Knives and cucks

How does it feel when you can't buy or carry a shitty chink double sided otf automatic knife in your country.
>muh guns
knives are most basic kind of weapon

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Got me a cheap ass otf lightning
guaranteed to spook

people with knives get shot...

>literally bringing a knife to a gun fight

oh Polan......

>not being skilled at unarmed combat

bin that knife and get a life

I'm not talking about effectiveness becaues it's pointless. different weapons have different usages.
i'm just wondering why "more dangerous" knives are outlawed in uk, germny etc. You can get permission for gun but not fur knide. You are cucks.

It's whatever, just get a gun instead.

Let me tell you something about real life. Knives are terrible self defense weapons. Why? Because no one wins in a knife fight. I feel sorry for you nogunz having to carry around knives knowing you will more times than not, get fucked up yourself "defending" yourself. Knives aren't as efficient as movies make them out to be. You can see evidence of this in any "knife fight" video you can see online. This is amplified if the person in question is bigger and/or stronger than you. And then if they have a gun, well sweet dreams user.

Knives are a tool.

Knives are a shit tier weapon.

Almost no one really wins a knife fight, their effeciveness as a wrapon is of a mugger threarening an unarmed victim.

Two people get into a knife fight. Two people need a trip to the hospital assuming they both don't bleed out or die from organ failure.

Pepper spray is a better weapon for self defense. It doesn't require getting your hand litterally within inches of the oponents torso.

But I don't use pepper spray, I use gun.

You dont need those stupid knives for practical purposes. Butterflys and Switchblades are shit for regular usage.

Get a fucking gun.

>knives are inefficient
but why so many bans ok knives? cucks

That's not a knife this is a knife.

You can use the same "argument" against guns. Not. an. argument.

step aside plebs

I want to fuck Aqua.

button assisted knives are illegal in my area but I bought one online no problem

> A knife suits you well because a Pole is the most basic kind of person.

Because evil governments are concerned with neutering their subjects so they can be safely turned into slaves

Stasticly knifes are the single worst thing to carry.
Get a gun, get a taser, get spray, but dont get a knife if you dont want to end up paraplegic

In a knife fight there are mostly two loosers

>implying you don't get robbed by arab knife wielding teens on a monthly basis

The fuck are you talking about?

Have you never heard tge addage "God made man but Samuel Colt made them equal"?

Average joe, lady, or elderly person with knive vs tyrone with knife:

>Ayoo i bet I can dodge that shit, they would barely knick me,

Knife fights are grounded partially in strength and significantly in agility.

Pepper spray? Okay worst case scenario the assault fails and the criminal needs to wash his face.

Blunt objects? Strength and Agility once again where the criminal can charge, duck, and grapple to take advantage and think the risk is merely superficial injury and pain if they judge the other as weak.

Old lady Gertrude with a gun vs. Tyrone Thiccnigga Thompson

>fuck this shit, she gone kill me this aint worth it

"Effortless" lethal force in defense turns crimes into a zero:sum game. Which is why the vast majority of DGUs in the states have zero shots fired.


Defense with a knife hardle saves your life.

Merely pulling out the gun makes the darky run.

>automatic knife

does it vibrate?
seriously what makes a knife automatic? will it reload with another blade once you stabbed some one? does it rotate like a drill?

I love this propaganda
I was actually close to believing it till the day I won a brawl with a gun wielding cunt
I am here
He is not

Yep. You can do a lot of damage with a knife, or any sharp object for that matter. I should know. When I was in prison I was sure to keep a razor sharp shiv crafted from a tooth brush under my pillow since I didn't trust anyone. One night my cell mate - this guy was a real squid - tried to rape me. I overpowered him and shoved the shiv up his house and ripped his rectum open. Awkward.

You have an automatic knife if it releases and lock the blade after pushing a button.

>rectum open

>autism speaks

ITT: Things that didn't happend,with and by< Mateusz

depends, some spring out when you hit the switch, some can even retract back in.
most places they are illegal.
to sell them, in some places they sell them as kits.
some come out due to gravity when you hold the switch which gets around the illegality

knives are nigger-tier weapons.

