Be early african

>be early african
>told by ayyliens that domestication of animals rockets progress of society
>go to domesticate animals in the plains
>fucking lions eat my children
>go to domesticate animals near the jungle
>fucking tigers eat my children
>cousins leave and go to europe
>they prosper from easily domesticated animals and lack of big land predators
>other cousins leave to asia
>horses help them conquer nature and progress as society
>try to domesticate zebra
>faggot bites me and kicks me in the face because it's a wildly different animal from horse
>try to live off the land
>barren hot as fuck wasteland with just diamonds and natural gases no one will need for hundreds of years
>accept that I will live a simple life
>get called a dumb nigger by cousins great great great great great great great great great gret great great great great great great grandchildren

>He Actually believes that Humans originated from Niggers.

Lol, I'm pretty sure European winters are a lot tougher than Soothing African Hungles Abundant with Fruit and Vegetation with a clean and unlimited water supply.
Every play ARK: Survival Evolved?
All the noobs play in the jungle because it's easier.

Blacks are confirmed the Noobs of Human Survival.


Also OP
It wasn't easy to Live when everything died and froze over for 1/4th - 2/4th of every Year.

>implying the 'blabber gadabder' of the niggers incomprehensible niggerspeak could be translated even in modern alien translators.

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I would like to investigate further with this theory.

Europeans and Asians did not originate from niggers. Niggers, Asians and Europeans did originate from the same ancestor though, which was basically an anthropoid ape. Some of these apes stayed in Africa and became niggers, while others migrated to Europe and Asia and became humans.

You're dumb as fuck

>there are no large predators in Europe
your face when i've been on a wolf hunt and tasted a bearsteak?

>be african
>complain how easy Europeans had it
>remember that early pre nubian egyptians domesticated all the same plants/animals Europeans did, but using african flora/fauna


>they prosper from easily domesticated animals
Early domestication was difficult everywhere

>lack of big land predators
Humans were at the top of the food chain everywhere by the Neolithic.

>barren hot as fuck wasteland
Nope, there's plenty of temperate regions suitable for agriculture.

>Bloob bloo animals too hard
>Meanwhile in South America


And even if that was true, it still wouldn't change the fact that intelligence was not as big of a factor in survival, in Africa as it was in Europe. Africans evolved to be more physically strong, while Europeans evolved to be smarter. You can't change that fact by simply sending niggers to high school in the modern age.

american edukeshn

Nigga please, the earliest Europeans and Asians had to deal with super predator bears and direwolves, not to mention the incredibly harsh and unforgiving winter.

to be honest italian weather doesent differ much from that of north african

Africa has a shit ton of very fertile, arable land. They could at the very least simply grow something simple like weed (like Morocco does) to sustain themselves
>they can't even put a fucking seed into ground to grow a fucking leaf

>africa is a wasteland meme

>tigers eat my kids
>I'm in Africa

Pick one

Europe had lions too. But they went extinct

Africa is actualy even more fertile than Europe.

There where certain African tribes that did have basic agriculture, but they weren't really negro's. The Hottentotten for Example. Most of these tribes were later genocided by negro's.

One of the worst arguments I've seen by other anons on nogs, is that Africa was easy to survive, while Europe required planning, was cold, etc. Africa is one of the most dangerous places on earth because of the hazards OP jokes about. In Europe, people were at the top of the food chain, not so in Africa.

>Europe and Asia never had dangerous animals
>it was just one big paradise of fertile land, while Africa was a shithole desert

yah nah, learn your history and geography.

If you want to blame something other than the inferiority of your race and your genocidal and insane tribal culture, blame tropical diseases like Malaria or sleeping sickness.

and Europeans just started off at the top of the foodchain right? They didn't fight for it?

user, I'm not looking for a fight here. I just think the Europe was hard, Africa was easy argument is really bad and has serious holes.


Lions only were extinct in Europe in Roman times. You are a dumb nignog