When did you realise Hitler did literally nothing wrong?


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When I read a book.

name one thing he did right


Fixed the German Economy.

When I saw all the degeneracy on tv

Transformed post-ww1 Germany into the biggest military power of the world

I always knew.

>Hitler did nothing wrong
>the holocaust didn't happen
Sup Forums btfo

Told jewish banks to fuck off

He did make some bad decisions, like declaring war on America and not leaving enough time before winter to invade Russia and kill the commie cunts.

*The Holocaust didn't happen because Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany.

Fixed it for you.

Hitler did lots of things wrong. Just not the things that most people say he did.


Well, he lost. So there's that

If the British had aligned with him like he wanted we'd be in a very different world.

this, education.

(pic related triggers the shills, use it wisely)


Since I heard about him in primary school.

Oh shit, God i've been brainwashed.

When i realized he can't be bad


He did everything wrong cause he lost the war which caused this fucked up p.c. mentality of whites which is the main reason why everything is fucked. fuck him.


By taking loans from jews
which they wanted back
Which he had to purge so he didn't have to pay back
Which he did but he lost a war so he paid all of it and ten times more back.
Still haven't paid it back.

Hitler is like Greeks on steroids.

It's a trap!

>all posted videos blocked in my cunt

Keep drinking that Jew propoganda. WWII in Europe was white people fighting other White people.

What in the fuck is wrong with you mentally ill retards

German soldiers killed canadian soldiers and you faggot defend their leader

Your grandfather is turning in his grave

About the topic, he lost the fucking war, thats what he did wrong

That war wasn't about countries. It was a struggle between good and evil. Evil won. Didn't matter if you were Canadian, German, Spanish. We all lost in the end.

not yet

I don't like how Hitler supported Islam, I mean what did he find moral about that satanic religion?

theres no good and evil

it was our interests vs the rest of the worlds interests (ie da jooz)

But youre right that both world wars were gigantic losses for every country involved, like some gigantic brotherwar


My Grandfather was told lies his entire life.

Nice points. I don't see a single citation though!

I don't even give a fuck. Jews being butthurt for almost a century now spreading their whiny shit to all liberals is annoying as fuck. Piss me off so much I want to gas them.

Why do I need a citation in the era of post-truth?

If I market it enough it will be the truth.


so what
mine probably too
still both fought for their country

difference is I dont even know who your president? or else was at the time

Spot posting this stupid meme

>Hitler wanted the Jews out of Germany.

Hitler literally said he was going to destory the jewish race in Europe. Seriously, whats up with you and lying?

If Hitler is so great, then why do you guys have to lie about him in order to make him sound good?

America declared war on Germany.

He did everything wrong you dumb fucking idiot!
He lost and his actions in the end fucked up Europe irreversibly.

No they didnt. Once again, stormfags have NO idea what the fuck they are talking about.

He was good looking, the red-pill drained him.

>Implying the Holocaust is real.

Jews would have been out of Europe because they got sent to Palestine.

I stand corrected
Fuck off you silly twat.

Do some research dumb goy.

Well he did nothing worse than george bush did in Iraq.

American goverment sent their yacht full of people to dangerous area even after german embassy warned them it may be destroyed. Your president knew they will sink it, you fucking retard. He wanted to join war

I'm assuming Wikipedia isn't lying to me here but USA declared on Germany a few hours after Germany declared on the USA.

>American education at its finest

Go read what they didn't teach you in (((school))).

>Current year
>Not self educating with the entire collective of humanity at your fingertips


>Jews would have been out of Europe because they got sent to Palestine.

except this plan was never actualized fully and outright ended fully in 1942 and then they were massacred. Again, Hitler outright said he was going to destroy the jewish race.

Why would they shoot jews on site and also execute anyone caught helping them if uncle adolf dindu nuffin?

What a handsome young fag :^)

my friend pewdiepie told me

Germany declared war on America. Its hillarious how stupid the average stormfag is that they dont even know this.

Go back to posting your le maymays and stop pretending you know anything about history


only because we were capturing their submarines

My Great Grandfather fought for the survival of Great Britain.
He thought that Hitler wanted to take over the world when all that Hitler wanted was to unite Germany and secure resources for a proud and happy Germany.

They were put in lebor camps that collapsed when German got bombed to smithereens and they starved. Wanasee Conference was to decide what to do with the Jewish workers after the war on the East came to a halt.

Named the jew


>trying to move the goalpost after you get called out on your lie

And even then, this is bullshit to. For all your bitching about "lying kikes" you guys sure do act exactly like them with all these lies you through out.