Just curious

Do Americans have Drunken Fist fights in the street? Like it's everywhere here on a night out. Or are you all (understandably) scared of being shot?

Tbh I love that no one has guns here and you're looked down on as weak for carrying a knife; and I'm pretty right wing ukip aswell. Maybe that's strange to an American

Correct. His rectum was perforated. He was injured badly

My everyday pocket knife is a Kershaw Brawler. Cheaper side, but great in a pinch. Quick flip open, tanto blade, and made for gripping in a fight.

IDGAF if you believe me
but Mateusz is the name of my childhoods best friend

Thats a stilleto


I'm glad you axed that question.
I would also like to know.

I'm just joking

if you know anything about knives otf should be enough for you

fuck off nigger

All stilletos are automatic knifes, but not all automatic knifes are stilletos.

I don't like jokes

lolwat? knives are literal white-tier. relied heavily on in outdoor environments, from working to hunting/fishing

I'm talking about knives as a weapon. here in London knives are a central part of nigger and gang culture.

what kind of places do you basic losers live that you need guns or knives.

I can go out any time of night in my area and no problem.

I go to the fucking shop in my slippers.

blimey a leaf with sharp edges

>not CCing an illegal firearm anyway

fucking cucks

>tfw blacks make up .001% of your local population

I carry a knife but only as a last resort. Hopefully I can just offer my boipucci to appease him.

literally the best knife 40 dollars can buy.

if you see a black man call the authorities, no need to personally stab him.

We don't really have the same street violence, soccer hooliganism, raging alcoholism, wanna be tough cunt culture that seems to grasp virtually all young British males. Not sure why that is.
We are cowards?
We have better things to do?
Masculine violence is looked down on here. You can thank women and Jews for that one.
Despite our gun-centric image, most gun owners are fat old men who never leave their ranches. Young, city dwelling men rarely own weapons, and virtually never carry them. The ones that do posses no training what so ever.
I really wanna visit Britain and fight you pale cunts. Do you guys fight like niggers, or do you have some semblance of fair fighting?

Happy to answer more questions as an unnecessarily well armed American. Also spent some time as a firearms instructor, so I'm a little more skilled than your average fatty Texan gun nut.

No. I just don't see the point. There's no end game. I hate jokes. I've never laughed my entire life

>why would you want a gun?
>you don't need a gun for self defence
it's not like you can like knives or guns right?

well i cant speak much on behalf of some boons

i do like guns and knives, but i dont need to carry one.

"I use gun"
Gramar's not right, but I like your style.

in my city blacks are about 60%

lol what a cuck. i always take a blade with me. its not for >muh violence but its great to have a sharp edge for a wide range of reasons

Its not about carrying them, its about having the right to do so when it is necessary.


I think clubs are actually the most basic weapon.

I live in Alaska so I can legally carry an auto, pic related the top one. I might get an OTF but it's kind meh

what the fuck am i supposed to do with a knife on a trip to sainsburys or starbucks or something?

i even have one thats made by Spyderco and legal to carry here.

been in my kitchen drawer for 10 years, never needed it once.

There is many of us living far away from nearest police, It is calm here but the biggest concern where i live is getting mauled by a bear while out for a walk so i almost always when i go out in the woods i carry my old trusty rifle when iam fishing or doing forestwork its been like that since as far as i can remember.
It does not have to be the worlds most crimeinfested place, all it requires is special circumstances like it is for me.

Guns are better BTW

you know who gets a hardon carrying weapons?

adolescent boys. not men.

well thats ok, i understand in the wild country you do need a knife and probably a gun too

I live in poland, I've never been assaulted by anyone. I use my knife for openning letters.
Is this the rison why I should have right to carry it with me?

its up to you but opening letters seems a thin excuse for carrying a knife everywhere.

i dont think that's your real reason.

