I miss when this place was more a haven where individuals could discuss ideas and debate.

do you like?

Awww, Trumpcucks need a safe space? :3

He's calling to ban /ptg/ so I kinda doubt it.

And how exactly do you think this will be enforced? Do you think the mods give a shit?

Hm. Kind of true. Would have to think that one trough. At the same time, this isn't twitter, you know. It's more of a place of political debates, not microblogging what's going on here and there. But I see your point.

>No trolling and retarded shilling = safe space
ITE. Back to kindergarden, sweetheart.


>No more "general" threads on any topic
Those actually serve a purpose though, and often act as a quarantine

A necessary sacrifice

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Has your need for a safe space intensified? :3

I don't know if they do.
We can still discuss it anyways.

Sooner or later this place has to get more civilized, otherwise exodus 2.0. Probably not, but whatever, kek.

They get spammed with stupid shit and smaller threads remain ignored. No one needs them. They are void of actual content.

Oh honey, the adults are talking now sweetie :3

That would keep me from doing shit here during the work day, what am I gonna do on my lunch hour when I can't name the jew?

>>At least 10 minutes cooldown for thread creation
Make it 15
>>No more "general" threads on any topic
No, there should be general threads on some topics like syria etc. this is a dumb suggestion.

>>No more obvious bait threads on e-celebs
Also ban EVERYONE who posts in "how can white bois even compete" or other obvious bait threads.

Why? Whats the reasoning?
>sent from my iphone

Last night was out of control with nigger bait threads. Had absolutely no relevant content, and purely a lefty/darky wraid on Sup Forums.

Do you feel unsafe? :3

Yeah it's pointless to propose things that can't be easily enforced. I agree quality has gone down but some of this is impossible. Also, I hate banning phoneposting. You're basicallly banning anyone actually doing Shit with their day

>No, there should be general threads on some topics like syria etc.
True, yes.
Just ban those who are being reposted over and over again and never have any content, just shilling and spamming. /ptg/, Communism General, ...

Calling to get rid of Syria general, which has in fact killed terrorist, and ptg which is an asset and helped get Trump elected. Your a retard sir German. I'm saddened you or your ancestors weren't gassed.

>At least 10 minutes cooldown for thread creation
only one i agree with

i see 3 shitty threads made by obviously the same person about relatively the same topic that are '1 post by this ID' all the time

/sg/ threads are top notch. Lets focus on not responding to bait. Newfags need boot camp.

Who draws the line? Some prob thought it was absurd when we first started trump generals. I never notice generals outside Syria, trump, and britpol

I confess I can't help but agree that anything at this point to cut through the bullshit is a necessary sacrifice. My filter list is growing, and that takes care of a lot of it, but it would be nice to shut the spam out altogether.

Trumpshills are the worst, perma-ban them :3


Common sense?
/ptg/ is always extremely shilly & spammy. As soon as it gets archived, it's reposted. Probably the same guy. I mean. Come on.

It seems to me, that a leaf wide ban would solve most of this issue. Day of the Rake NOW!

>1 and done posters
I started a thread this afternoon that was archived. I counted my posts at 20. These 1 poster threads are just trying to crowd the board.

Keep the generals.
Root out and expel the shills.
Have board specific mods who actually look out for the individual boards' needs.
Don't ban phone posters, merely keep an eye on them- mods could do this.
Ban those who make bait threads-
>1 post by this ID
As a starting point.

Just throwing my hat into the ring, here.

Triggered? :3

Im down with the 10`cooldown and the post creation stuff but there are good "general" threads, like britpol and syria general.

Shill and trolls.. thats your point of view, lots of time people call me a shill, so... i should get banned cos a fucking autist dont like why i think?

No way.

Oh hey, I remember when /qa/ was making these threads during the election to try and fuck with Sup Forums, welcome back.

congratulations on making 2 dollars you fucking shill

>but there are good "general" threads
>lots of time people call me a shill
No one cares who calls you what. When someone makes a thread "How can white bois even compete" - that is obvious shill. This is what I mean.



