Hugh Mungus!

Hugh Mungus is running for public office! (City Council)

Let's meme this man to office!

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Kek shal not dissapoint us he must win there are at least 2 7's in the id of this post

What makes him qualified for public office? Shouldn't people in charge of the well being of hundreds of thousands of people be ready for such a demanding job?

He's a big guy.

He need Trump's endorsement.

No they just have to trigger SJWs and we will love them.

wow you under age kids are actually autistic, hes not even that funny


Hasn't he made like 500k in donations because h3h3?

I don't know ask Detroit's city council.


shut up

Losing tens of thousands of residents a year because of crime and no work becomes a death spiral. Crime is up people leave and can't tax them, no tax can't fix problems, rinse and repeat. How the hell do you find a solution to a problem like that?

It's easy to criticize and not offer a solution.

You could start by not appointing stupid niggers to run the city into the ground.

Kek, fucking niggers.

This is in seattle? I'll vote for him.

meme a jewish plant into office. what a great idea. viral videos are inspiring arent they. which peoples group noble and honest rooted for ths guy again. surely not a barbaric ancient old testament faggot group.

he's running for council in seattle. I live in the seattle area.


He won't win though...Seattle's cucked

He is running against SJW (all of his opponents are, really).

That makes him more qualified than all of them combined.

Plus who cares about how west-coast cities are ran ?

He can if we meme him hard enough.

Is it wrong to find this man sexually attractive simply because he reportedly has a big penis?

Do I have a size fetish?