Not carrying nuggetchucks


thats because you are a pretty boring fuck. i crab, fish, out in the woods with my dog. im not a country bumpkin, its great to have a knife. and dont get it confused i can walk into my grocery store in flip flops with a knife off my belt. if its for practical reasons no one bats an eye

I know it's from a film but this is the most accurate representation of violence in the UK I can think of
>quite possibly nigger fighting

If you said that it was for opening letters anywhere in western or Northern Europe (metropolitan) they would call it illegal carry anyway.
A knife won't get you far in terms of defence here, A gun is a must have.
Fortunately crime is very low in my region. (might have to do with it being 0 migrants or immigrant here but hehe that is thoughtcrime)

I'd ravage that boicunt

And yes, everyone should be carrying atleast one.

Ha, love that movie. In America we'd call this a riot. People avoid trouble here. I don't want to be beating up some bloke, when his mate smashes a brick over my head from behind. That's what I mean by nigger tier. But this is a full on brawl. Don't you lot fight one on one?

I carry this usually, it's assisted opening and it opens quickly. I'm mostly pissed that I can't conceal carry my fallkniven g1. We can buy parts of switch blades and assemble them, but they are illegal to carry. I'm getting pretty decent with throwing knives, which I carry from time to time. I watched a documentary about British commandoes, they said it was much more difficult psychologically to stab someone than shoot someone, which I believe is very true. I should add, you don't have niggers in Poland.

I have 2 fag
And i think you're just a pussy to afraid to get in close combat so you prefer ranged weapons. You'd have never survived pregun eras


This does look pretty...

Is everything in America delicious?

Sweden makes based knives.


The human body is the most basic form of weapon... also knives are great when you are within 21' of someone (not converting that to metric until someone who isn't America puts people on the moon...) if it is outside of 21' then a person with a holstered handgun can shoot the idiot with a knife. Not even gunna get into using rifles for self defense because that is another story for another time. I carry a knife everyday but it is not my go to weapon when it comes down to it.

Had one of those during army service.
Absolutely amazing knife imo, But belive it or not but the knife i have as utility knife is actually an American KABAR. And i like it alot actually even though i belive that Fällkniven is better at spliting wood but hey that is what we have hatchets for.


discontinued, unfortunately.

>what kind of places do you basic losers live that you need guns or knives.
We are not rich fags who got brought up in a gated community where the security guard has a gun just in case non residents get in.
>I can go out any time of night in my area and no problem.
If you live in some gated community then you do not have to worry but in the real world it is good to know how to fight just in case you get robbed by junkies at 3am in the parking lot.
>I go to the fucking shop in my slippers.
If you need to run those slippers will slow your dumbass down. Wear some fucking shoes while shopping late at night just in case you need to fucking run for it.

i dont need to run because nothing happens and i dont feel afraid.

how do you do it. aren't you afraid some cop finds out. i wanna cc too, currently i just carry pepper-spray and brass knuckles

Remove kebab with KABAR spurdo man.

It's not common tbqh it's pretty hard to control angry dunk people

You can't really let your mate lose a fight and just stand there doing nothing
And if there is a one on one fight because there's no one around and either you or ones of your mates lose- as soon as people find out literally everyone is out looking to fight those who won and you end up with big clashes again

Very loyal boys we are

>plebs all of you

Bin that knife m8. Holy shit what a nation of cucks.

>babby tier

Firearms instructor again. The 21 foot rule is not exactly reliable, there are too many variables from holster style to individual skill. Greentext?
>The hood drill
>Be student
>Stand normally hands on chest
>Hooded, blinded
>Instructor talks to you to distract you, you must answer
>Randomly "FIGHT" hood raised quickly
>Bright sunlight
>You face a simulated obstacle
>Could be a knife rush could be a harmless homeless guy or many more
>You must solve the obstacle either with or without the empty weapon on your hip
>Get to yell BANG BANG BANG

I did one where the hood came up and he was probably 9 or 11 feet away knife in hand running at me. I was still the faster.
Then again I've done drills where the hood came up and a gun is right in my face. I backed down hard on that one.

hahaha no they dont

the finnish puukko is fucking gnarly

knives are tools and completely outdated for self defence
finnish made puukko are skyforge tier

Sticks are the most basic type of weapons, knives actually have a lot of technology going into them

Nice gas station knife OP



high test ahmed

Have you ever had a knife fight with gypsys?No the you can fuck off,why even live?.