Ha. I get called "shill" sometimes. Can't ever really tell if it's a sleep-deprived autist, a newer newfag than me, or a shill.

It'd be nice if good things came from this though. See:

>1 post by this id

Goontard detected. Die.


>All the trolls are leafs
Really makes you think, huh

Because Sup Forumsaks don't like phone posters. Because reasons. Idk, maybe it's because they can avoid a ban by recycling their data.

>Ban obvious troll shills ( → → → → ... ... ...)

Fuck you, you just hate leafs. Deal with it


We should at least allow mobile viewing instead of mobile posting to save images.

Yep. I walked right into that one. :P

>Fuck you, you just hate leafs.

Where is the moderation here? Didn't Sup Forums hire a bunch of janitors a few months ago?

I'm getting sick of all the bots and Sup Forums-tier spam that isn't being addressed.

I feel like they don't really care.
It's pretty weird actually desu.

Take a shower. Your ass is so cultured, it decided to start shitposting on Sup Forums

Alright what the fuck? /sig/ was just deleted. Those have been a fixture on Sup Forums for quite some time now.


Sup Forums is being raided by Goons. "What's a Goon?", you newfags may ask.

Good question. A Goon is a member of(or is associated with) a dying forum known as SomethingAwful. SA used to be a humor website and that was where Moot hung our before he created Sup Forums in 2003. Most of its members drank the SJW koolaid early on in the late 2000's and they HATE Sup Forums.
Notice how I said they hate Sup Forums? Well, they think we're offensive for one and they're also incredibly jealous of us being better at trolling than they are.
"Oh shit! I knew we were under attack!" is probably your natural response. Well good news! Goontards are incredibly easy to spot! Just look for:
>snarky liberal rhetoric
>bizarre barely comprehensible posts
>BLACKED spam (that's their favorite tactic)
>Bait with any of the above characteristics

And you know the best part? They hate getting exposed! All you need to do (besides reporting their garbage) is call the offending poster a Goon (or Goontard if you really want to piss them off). They want us to think they're CTR/ShareBlue/the JIDF but now you know who's REALLY behind the garbage that infests our board!

Spread this around and redpill as many newfags as possible. Goons have an entire community dedicated to shitting up various Chans.

>No more "general" threads on any topic
why do you want the board being flooded with shitloads of threads about the same topic?

my biggest wish is that mods actually start enforcing the rules. i'm sick and tired of seeing gazillions of blacked threads staying up all day yet threads about a political streams get b&hammered

Sup Forums has been infiltrated by cuckmods and cuckjanitors
it's like wtsnacks all over again

>calling to ban Syria general which has verifiably killed terrorists and trump general which "helped" get trump elected
One of these is undoubtably more important than the other. Trump generals are full of redditfags and Sup Forums autists who can't stop thinking of anime and awoo posting long enough to have rational conversations with. Trump generals are fucking useless and the only thing of worth is the OP post containing actual news and events

Ban all one line OPs.
Shut down threads where OP does not reply.
Autoban sleep posters.


Don't fucking BAN mobile posters. That's beyond retarded. People have jobs. People don't sit at a PC all day. We're not actually all NEETs.

I agree with everything else.


mods going full hotpockets today

Mods keep fucking banning Shareblue general, Safety Squads, /cfg/, and Pizzagate.

We're banned from actually doing anything important and the mods exist to contain our influence.

We need to overthrow the mods.

No not me, I can get laid any time. I don't come here to see nigger dick threads. I don't stare at porn pics, for kics. I want quality issues discussed.


I know. The mods are always babying Sup Forums and Sup Forums (judging from the ban logs) but they neglect places like Sup Forums and /k/. I saw a porn OP stay up on /k/ for 2 whole hours a couple months ago. This isn't a Sup Forums-exclusive issue.

kek'd and checked

No more Ancap and no more Pinochet, because he was a tool for the ((((neoliberals))))

general threads like /sg/ are some of the best threads over here

I agree with the rest

This. Rangeban all the troublemaking mobile IPs and watch the garbage disappear.

shitters are switching switching up their tactics:

>Sup Forums has been infiltrated by cuckmods and cuckjanitors
Goons in staff?

