President Donald Trump has signed into law a bill that adds exploration of Mars as a NASA goa.l

Is he...dare I say it? Our guy?

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proofs or fake news

colonizing mars is good, but i wanna see asteroid mining. we can set up colonies that would be profitable. human desire to explore and move beyond is great, but if you can monetize it than youv'e really got a path to progress.

Implying Trump isn't Doom Guy
He's waiting for some jackass to open up the gates of hell and wants to go back to ripping and tearing
Kek bless me!

uno rato @ 0:47

>can't even admit climate change is a thing and has no basic grasp of science

Why don't you conservative retards leave the actual hard thinking to us educated Liberals? We know how much you hate education.

Maybe you should start building rockets first

>Canadian intellectuals telling us about smart thinking after they brought in niggers that literally fan flames to put them out instead of accepting free aid from super powers to out out a wildfire that ravaged their country
You really activated my almond burger

>admits to being a liberal
heres your (((you))) you puppet

Reddit isn't a college course l**f

oh shit checked

>climate changes
no fucking shit. it has been for generations.


Oy vey goyim! (((NASA))) needs shekels to explore (((space)))!

He just proposed cutting nasa's budget, getting to Mars seems like a non-starter.

(((Space))) is fake news. Fuck NASA.

You sound like a liberal. Neither of those are financially possible. Rocket fuel costs more than any natural resource. So using rocket fuel to get natural resources is just a waste of money and resources.

There's no economic activity that requires people in space. That's why the space age ENDED.



>No links

once again. everyone in this thread is fucking retarded except me.

>You sound like a liberal. Neither of those are financially possible
Finance has nothing to do with it. (((Space))) is a scam and (((NASA))) is Jewing us all.

More space bullshit?

Do you believe the physical fact that CO2 levels cause global temperatures to rise?

((("""climate change""")))

Fuck off.

It used to be flat, Iluvatar made the world round to prevent man or anyone from ever reaching Valinor again after sauron had corrupted them. it's also why numenor fell into the sea.

>death riding a horse that barfs toxic waste

that's so metal.

rockets do not work in space
I mean if space really was a vacuum
Reality is space doesn't even exist.

No, but chemtrails do

Holy shit that video my sides.

No but seriously, go ice skating and throw a ball and try not to be moved by newton's second law, bitch.

This is a special kind of Autism.

>he doesn't know the 3rd law of motion of Newton
You don't even know the very science you are supposed to defend, or is it that you know it very well that you directly jump to ad hominem?
meat for thoughts.

This is a GOOD thing.

How are we going to afford it? How can we send people to Mars without them dying?

>queen of hearts but its black

clearly meant to be a queen of spades

fucking kek

Now I'm picturing a gigantic shop vac orbiting the solar system

Yes you fucking retard, because they arent 'chemtrails', just gasses released by most things with a motor

no explanation provided, just ad hominem
shills BTFO as usual.

how do you explain this?

Wait, so you DO know about the laws of motion but this video still stumps you? How the fuck?


You are a moron. People can see them every fucking day with their own eyes.

>there's more moisture at lower altitudes
>so bigger clouds form.

You one of those muslim frogs?

2nd law of motion says
>The second law explains how the velocity of an object changes when it is subjected to an external force.

the rocket isn't subjected to an external force, it produces the force. 2nd law doesn't apply here.

3rd law of motion says
>The third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, if object A exerts a force on object B, then object B also exerts an equal force on object A.

problem is there is no object B, space is a vacuum.


new Sup Forums is shit

I've heard this is from nuclear testing user. Likely more so correlated with nuke testing than anything.

alright im a flat earther but this is not the tack you want to take
the balloon is not making an explosion, rockets use liquid oxygen and other shit, and you need oxygen for an explosion
so make a capsule of liquid oxygen, some fuel, place THAT in a vacuum and see if the explosion

>ad hominem
You might want to look up the definition of ad hominem, as there isn't one anywhere in my above statement.

While you're at it, you might want to look up the definition of "vacuum" too; in particular, pay attention to the fact that there are multiple meanings.

>problem is there is no object B, space is a vacuum.

A rocket engine works by controlling an explosion and sending the exploded material out the back. Object B is the Propellant.

more moisture at lower altitude, moron.

