Did this Happen? why not?

Posted earlier. Anyone know what's going on?

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Thread probably got slid.

Was this the Dennis Montgomery leaks?

Anyone have info?

If this is true America is in a worse state than nearly anyone realizes. Everybody who knows about that and they didn't tell trump or anyone in his camp? It has to be leaked publicly? Of course they might not be able to leak to trumps group without being caught so public is all they have but how likely is that?

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maybe i should buy a bullet proof vest after all



I hope none of you actually think anybody would leak information to fucking Sup Forums. If you do, you're fucking retarded. If you don't, you're a fucking LARPer and you need to die.


Nobody leaked anything. Thread was abt WikiLeaks next drop.

Nope. It was another LARP. It was supposed to happen today. i was disappointed but now i am just very, very sleepy. And so are you. We are getting so sleepy.

ill believe it when it happens.

of course nothing happened, i saw a thread on this last night. someone just larping for some (you)'s.

I'm SURE somebody with inside knowledge of wikileaks would post here!!!! IM SURE OF IT


How are you so certain?

Because I'm not retarded enough to think ANYBODY would share inside knowledge on Sup Forums when we literally have hundreds of LARPfags every god damn week claiming to be super 1337 agent.

Because the threads relating to the screencap said the files would have been released by now.

It was something like "new leaks coming in 14 hours"

How is hiding shit from the next president legal? Obama is beyond retarded. These idiots better come up with muh Russians proof soon or else bigly scandal.

Too early.

How is a screencap of a pol post enough proof for you to believe it?

Heard it before. How does reading a reply make you assume a bunch of retarded gay shit?

I almost believed it until I read hit-lists

Superiority complex along with autism and no social awareness.

>There has never been inside knowledge shared on an (((anonymous))) imageboard before
>And certainly not on one with hundreds of thousands of users

You aren't one of those Swedes who sees multiculti as a good thing by any chance are you?

>if this is true

There you go, you autistic loser.

Fucking hell.


Probably made sense to yourself.

>An Australian spy agency says it has no way of knowing who has obtained a "highly sensitive" report meant for our top allies after it was allegedly leaked by a junior defence bureaucrat on an online forum.

>In an embarrassing security breach, a 21-year-old Department of Defence graduate allegedly managed to download a secret Defence Intelligence Organisation assessment, burn it to a disc, take it home and post it to anonymous image-sharing forum Sup Forums while praising Julian Assange as his hero.


this CIA put your seatbelt on we release some big leaks. Here just a taste

Wouldn't even surprise me if that's true.

The Swiss LARPer said it would happen 14:00, which in almost all time zones has already fucking passed.

It was fake and gay.

When the fuck is the next vault 7 leaks coming out?

>Due to security reasons and personal intervening the planned release was postponed.

Reminder that everything that happens in the white house is recorded that's why Melania is staying at probably the only place in the US that isn't bugged.


>"Plus to my dismay I just got a bunch of 'fake and gay' remarks and the
>secret documents went 404 [website not found] about 4 comments 1 hour
>later," he allegedly posted.

Daily Sup Forums Sliding Business

its a larp thread, heres the archive