Fuck Ireland

What has this shitty little insignificant country ever done other than terrorism and mass famine.

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Pissed you off.

You're just a pawn bongistan, we rule the world.

Irish girls look better than Britbong girls.

I wish I was Irishman

Be the last redoubt of true Europeans that is left in the world. Despite youy trying to fuck them up.

Says the guy from the country that colonized half of the world and killed millions...

Says the people who blew up buildings over part of your country which we took you still cry about. Oh and we still have it

Nigger the Irish now have a full hard on for multi-kulti society.

Northern Ireland is the only place left in Western Europe that still burns the niggers and muslims out of their houses.

>blew up buildings over part of your country
we blew up parts of your country too, remember? d'ya remember? fucked up canary wharf good. just leave us the fuck alone, and we'll leave you alone

>the eternal buttdevastated turbokike's daily ireland hate thread

If Ireland can get your panties in a wad, they must be doing something right!

Fuck off Moor

fuck all.

I curse my 1/8 potato nigger genes

>ywn be 100% white

Paddy strong fuck ahmed

Stop trying to take the north then I want to live in Londonderry without angry fenians and Catholics chimping out.

>take the north
you thieving cunts took it from us, we just want it back

Being Welsh, I see the Irish as my brothers more than the Scots or the English.


>Be the last redoubt of true Europeans that is left in the world. Despite youy trying to fuck them up.

Will you english dorks ever fuck off and stop annoying people?

hot girls? potatoes?

>Be the last redoubt of true Europeans that is left in the world. Despite you trying to fuck them up.


>Be the last redoubt of true Europeans that is left in the world. Despite yo trying to fuck them up.

that's northern ireland, a separate country which is currently temporarily british. the reg plate on the car is yellow


They produced like a million great writers for some reason

The weak find virtue in weakness.

No more division between whites. The Irish are our brothers and the sooner we realise this and reunite as equals the better.

yeah. and the best part is, there's no longer any need for us to kick you nasty toothed fucks out - after brexit, the north will ask to rejoin the republic. hell, scotland might come along too.


I'm from LONDONDerry and I would like to see you fenian dickheads try to take our homeland off us


Ireland: First country to vote to legalise gay marriage. Ruled by libtards and commies. Absolute cucks, yet doesn't have mass immigration because no one wants to go live on farms.
Their people are good lookin though.

see you nordy cretin

And you'll still be cucked for the next thousand years just like the last thousand.

Uisce beatha (the water of life or "whiskey" to you sasanaigh), dead Brits and ruined English grand slams.

EU shill

Strange way of spelling Derry.

>Grand Slam

nah. fuck the EU, and fuck that merkel slag in particular. but fuck england more

beautiful genetics ie most densely populated with red hairs on the planet and that mix of Celtic/Norse ancestry

read some Ron McVan you Churchillesque nig

How much cash for all that ash?


yeah, they tack the prefix 'london' onto things they really, really want to be in britain. expect the BBC to start using terms like LondonIslam and LondonShariah in the near future.

>tfw people from literally everywhere in the world generally like the Irish
>anglo coulnd't even take on a tiny island of people and win
>butthurt decades later about 'terrorism' even when they called ahead to evacuate people most of the time
>literally resorted to letting prisoners out to 'police' the citizens and then wonder why people started fighting back against them

hmm really makes you think

Does Ireland even have a traditionalist right wing party?

That's right goys, keep each other in permanent conflict

If diversity is so great why do protestants and Catholics in Ireland hate each other?

>everybody likes me

Low test...

not with any realistic hope of getting elected, no

I doubt it

I remember some Sinn Fein rally video one time with some fat black African woman ranting about how the Irish raped Africa

We still haven't gotten to your UK levels of muslims demanding Sharia Zones overtly or a DENK party like the Netherlands :^)


It will be ours again.

Most of those writers were Anglo-Irish.

The Irish literally colonised nowhere though.

Don't question whom (((the money goes to))) during the continuous white-on-white warfare :^):^)

They did a shitty attempt at taking Boston.

they inadvertently colonized most of northeast united states unfortunately

you're welcome to try. we kicked you out once before. but who's gonna stop your wife getting gang-raped by muslims while you're here?

