Really makes you think

Really makes you think

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natural gas can do that to a country

You cant forget Glendale, Ca.
looks pretty nice to me

>No oil
Really didn't roach

It's not the worst

I have an Armenian friend and he's the biggest scumbag. He sells weed and always trys to fuck you over, drives a BMW and is sketchy as fuck

Why are Armenians like this? They are almost like poor Jews

Muslims really are the master race.

Islam + Capitalism= best society hands down

>no oil
really motivates your prefrontal cortex

Are there any real germans left?

Armenia looks better on that pic

Well they do say it takes two jews to trick an Armenian


>Still get hand chopped off for taking a loaf of bread

the crude, a way of life

>Hi I'm a German

Honestly is every German flag on Sup Forums crypto-sandnigger diaspora?

Sta si reko?

>az export

Kek never heard of this. Fucking Armenians man. They are Jews in disguise

Yeah and Baku literally smells like an oil refinery.

>unclassified transactions
ehh, they selling uranium?

>islam + oil + slavery = best society for the royal family


Yeah, stealing a loaf of bread should result in no less than 19 years hard labor.


same but albanians



Not at all!
We are as cucked as Germany, we just don't brag about it and try to hide it.

we killed them one after the other. No more germans remain.

They are going to be fucked when the gas runs out


"the child"

thats what oil and shit will do for ya

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

Both were done by russians during soviet times and both went to savage shit after 91

Monarchy when

at least you no longer have to sink money in them

Well, if methanol production takes off.
They'll still be in good hands.

Redpill me on Albanians. I've never met one, I am quite redpilled on the Armenian question because of that friend I mentioned, but I often hear people talking about how Albanians are another sketchy type of people but I know nothing of them

Their flag is cool though

>photo taken at golden hour
>photo taken at high noon

really excited my almonds

we still do. nothing changed.

Its not actually like that but ok. You can't/wont get your hands cut off for stealing food

it doesn't, but Azerbaijan just looks like typical gyppo lowlife 'look at how rich we aren't kitschy bullshit.


Haha this! Armenians are like fucking Jews.

I know they do it in Saudi Arabia.
As for the other countries of the Arab peninsula I have no clue. They never mention them here.

Klaus you realize the Turks are to blame for this.

How much is a bus ride from Baku to Stepanakert



In all fairness the old city of Baku is really amazing.

Not for stealing food. Also Saudi has good social welfare so there is no need to steal food anyway


Yeah. Been friends with this kid and when I buy weed off of him he still trys to fuck me over. I always bring beer to his house and smoke him up for free but whenever he comes to my house he insists that I have to pay him for his weed or his alcohol

This guy literally comes to my house with weed and smokes in front of me and when I ask to hit it he tells me I need to pay him. I argue with the kike for like 20 minutes and then he finally agrees to smoke with me. Fucking Armenians man

Dammit delete this shit

>Using night photos when comparing them with day pictures

Everything looks better at night

then why are you in germany instead of saudi arabia achmed

That's what she said


I want to ride that tram.

fuck this shit its GAME TIME
>go to Snapchat Y .me
>leak celeb
>post results

Looks working class to me.

azerbaijan is a turko-caucus rape factory that is one of the least known about tax havens and investment dumps for the ultra rich from around the world.

UAE is a more Islamized version of Azerbaijan even though both are majority populations.

the picture of Israel is actually showing the Palestinian side.

Have been to both countries and armenia is way better. Azeris are shit-tier turks that act like criminals and are ridiculously butthurt that they got btfo by Armenia in the 90s

I grew up around them. They can be pretty shitty people. They're also very tribal. My family never learned to trust them like the Jews.

The funny thing is that the Armenians I knew talked shit about Jews haha.


The ruling class literally owns the country and hoards the oil wealth. It's not like any other dictatorship. Normal people are as poor as armenians.

>Breaking the NAP
You are lucky you only lose your hand, you should lose your life



>The funny thing is that the Armenians I knew talked shit about Jews haha.

Not even fucking kidding my friends dad would always joke around with us about "never trusting a Jew" and stuff. That's a weird coincidence kek


>what is oil
>check flag
do something about your roach infestation germans

Not to bring up conspiracy theories, but is it true that Ilham is gay? There is a meme going about the infamous "blue pool" in the restaurant his family owned in Baku. He used to partake in sadomasochist activities and noy other clan wanted to marry their daughters to him. The Aliyevs later on became very powerful and they fixed him Mehriba, who has sexual affairs with Lukasheno of Belarus.


>I always bring beer to his house and smoke him up for free but whenever he comes to my house he insists that I have to pay him for his weed or his alcohol
wat? I would hit him if he did that with me

What a bitch ass you are


hehe xd nice meeem

worst drivers in this city

I've been chilling with him since I was young. I just argue with the nigger until he stops acting like a jew

I would rather live in a shithole where it is daytime than a successful city where it is always night.

I'll just leave this here...