True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #475

It's Taco Tuesday! Stocks slip as oil slides. MSM spins James Comey's testimony to create Fake News that POTUS was lying. FBI to investigate far-Right" websites for Russia ties. Republicans have a lot on the line w/ Healthcare bill vote (POTUS tries to sell it). MSM spins Federal funding cuts on "Meals on Wheels." White House considering sweeping sanctions on North Korea. Tillerson to skip meeting of NATO foreign ministers, but will travel to Russia and Italy. US lawmakers urge Trump to support 'Rebuilding' in Iraq, if ISIS is driven out? And Marine LePen debates her political counterparts lasting over 3 1/2 hours. Ghost goes off on how trolls have killed Internet Freedom! Your calls, Twitter shoutouts and (MAYBE) Radio Graffiti.

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ghost will make Israel great again

inb4 ghsot taking credit for ''''''''predicting''''' a downturn

*tips menorah*

Looks like we're in for a good show

U guys have anti inner circlejerk twitter names ready? uts 115 shekels this tme

You think he'd get "Eichenwald2Buchenwald" as a twitter name or would it go right over his head?

>4 sold already

its been up a day, think he'll sell all of them?

The Arabian Prince will by all the slots that don't sell in order to increase his influence over Ghost

And the line appears to be dead...

Not showing up on BTR/ghost

So what new thing did everyone learn today?

I learned that a "util" is a the unit for measuring utility at my University's econ class today.

That's pretty good. I'd be willing to bet he'd get it.

Anyone else having trouble getting on? Is this part of the DDOS Ghost was talking about?

his twitter isnt updated either

No blogtalk today where is the pony penetrating u tube stream.

>No blogtalk today where is the pony penetrating u tube stream.
he streams off blogtalk too lol

What's going on? This has never happened before

he calls ghost

Link to Alex Jones? Ghost is just a direct copy of his narrative anyway.


I'm having trouble too.
What's going on?

>mfw JIDF finally got him

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the show will be delayed today. Sorry for the inconvenience. #Ghost

does this mean i get to be productive for a whole day?

He's probably DDOSing himself, either that or Mrs. Albin forgot to pay the electricity bill.

what the FUCK??????????

Templeton shit on the carpet right as Ghost was getting ready to go live

>Sent: 134 days ago

He probably shat on the switchboard

Where is that Mexican horse humper at? That pony penile inserter.

we gonna spam his twitter with templeton/butter shit?

ghost overdosed


hes been sober for 2 days, i wonder what happened

He tried to stay sober for 2 days


He realized only 200 retarded horsefucking man children and 2 traps listened to him.

I got my pics

At least I have u guys to bantz with.


not for long

>yfw this is the last tweet he ever sends
>he was typing it up right when he saw the CIA at his door
>he managed to send it before he went out like bill cooper


hes hooked on gifs now

Why are u joining the Israeli army to bang all those hot Jew girls they post online?

Albin died for your sins

Don't every change (((G)))

>not forcing a Palestinian chick to give you head or you'll bulldoze her home

Pretty sure those girls are for propaganda.
The actual girls are built like a truck.

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

Ever,,,, man I really need to clean the semen out of this keyboard.

some tanks look better than some of the girls

Who 'member the last time this happened?

>not bulldozing het home after anyway.

Next your going to tell me all the Japanese anime girl helicopter pilots are fake.

I used to chat with Ghost during his Paltalk days back in 2011

I remember one time he told a story about how his son was into ghetto rap and was acting like a wigger so he took him to a black ghetto and dropped him off for a few minutes. He said he saw him crying as he drove off

Welp, this is what happens when Ghost stops drinking

how else will Japanese military channel their inner autism?

While Ghost is late during the 1st hour. i gotta cover markets for Sup Forums capitalists.

First up. the index markets

No wonder his son became a tranny



we've been bamboozled!


I grew up going to a middle school full of niggers so I never had any illusions about them being cool.

now talk about how right u were all along and that a total market collapse is happening now

Here's how I imagine it went down

>Hahaha, what's goin' on folks, it's taco tu-
*car driving up*
>Yo, the hell was that?
>You sons of bitches better have not sent them at me, ya understand me?
>They're comin' up to the door, folks. I have no idea what they're doing. They walking out here, and-
*knock knock*
>NO! GET AWAY! Let me get my gun out here for christ's sake.
*they break down the door*
*templeton barking*
*ghost shoots one of the agents*
*all of the agents aim at ghost
>Uh oh..
*they all shoot him unanimously*
*ghost goes into cans.wav one last time and before dying*

What about the crypto-currencies?
And what should we do to Starcucks?

Metals! Let's talk about the metalssss
Corn baby! You gotta keep the husks on the corn!
Coffee is down. I guess you fruitbowls won't be getting your starcucks today

what about rough rice?

Oakland is almost all white now.

Dude's probably freaking out over
>But two months into the Trump presidency, Mr. Stone, known for his pinstripe suits, the Nixon tattoo spanning his shoulder blades and decades of outlandish statements, is under investigation for what would be his dirtiest trick — colluding with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton and put his friend in the White House.
The article was published, strangely, minutes before the tweet about the delayment.

Dude's probably enacting protocol zero.


Not in the 90s it wasn't

Where is Distillings breakfast pic?
WOW looks like bitcoin gained 6%, must be because of baseless speculation,, guess, baseless speculation !


You see there. the markets went crazy. Remember the Dow Jones 20K? It's all a trap. Since the final hour of the trading day. They didn't make the dip is gone. The winds are normal and the wave is gone.

Make the dip, ride the waves.

and of course. According as I watch Citynews on Citytv Toronto right. Richard from 680News told about the donald trump stock sell-off.

Here's the article about that.

and that's all i say about the markets as i saved the first hour of True Capitalist Radio for you Sup Forums Capitalists.

Portugal shill go away.

I used to like the West Marine there next to the freeway and that coast guard island. Now it's all hipster lofts.

Any proof that that's Ghost?

Thanks leaf



Protocol zero?

and a Ghost death splice was born...
hopefully starring ABS as the lead CIA agent

Ghost is a black man in a wheel chair who goes by the handle Lone Star.

>Ghost working for the government

This is him from Christmas last year

leave Tom alone

Dr. Ghost, I'm SRB

Looks Jewish, might be Ghost after all.

No show today, butter overdose, rest in hambone

Nah, it first got canceled now it's just delayed


Alex Jones under investigation of the FBI that must have worried Ghost.

Ghostie Goo has been delayed

trolls have never killed freedom, trolls if anything are one of our greatest allies in preserving the free internet


Thanks for the timely update Distilling