Snapchatyme is the new troll shill tactic. Just report.

Trash, and it's happened before. Those are literal bots. Do not reply. Bots don't see it.
Fuck it, don't REPORT. See how long it takes mods to respond.

It makes me sad to say this, but I agree. I've found no meat on the bones of any Trump general thread. Some here on Sup Forums are getting lazy, and those threads illustrate that point. Just don't touch /comfy/ threads.

Report all obvious bots. Mods actually delete those posts. The Snapchat bots are on Sup Forums as well according to /qa/.

>No mobile posting at all, whatsoever

I bet most people are posting while at work. 95% of the time I'm on here I'm at work. This board would be dead with some of these suggestions.

If you aren't oldfag enough to remember FYAD then you have no business posting about SA

In case anybody read this has missed it, moderators are banning both people who post those boards and people who bump them by replying to them.

Thanks Achmed, but t's the OP 1 poster that is indicative of shill/bot, not a random, browsing user, looking for habbenings.

Literally nothing good out of all those suggestions.

If you don't like what is being said, then leave and kys. We will discuss how we want, what we want, and on what platform we want. Fuck off jew!


Trump general threads were useful when we were working together to get him elected. Now that he's in, there's no reason to have a new thread every 30 minutes. It's just another after school clubhouse now.

>new rules will improve the quality of the board

wow weird how they never have huh?


threads, sure. posts? stop, do you know how annoying this is when you actually want to dump content? you contribute here right?

>no mobile posting

I'd like to be able to shitpost in the bathtub if I feel so inclined and I'll be damned if you take that right from me.

>No more obvious bait threads on e-celebs

e-celeb content is gay but it comes with the territory in this political climate where everyone is suddenly a philosopher. how do you gauge whether or not something is obvious bait? sounds like you just want to get rid of all the posts you don't like, well wouldn't we all?

>Ban obvious troll shills

leafs gonna leaf.

>no generals

ok enjoy a thousand Trump threads in the catalog, with a few Syrian ones sprinkled here and there. Did you even think this through?

>Close threads that get overly spammy, trolly and off-topic

in other words things you don't like, ok how about you fill out another janitor application instead of making these threads?

tl;dr rules are for fags, anyone who wants to give mods more power in the direction of this board is a fag-enabler.

Hey now. Chill.

>We need to overthrow the mods.

Is this a new tactic to get us to ignore shareblue/CTR/JIDF/etc? I wouldn't be surprised if goons were behind some of the garbage here but let's not ignore paid shills and whatnot either.

That kind of argument is why you have that numbers.

The scavenger hunts in SG are fucking awesome and you can discuss with people supporting diferent factions. Is pretty fun and interesting.

I like you burger, never change.

>no generals
(((somone's))) assrattled


Make it so nobody who wasn't here in 2005 can stay. Fuck you OP.

regarding the shill/troll stuff:

i like Sup Forums because of it's freedom of speech. i agree that shills are fucking annoying and need to be purged but i also like the shitposting on this site. i can express myself freely here. it happens a lot that you post something someone else does not like and you get called a shill.
deleting alleged shill posts should be limited to the most obvious ones

>according to /qa/

three seconds on Sup Forums and you'll see one of the threads


>i like Sup Forums because of it's freedom of speech

more like freedom of autistic screech, amirite :3

The sticky needs to be updated and there needs to be an increased cooldown for creating new threads.

New sticky should ban:
>Shitty one sentence OP's
>1 post by this ID (OP can't abandon their thread)
I'm not saying the shills aren't real. They definitely are but their presence on this board is overestimated. The real "shills" are a group of bitter SJW catladies who are dedicated to shitting up the Chans.

What if the mods enforce the rules already in place for starters...

They did have a use. Now it's a thread every 30 minutes about autists shooping the latest trump hats onto anime

Augusto "Ask the Jews" Pinochet

Last night...there were no mods. It was ridiculous.

come home white man
you know its where you belong

Get fucked

Then you'll have people getting banned for racism and attacking each other.
I shit you not, you'd hate this board if all the actual rules were highly enforced.