Talk about a retarded rebuttal.

Cromwell didn't do anything wrong.

He's right



If it wasn't for the irish the whites in the US would be a minority already.

>Sinn Fein

Watched a bit of the NI election coverage the Sinn Fein party is a communist joke, way worse than Labour.

Kind of ironic the nationalists all vote for them. You would probably find extended Sinn Fein rule would lead to them becoming a minority in their own country once again.

Sorry, I really shouldn't be targeting the rugby fans. You guys are the good(ish) ones.

The middle classes of nations always have more in common with each other than the do with the proles of their own countries. As always, it's unruly plebs that cause all the problems.

irish are scum.

gave me a nephew.... :(

t. low test nu-male

I prefer Dublinderry.

ayy lmao
>سلام و خوش آمدید برادران من و یک سال بزرگ اگر خدا می خواهد

Nah in all honesty it's just banter. I like Ireland, I hope we can unite against the globalist EU someday.


I would bring my wife, allowing me to spread my progeny throughout Southern Ireland.




the irish are a shitload more common in the US than the jews, yet the jews hold a shitload more control than even the irish here.
Even then, pretty much all the whites that moved here just intermarried anyway, so I suppose in a way we're everything the EU could never dream of being, we even have our own version of romanians running around stealing shit, and your muslims are to our spicks.


>What has this shitty little insignificant country ever done other than terrorism and mass famine.

They haven't had a muslim mayor for their capital for starters.


I have to say, it does role of the tongue nice.

can i get an amen?

Sadly, we're too pro-EU. That said, with the EU weakening, and us actually paying in more than we actually get out, things could change.

Since Britain is Ireland's biggest trading partner (and visa versa) it might make sense to form or join an ECONOMIC union (inb4 commonwealth). This could only happen after all the multinational companies jump ship or are reeled back to Murica by Trump. Most of them are here for their EU access and low corporate tax (with the bonus of us speaking English with an educated workforce).

Whatever else happens, Brexit will changes things here just as much as it will across the see. Interesting times ahead.

Hmm UK coming apart at the seams so they come to pol to screech autistically.

Scot reporting in. English are all talk.


After Ireland reunifies, we'll probably rename the city that. It'll be a neutral third option so the loyalists won't have an excuse to chimp.

So yeah expect Dublinderry by 2024.


>Be Ireland
>Live on an island surrounded by fish
>Plant from South America comes along
>Does not diversify crops
>Potato gets disease
>Starves because of a plant that never orginated there went bad

No one will ever take that party seriously as long as Justin Barret is in charge. In fact, any association with him has tainted any future prospects too.

Then situation is way beyond repair

I'm not your capital's mayor, paki.

those gals have serious crazy eyes, like give you blowjob and then knife into your ass

Really makes you think how we survived before the potato huh!?

I wonder what could have possibly changed on the island to force us to eat a single crop? Or to not even be allowed to buy boats.

No surrender

>EU punishes Britain by giving them a bad trade deal
>Ireland economy suffers quite a lot
>votes to leave the EU
>Ireland and UK create a common trade agreement similar to EFTA
>Northern ireland probably rejoins the Republic
>everyone is rosey

I hope it turns out this way.

Even practising Catholics hate Youth Defence ffs.

Top kek.

the irish weren't allowed to buy or own boats, their land was confiscated and given to brits. irish weren't allowed to own large plots of land, and were slaves on land they used to own. the brits didn't even treat us as well as the americans treated their black slaves - they didn't feed us, we had to grow our own food in the meager plots of land the landlords gave us to survive on. the only food they could grow in sufficient quantities to feed a family on such small plots, were potatoes. then the blight hit and killed the entire crop.
during the famine, several ships full of food left ireland, under heavy guard, to go to britain. the brits didn't give a fuck, and some are on record as saying that the famine is a great way to solve the problem of there being 8 million irish. evil cunts

Maybe youre just a stupid bognigger?

even your ID says who you are
like jew with spelling disability

Irish are better than brits