And just like that, Trumps wall became the laughing stock of the world

and just like that, Trumps wall became the laughing stock of the world

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Drumpf utterly BTFO.

He may never recover.

>Climate change will make the desert even hotter and more deadly for mexicans to cross so in twenty years we won't even need one





Hi guys! like my style?!

win win

This isn't GoT, and our wall won't be made of Ice. Sorry.

>If you build the wall, Al Gore wins

Holy shit
We need suicide watch for all the drumpfsters

Am I stupid or something? I have no clue what the retard in OP's pic is trying to say.

>if climate change is real we probably cant stop it, it'll flood liberals in coastal cities, and it'll roast mexicans, africans, middle east...
And democrats expect us to spend tons of money fighting climate change?

>Am I stupid or something?
check your flag Drumpflet
is is Burger??
then yes you are

the wall is there for their protection

>check your flag Drumpflet
>is is Burger??
Duhhhhh muh flag swag

>is is Burger??

hearty kek, but you still have to go back pablo

What will climate change do to the wall?
Why the fuck don't I understand

kek yea

47 replies wondering wtf he's talking about

Remind me again what herds of animals do when climate change gradually makes their environment unsuitable for their lifestyle?

This. The wall is a kindness.

I think Sean meant, "Race war is going to make that wall obsolete before its even finished"

I dont get what he's trying to say

>Climate Change


This doesn't warrant a fucking thread, sage or you're a faggot

Get gunned down when they try to move onto my land.

What the fuck does that even mean? Mexico is going to be an ocean... or... something?

What's that mean?

It means that we should drop every single thing in the world to focus on climate change according to the retarded millennials that were brainwashed to think that it's the worst thing ever.

Climate Change is real, guys. No joke.

Also, the polarity of the globe is going to shift and the magnetosphere gets all fucked up. This will completely mess up the migration patterns of birds, whales, and even Hispanics.

... Climate change is coming...

The wall will be a godsend. Europe on the other hand will be terminally blacked.

my take is that the excess heat will cause some sort of mutation in mexicans where they will grow wings or w/e

Checked and corroborated.

Don't worry britbro.

America will preserve and carry the memory of you with us.

(((Climate change)))

Literally what did he mean by this?

wall was mentioned. ergo picture of a .. sort of wall.