Im sure this shit might work on the average Sup Forumstard, but not on anyone with even a little bit of historical knowledge

>caring about jews

Invading Russia in the dead of winter is the definition of idiotic.

The Americans wanted a war with Germany but didn't declare war on them outright.

He didn't invade during Winter.


>They were put in lebor camps that collapsed when German got bombed to smithereens and they starved.

So you finally concede to the fact that you were wrong about them all just being deported. Got it.

As for your "muh supply lines" excuse, it also doesnt hold up. So please tell me why exactly the allies had NO trouble at all shipping in medical supplies and food to these camps, especially when their locations were secret for the most part.

Also, you didnt explain that pic I posted that said any jew caught outside would be killed, as would anyone caught helping them. Why would the govenment report something like that? Also, why would Hitler say he was going to destroy the jewish race?

Why would they even write creepy shit like this, talking about how to best castrate them?

bitch please, he trusted Goebel and the idiot who didn't stop the russia winter mistake.


KEEp it going

Germany declared war on America. You guys were lying and got called out.

If Hitler is so great, then why do you constantly lie about him?


Not an argument. Please answer my questions.

You're a funny shill

Gave jobs to 6 Million Germans.
And got rid of 6 Million poisonous Lizardmen.

No you're not looking for an actual answer you're just here to be a fag

>So you finally concede to the fact that you were wrong about them all just being deported. Got it.
That was the plan for when the war was done. The Jews in the camps made armament, they were put to work like the Japanese in America.

He probably said those things because he wanted the Jews to leave Germany.


youre shitposting and refusal to engage in a little debate doesnt really make you look like anything else other than a coward user.

the truth doesnt fear investigation, so why are you so hostile to open discussion about your ideas? Are you angry at me for forcing you to actually think about this?


Biggest mistake: Dunkirk

It all kinda spiraled down from there.

If he would have just let them generals do their jobs...

Drumpflkins eterntally BANNED the frog out


When the lies came out about Gaddafi and Saddam - then you realize, it was the West who vehemently supported both of them.

Saddam gassed the Kurds? Its bless, Churchill said so.

Even with the election; the revelation that it was actually Hildebeast, that funded those Rebels that overthrew Gaddafi - then had weapons moved over to Syria? Could Jihadi John have been her project? I wouldnt be suprised in the slightest if he was actually a Western backed operative; Theyve funded most groups from the 60s with the Taliban to now with the FSA and Al-Nusra - "interventionalism" i think they call it.

Didnt Western Jew bankers loan Hitler dollar too?!

The more you look at history; the more bleak you realize it actually is.

I don't care what you think

>The Jews in the camps made armament, they were put to work like the Japanese in America.

No they werent. This is a giant false equivalency. FDR never said he was going to destroy the Japanese race. Nor did he order death squads to kill these japs. Nor did he tattoo their arms like cattle. In fact, some japanese americans from these camps actually volunteered to fight for America


Why would the nazi camps have a massive amount of ovens to burn bodies unless they were planning for a mass amount of deaths? why would they make something like Aktion 14f13 if it was simply ruined supply lines? Again, the allies had no problem shipping in supplies to these camps once they were found



user, I wish that he did holocaust the Jews. I wish that we were rid of them.

why? you're just here to fag it up.

Only half true. England was a nation too, but with out the National Socialism, that made the German Empire so unique.

>FDR never said he was going to destroy the Japanese race. Nor did he order death squads to kill these japs. Nor did he tattoo their arms like cattle.


Those Numbers, checked

>Sup Forums fails to make an argument

you can't make this shit up! xDD

>First pic
Implying this is real and not a fake, it was wartime and jews were seen as an enemy. Japanese people disobeying FDRs concentration order would have most likely been shot by the general populace of Americans as well. And just because FDR ordered their concentration doesn't mean they were massacred, just like Hitler.

>muh supply lines
That's not the argument. The argument is that a nation that has been just about destroyed can't bring goods to its prisoners that it needs much more on the front lines to sustain the war effort. Stop deliberately misrepresenting their arguments you kike.

>castration pic
Provide me proof that this is a real nazi document and in anyway relevant to the concentration camp discussion.

>Always lying about Hitler
I'd double check who is lying here, shill. While they were incorrect about the technicality of who declared war on who you cannot deny FDR was itching to join the allies in their crusade across Europe. The lend-lease act is a perfect example of the false sense of "neutrality" the US supposedly exhibited.

This user gets it

Why would you tattoo people before killing them?

The war is still ongoing to this day.