>>can't even admit climate change is a thing and has no basic grasp of science

>planet gets realy hot and then realy cold in a circle for thousands and thousands of years

>but this time its you goys fault

Trump should ban all Nuclear research and enforce it with the military might he has at his disposal.

>I'm a flat earther

What's it like being literally retarded

So you say the same object is object A and B
You have to be the brightest shill in town.

Then why don't rainclouds form up there? Just stratus clouds made of wispy ice.

I guarantee we wouldn't have this kind of shit if Hillary was elected. Thank you, Donald, you're making me happy.

There is more evidence for a flat Earth than there is for a sphere Earth.

Object A is the Rocket Engine, Object B is the Propellant. The Rocket Engine throws the propellant out the back, and both are accelerated in opposite directions in accordance with newton's third law.


There is no evidence for a sphere.
outside CGIs and staged footages from the space agencies which are not evidences but forgeries.
There is no curvature anywhere

What would be the gain from them keeping it a secret?

>what is perspective


He just became my guy

Space is our future. I'm glad someone realizes that again.

You were proved wrong here already
A rocket works by producing a reaction force, as soon as you remove the reaction force (using a vacuum) there is no thrust anymore
it is right there in that clip. Dismiss the proof all you want, I don't care.

>I've heard this is from nuclear testing user. Likely more so correlated with nuke testing than anything.
There is a sharp increase there well before nuke testing.

>muh dyson sphere megagiga space wall

Let's face it, he wants to make a grandiose speech about going to Mars like Kennedy's famous moon speech.
Unlike Kennedy however, he really does deserve a bullet.

click the link

hiding God.
If the Earth is flat, modern sciences are crap and Earth was created.


They train underwater? That's what this is likely.

>drumpf promised to raise nasa budget
>cuts everything else and places it on more useless military

well played donald duck, well played.

Yeah m8 chuck a few more tril on the deficit that'll make merga gr8 again rite?!?!? *shart*

Post YFW world turtles are real.

NASA pays for itself several fold in biproduct tech

Wow that's retarded.

if this video made any sense then planets couldn't have atmospheres...

You aren't looking at matter and force.

If you held a grenade in space and it blew up... you think you would stand still? no you would drift away from the explosion.


>tfw he really becomes the God Emperor


I'm seeing this trick a lot now—calling a topic nupol to silence and divide. Fuck off shill

the absolute state of this thread

Anytime flat earthers get to shitposting its over.

maybe trump has secret info on an artifact that was found


You have been proven wrong. Stop trolling.


NASA needs to stop spending money on discovering planets and stars thousands or millions of years away that we can never reach and focus on the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Jovian moons and Saturnian moons. Also nearby exoplanets (

WTF I love Fukushima now

Focus on them for what? There's nothing on them worth the cost. There's no economic activity that requires humans in space.

>President Trump signs S442, the NASA transition authorization act today. The bill increases NASA’s budget to $19.5 billion and directs the agency to focus on human exploration of deep space, including a manned mission to Mars.



Nobody here is an astronaut. This is footprints and flags at best. Nobody is ever going to live on mars.

>useless military
As expected of Sweden.

There's tons of resources in space, you nincumpoop

>heh, leave the science to us drumpftards
>*stares at pictures labeled "male genitalia" and "female genitalia" in confused disgust*

Name a resource worth it's weight in rocket fuel.

Protip: There is nothing. Not platinum, not gold, not neodymium, nothing.

We pull 1 billion tons of ore out of the earth every year and we've got thousands of years left. The only resource we're running out of is oil, but there's none in the solar system aside from fucking Titan, and it's way too far out to be a net energy source.

holy shit is this for real

I'm jejing toppest here


Basically this.

From where? Please god tell me you didn't think Moon was a documentary?

Helium 3 is present in very trace amounts on the lunar surface. That is true! What does trace mean though? Fifty Parts Per BILLION.

Do the math. We'd have to mine and process 150 million tons of lunar regolith to recover 1 ton of helium 3 and you can bet your sweet patoot that ain't a net energy gain.

You can't do shit to Mars unless you significantly increase its mass.
You can't terraform it because it doesn't have enough gravity to keep common molecules that make up Earth's atmosphere. They're just lost to the vacuum of space.

Even if it's just footprints, the improvements in tech we'll make doing that will help a lot, look at what moon landings did for new materials research and computer technology. Space race 2 electric boogaloo